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New Contributor
Apr 3, 2020
New Jersey
Hello everyone,

It’s great to be a new addition to the forum and I’m here to introduce myself and let everyone know why I’m here. My name is Derrick I’m 21 and I am a slowlaner. I here to network and gain knowledge. I am here because I recently finished reading The Millionaire Fast-lane, and honestly I feel super amped but at the same time feeling lost to where to go from here. The book opened my eyes and my mind. It has unlocked something inside of me, truly revealing the Illusionist curtain that has been obstructing my vision, which I know is a life in the slow lane. I am a slowlaner but now I know what it takes to rise above. What should I do now? Knowing what I know, Do I go to college and listen to my “slowlaner” parents who can’t ever see past there 401k and Retirement savings plans. $50,000 in debt is not going to cut it but neither will my $2.34 checking account . For the past two days I have been swirling, at this very moment there’s 100 flashcards on my floor full of information, I am trying to make sense of. COVID-19 has made the the environment into a major headwind but I know this isn’t the end but maybe an even greater opportunity to make a profitable Money tree and plant saplings. What do I do about it? 21 year old with a $2.34 checking account with no savings and no one around who are supportive but instead want to be a guru. I realize a lot of hard work, planning and research is in store and I’m ready for the challenge. As I’m still figuring out where to go, support from you all would be Invaluable. Thank you for reading and stay healthy out there don’t let these current time and negativity bring you down a deter you from the fast lane. But hey what do I know!

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Entre Eyes

Bronze Contributor
Read Millionaire Fastlane
Speedway Pass
Sep 7, 2019
Traveling to Higher Conciousness
First of all welcome my friend.


You do not have to cut grass but there is something you can offer locally for people that are stuck at home and it is inconvenient for them to get around.

But they still need things. And willing to pay for someone to help them get those things.

If you only have $2.00 you have no leverage to debate whether you need more schooling.

But if you open your eyes online you have affiliate marketing, video marketing, so many ways to create income streams.

Have someone you admire online? Do they have an affiliate program? That would be a great start. They may even personally assist you to make them more money. :)

I smile but it is very true.
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