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My ultimate FTE

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Brian Suh

Silver Contributor
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May 19, 2018
The FTE that will stick with me and will provide me the passion and fuel to succeed my goals.
Most people in this world are stupid fat and weak. Weak as In the inability to take action and caring what others think and not doing what’s right but what’s easy. This I believe is the root of all suffering (at least the majority). Weak people letting things happen. People settling for what is rather then what could be. It wasn’t until Rosa parks said ENOUGH that people started changing. Until then people let it happen. THAT is what I call weakness.

Anyways what does this mean? Majority of people are weak and will try to bring you down in subtle SUBTLE ways. I find poor people to be more violent, angry, petty, and malicious then rich people (self made). It’s because they are living in scarcity. That is the reason they are poor and act that way. I know this will trigger some people but I’m just speaking what I think is true.

My drive to be rich is to be around people tha value respect and time. People that value money over time, respect, and experience will do shady stuff that harms themselves and others for money. The reason I don’t like people in scarcity is their mindset will lead them to shady stuff. I can talk for hours about this but thought I’d share my thought

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ZF Lee

Platinum Contributor
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Jul 27, 2016
Weak as In the inability to take action and caring what others think and not doing what’s right but what’s easy.
I understand what you are getting at...

But not all folks are like that!
Some are just happy enough to do regular jobs, be it being a doctor, engineer, or even a small-time burger fryer. A trade-off between what they are satisfied with, and doing the bigger things.

And remember that what is easy for some is not easy for others.
For instance, I can't play football like Messi. Even if I were to train up to be as good as him, he would already upgrade himself to be 100X better by then.

Best is to go with what you can improve on, and see if you can give hints to others to do the same.
No forcing.

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