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GOLD! Newbies and Wantrepreneurs, YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE!


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Jan 9, 2019
Dan Pena is the man. As a rule, you should take 3x more action than you take in information.

If you read 1 hour a day, take action at least 3 hours a day.
If you watch 2 hours of some course a day, take action at least 6 hours a day.
So if you read 3 hours a day, take action 9 hours a day.

Don't have too much action or too much information, either. You need both. But don't get caught in the "proactive procrastination" trap that a lot of people do, where they just read, read, read, and never take any action. Action is always your highest leverage point.
Great post! Printed it out and stuck it in the center of my laptop screen. Have to move it outta the way every time I want more "information"...

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Apr 12, 2014
Without Action, there is no entrepreneurship. While entrepreneurs are action takers, those on the job part take action layed down by their employers.

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Lee H

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Aug 8, 2018
I think one of the main issues is Slow Lane conditioning.

I've been there, and I consistently see others there too.

Essentially, when you have been conditioned to give an hour then get rewarded you expect the same when you start a "business".

The problem is that true entrepreneurship doesn't work that way. You might have to "work" for hours, days, weeks or months before you start to see any rewards. And most people are either:

a) not that patient;
b) unable to wait that long financially;
c) unwilling to delay gratification.

And as MJ says, most people see getting rich as an event, when in actual fact getting rich is a result of taking the time to build a successful process for providing value to others.- otherwise known as a business.
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May 19, 2019
Recently, a thread was moved to the landfill section by forum moderators, where the poster claimed the forum is a sh*t supplement because he wasted two years hanging around the forum and never got rich.

Guys and gals,

This forum is the best place on the internet. No doubts. Ever.

(Let’s all take a moment to thank @MJ DeMarco for creating this freakin’ awesome place and the moderators who are helping him in maintaining the freakin’ awesomeness)

On this forum, you will find resources on basically how to go from living in your parents basement with little (or) no money to living wherever and however you want with boatloads of ‘F*ck You’ money - with the side effect of people looking at you like Superman for adding value in their lives.

I told you it’s an awesome place, right?

But there are some people who read THE books and come to the forum thinking that MJ and other legendary fastlaners have hidden a magic formula in the forum’s pages, that when stumbled upon, could stratospherically change their lives.

Flash news guys:

This forum and the books are not the treasures, but a map to finding the treasure.

Yes, a map. In MJ’s words, a roadmap.

Let’s imagine, for a moment that you stumbled upon an old, almost torn yellow colored paper by some 'God-only-knows-how' chance.

You open the paper carefully to see what it is and find that the paper is actually, a map.

After a close examination, you realize it is not just any map, but a map that contains directions to a treasure chest hidden beyond deep seas and huge mountains in some godforsaken historical ruins, diligently guarded by a gruesome monster.

View attachment 22915

In that instant moment you realize that when you find the treasure, your life is going to be MEGA. Dreams of world travel, private jets, unlimited supply of cash, champagne and chicks [Dear women entrepreneurs, insert what you like] are no longer dreams but a reality within grasp.

It's all warm and fuzzy inside! You literally couldn't stop smiling.

Well,who else can in this moment,right?

But instead of putting on your adventure shoes and embark on the treasure hunt journey, you keep looking at the map from various angles each day and every day hoping that somehow the treasure will find a way to reach you.

You stupid S.O.B

Would you do this in real life?


Sadly, this is what most of the guys do.

They read THE books many times over and re-read GOLD/NOTABLE threads numerous times in a week thinking that the information in them is going to transform their lives (just reading them) without actually doing anything from their part.

They don't go (should I say, don't want to) next to the most important part of the process – ACTION!

YES, you need to get out of the door, cross the seas, climb the mountains and defeat the monster to get the treasure.


The forum can’t change your life.

The books can’t change your life.

The benevolent contributors here can’t change your life.

They all can only show you the directions (a.k.a) give you the map.

Only you can change your life.

What I said above is not something new or ground-breaking. MJ and other legendary fastlaners here have been saying this for years but still, some people want to believe in fairies and unicorns.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Take the map with you (it’s free by the way) and start your journey!

Read posts. Go out and apply what you read. If it works,good. If it doesn't, adjust your course.

Rinse and Repeat, fellas.

TRIVIA: Even the legendary Indiana Jones is a dumb-a$$ if he just keeps looking at the map without taking any action while wondering why the treasure hasn’t arrived at his doorstep yet.
This post should be called Call to Action. We are all eager to read and learn new information but the Action part IMO is the hardest part.
Our brain rationalizes several reasons why it wouldn't work.
the idea is to find how to make it WORK!!!


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May 19, 2019
It's known as Mental Masturbation

It feels good to read all the success stories and get dopamine hits constantly and feel like "aha!" every couple posts

But it's not until you actually start doing shit until you realize what the reality is

It's slow and uncertain, unlike the highlight/execution thread where you can go from ground zero to $20k/mo by reading for 30 mins.

That felt good - but now you're on your computer staring at an empty Excel file and you just feel like an idiot

But you just hack away day by day until you start understanding what you're doing

I think the vast majority of people don't have the psychological structure to handle this type of uncertainty and crippling doubt and turn it into something productive.

I'm thankful I found a way
I arrived at this community yesterday and this was the first thread I read. It resonated with me so much that I knew I have to be here. I found the appropriate term for what I've been doing all along - mental masturbation.
Leaving my first post in this forum on this thread which called out to me. Have started to read the TMF. I promise this will be the last book I'll read before I embark on the journey - the roadmap is essential.
Hope to come back to this thread in the future, to report that I've transited to the fast lane.


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May 16, 2019
Adelaide, South Australia
Entrepreneurship can be lonely. Even if you have employees, they aren't really the right people to be discussing business with. The forum is a great place to commiserate with others who are walking the same walk you are. It's nice to know that you aren't alone and gone crazy -- there are others around the world fighting the same fight.
YES! That's why I joined this forum. Entrepreneurship is lonely, your friends/family/partner don't really get it.. and you're busting your butt for something bigger and more satisfying than the average person.
How do you explain it to them? You can't. But other entrepreneurs.. they get it.

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