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INTRO My Developing Story

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Jun 13, 2017
Manila, Philippines
We learn a lot through stories. I love reading about other people's stories too.

I figured that this is a great way to let people know what you're about. So here's my formal introduction to this forum.

I came from a middle class family, my mom was a registered nurse but worked as a teacher and my dad was a seaman.

I grew up mostly with my mom and grandma. After being a teacher, she decided to focus on taking care of my grandma and my brother. Dad was mostly away.

I grew up as a social and friendly guy. I was influenced by nerd friends and cool friends. Hence my deep interest in computers, books and women.

So yeah I dropped out of college because of a woman. I also got knee deep into bad influence stuff so yeah. Part of growing up. How I wish I dropped out in order to start a business. But that's not what happened.

My mom then ran several businesses consecutively : direct selling, retail, supplier, and production. She wasn't really the focused type so she didn't stick with ithe, and often changed course. The good thing was I saw how business was done by helping her do business.

I think I got it from my mom. She's a people person. My dad's the reserved type.

Moving on, I entered the corporate world in my mid-twenties. My first job was a telemarketing gig. I lasted one month. Lol. But I learned how to sell there. I was able to close people on the phone. I was amazed that it was possible to talk your way into getting the other person's credit card COLD.

The friends I made there dragged me into a real estate company. I became a property consultant. I sold 5 condo units. It was the pre-selling type, so I had to wait for my commission.

During this time, I was an active forum participant of dating forums and we built a local community here in the Philippines. I got good and became a pioneer.

That's when I met my millionaire friend. A networker. He saw the potential in my social skills and eyed my network which he successfuly penetrated. This was the first time my mindset evolved and the first time I got introduced to a different world, the world of the affluent. I started reading business books, beginning with Rich Dad Poor dad.

I signed up for his network. But I was still locked in the scripted mindset. I wasn't able to take off. Network marketing plans are usually binaries, and with help from my friend, my left side rained with recruits, while on the other side, I recruited 3 girls. And that was it.

It seemed like I wasn't really impressed and motivated to get rich. I was turned off by some of network marketers antics and practices and my mindset wasn't really the entrepreneurial type yet. Waning interest, not fully committed. Did retail fine. No recruitment checks. No success.

During my following jobs I joined several more network marketing companies. One for another friend where I was able to earn my first check of $200. And that was it. On another I got recruited to Amway by a thai girl thinking I was going on a hook up. You can imagine the look on my face when she said that we're meeting her mom upstairs (we were on the elevator on the way to her hotel unit) and then firing up the projector and started demoing toothpaste. Lol

I joined another company in gratitude of selling a condo unit and the buyer was a network marketer of Goji juice. Did ok on network marketing retail.

I'm the kind of person that doesn't give up. But network marketing just didn't jive with me.

Plus, I was scattered and went in different directions.

My next job after real estate one was my 2nd BPO. A tech position. This is where I experienced massive uber mega stress that forever imprinted in me the pain of the scripted life. I began having health problems related to the gut. Courtesy of my partying too. Which helped make my working experience worse. I went AWOL after a year because I wasn't granted leave and I badly needed a break as my doctor recommended.

During this year long break from work, I was learning the art of hacking as a hobby and became proficient at it. Along with this, I became the top gun of the dating community.

Then my daughter came out. I was truly happy. But it was, you know, complicated. Baby regularly visited our house.

My next job was another call center. I made my interviewer my girlfriend. Happy times.
Mom got cancer. Devastated. (Don't worry. She's ok now. Past the 5 year mark and still healthy.) Baby daughter became the happy gift that helped my family overcame it all.

Nevertheless, life was spinning my head round and round. It was crazy.

2013, out of the corporate world again. I ran my first dating bootcamp and made the fastest $300 I ever made. 3 students, 3 days. I also studied internet marketing and learned massive lots. Bought domain and hosting, learned email marketing, affiliate marketing, blogged, earned $300 on fiverr, ran a facebook group related to my bootcamps, learned about PPC, got in on peerfly and other traffic marketing sites, made no sales on clickbank, studied marketing courses, realized the sales pattern due to signing up to countless online marketing stuff that flooded my inbox.

This was the year where I had to stop my internet marketing activities because my internet connection was finally cut because of unpaid bills and our house needed to be sold due to failed mortgage payments, (something my mom hid from me).

Tried to raise funds to save the house but failed.

My family then moved to the south, And I didn't want to live there. I remained alone in the house until MOVE time. Luckily, my lumpsum commission check from real estate arrived in time just before the move. During this long wait doing follow up for my commission, and without internet to do stuff, I spent my time reading books, jogging, working out, reading Dividend Machine newsletters I was subscribed in, and planning how to invest the money. Made a new girlfriend.

Check arrived. Moved into a nearby commercial apartment. Bought an iphone and new clothes. Gave family some money, then invested the rest of of it into my first ever small business: an internet gaming computer shop.

Ran the business for a year and 4 months. Tied to my time. It was great at the first half of it's life but I didn't have the managing skills, missed bill payments and sales dwindling followed. Last serious girlfriend heartbreak. Devastated. Again. I loved that one. Liquidated the shop and as much as I hated it, I was forced to get back into the corporate world. I was back in a BPO job. With a health problem to boot.

2016. Life was fine and I was rising back up. Then I was fired. For the first time ever. For whispering "shit" on a call out of exasperation, and have it recorded. Worry not, for nobody heard it, except quality control. The menacing power of this event was coupled with my latest network marketing gig (where I was getting really serious at) that the team I was in suddenly leaped into a new company. So much for the lack of the element of control.

This was my FTE.

I was forced to move back to the south.

I decided on three goals : Write my book. Read 100 books. Begin travelling and experiencing the world.

Recovered my health. Drove around. Helped my bro in the farm. Took nature trips. Meditated. Helped mom setup her bakery. Trained my chess skills. Got really good. Won 4th place in a tourney. Post progress on facebook for accountability.

Completed my book in 10 months. 809 pages of memoir and lessons learned. Wrote 2nd smaller book as free marketing exposure book and got good feedback from friends. Excellent echoes and have excited waiting buyers on social media. Female friend in Canada made her boss read this small book and she contacted me. We're now collaborating on the book (she said she'll pay for a pro editor from New York) along with her business and we're having talks of helping me move to Canada.

Currently reading my 82nd book. Haven't rode my first airplane yet.

Finances required me to take up temp work for my uncle's company as an IT analyst when he called me in. Solved their accreditation problem and I got out after a couple of months.

Applied for a new BPO position. Got hired. Waiting on training. Spent big catch up time with my daughter. Happy times.

I have the option to take this job or do a direct selling business.

Moved away from the south to complete editing. Finished Unscripted and created an account.

Now here we are.

Quite complicated huh.

Thanks for reading.

Will keep on fighting.
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Oct 31, 2011
Gulf Coast
Your story is in front of you

Not behind you


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Jun 13, 2017
Manila, Philippines
Wrote this in a rush. I thought that if I wrote this post in the way I wrote my book, then it would be too long and take too much time. My goal was a quick summary of my shenanigans lol.

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