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  1. Roysc

    INTRO Forum newby

    Hi fastlaners / future fastlaners, First time here on the forum. I was looking for like minded people locally and realised it’s more practical to pay a visit to this site. I hope I can help a lot of you and the other way around from now on. Roy - The Netherlands
  2. Mark Fobo

    INTRO Press Start With ME (Mark)

    I remember when I was a kid at school, we were being asked every year, on our first day back from the summer break, to introduce ourselves to the rest of the classroom. I had this teacher one year who asked us to say at the end of our introduction what job we wanted to have when older. At the...
  3. JP Alvis

    INTRO Hi everyone

    Hi everyone! I'm JP and I've read TMF about 3 years ago but sadly I can't think of any real/valuable action I took applying the ideas from it (just nodding and go on with my life) I'm currently reading UNSCRIPTED and looking back I'm decided to leave the action-faking behind and acknowledge...
  4. Phillip Lopez

    INTRO New here...

    Hey guys, Phil here and I'm new. I'm a marketer from Dallas, Texas and it'd be cool to connect with some peeps here. Not much into forums really, this is really the only one I'm paying any attention to currently. So... all that jazz. ~ Phillip Lopez a.k.a...

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