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  1. TempusFugit

    My Journey Thread

    I making this thread so I can update it throughout my journey. Here we go. 3/22/2024 "FTE" I was standing in the kitchen with my wife. We had just opened another envelope for yet another bill. Ever since August 2023 when our son was born, we kept getting hit by bill after bill for the...
  2. F

    I quit my job and now working for myself. Struggling, but I believe that's part of it. Tips and tricks on how to improve my business?

    I'm 26 now, I worked as a salesperson, casino dealer, loan administration specialist, key account manager, customer support and various administration postions like sales coordinator, operations coordinator etc... My last boss handed me TFM to me, hoping I would find some ways to improve his...
  3. Stoicism42

    Fired From my First Job & my Fastlane Journey

    My FTE: I graduated from college last year & got a job in a big financial firm (I thought I had made it). I found the work incredibly boring & was not putting in too much effort, so one month into the job my manager told me I needed to try harder or I would get fired. I freaked out & started...
  4. T

    Thanks for all the answers

    Honestly thank you if you answered! I will take your advices and stop complaining. I edit the Post because I do not think that there will still be any new answers that will not tell somehow the same messages you guys already wrote. I do not think that there is much to say anymore, If you...
  5. F

    I think I'm not that guy anymore - Took me YEARS - FTE and execution

    Hello, Yes, I'm that guy. Sorry @MJ DeMarco, you haven't changed my life... yet :) The one who read all the books (TMF in 2016), and got nothing much done except for some action-faking. I know I'm far from being the only one. Even so, something has started to change in the past year. I'm...
  6. JimIsBack

    A knife was pulled on me 2 nights ago. What more of an FTE do I need?

    Hey. It's Jim here - and I'm back, great to meet you. 2 nights ago I had a knife pulled on me and was robbed while trying to enjoy a succulent chicken kebab. It feels crazy to even write that. Before this, my life has slowly been slipping from one of unlimited potential ready to blossom to...
  7. Sirrom

    Embracing My "Enough Is Enough" Moment: From Cold and Hopeless to millionaire at 27.

    Hey Fastlaners, I want to share the exact moment with you that I believe turned my life around. This was my FTE. I finally had enough of the ‘struggle’. The weather was very cold, windy and rainy. I was riding my scooter to the office at 6 in the morning. It was still dark. Besides being...
  8. B

    Eating cereal without milk causes canker sores!!

    Ben, 29 from the Middle East. Have you ever had the world hit you with a major epiphany? Something that is so universally powerful, that the universe just shoves it up your FACE and alerts you profusely to get out to the world what is holding you back? Gratitude is what we're talking about. I...
  9. R

    Going from reading the books to trying to reach the pedal on the fastlane

    Hi, im a 20 year old average "just a guy" living in finland, i believe to be lucky to live in an environment that wont absolutely shred me apart if i fail my first few attempts at enterpreneurship, nonetheless i still feel like life could have something more to it than just that middleclass...
  10. J

    Introduction: Juan Galvez

    Greetings to all who stumble upon this thread. It’s an absolute pleasure to be here. My name is Juan Galvez and I am an ambitious 20 year old. I was born in Cuba and had the privilege of being brought to the United States at 5 years old. Despite that life wasn’t easy just because we made it to...
  11. S

    Starting a Mobile Car Detailing Business

    It was after I received an email from a retailer, denying my part-time job application, when I felt the pressure rising. My micro-FTE. A few days earlier, I remember feeling a sense of relief when I got the interview, I was so convinced I’d be working again. I was supposed to go and apply to...
  12. D

    The power of a FTE (& this forum)

    Hello everyone, Today I would like to talk about my experience after having had what I would definitely call a "FTE". While I don't feel comfortable talking about the exact details of this event (let's just say it was pathetic, embarrassing & stupid...), it happened about 30 days ago. While I...
  13. B

    An introduction consisting of no less than SIX FTE's.

    Hi All, I just joined the forum even though it's been months since I finished MJ's latest book, The Great Rat Race Escape. I'm a software developer approaching his mid-30's currently based in Colorado, and over the past several years, I've encountered somewhat of a midlife crisis with regards...
  14. Coordin

    The Start of Something Beautiful

    Not sure if this is the right forum section for this post, but let me know and I'll move it to the appropriate section. Hello good folks of FLF! A couple months ago I posted about my learning about the FI community and entrepreneurship and how scared I was to get started. Well, I think I've...
  15. S

    New to the forum, just started to get my world view UNSCRIPTED

    Hi, I'm Simon from Copenhagen, Denmark. I'm 31 years old, graduated from Copenhagen Business School in 2020 where I studied a Bachelor in Economics & Business Administration and a Master in Applied Economics & Finance and have worked as a business controller in a company since then. I started...
  16. iinnbm

    What if you've never had your FTE?

    Is it still possible for someone who has never experienced their FTE (only FTMs or "F*ck This Moments") to still have the drive and willpower to succeed in pursuing Fastlane? What do you think are ways to induce this for those who have not had their FTE? Is there a way to purposefully make it...
  17. ChrisGav

    Loss after Loss, help!

    Yo guys, it's been a while since I've been on here, but have been struggling a lot recently. I have jumped into real estate full time, and in the past year, I have acquired 30 rental properties, with my latest being an apartment complex. I'm currently flipping 3 houses, and do a lot of real...
  18. runnaboi

    What I thought was my FTE... and my ACTUAL FTE

    Hello all, I have been on the sidelines soaking in the goodness from this forum, and of course the books from MJ DeMarco. Part of me feels bad not taking action sooner, but another bigger part of me is ok with it. Explanation below: In my 20s I was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer... had...
  19. _Denis_S

    Sales = Magic Pill to Entrepreneurship?

    Hello Everyone I vividly remember the "wake-up-moment" I've had after my first time reading the Millionaire Fastlane while studying for my engineering degree. Being young, uneducated and maybe even really naive about my future, I thought that this paper called degree would be my ticket to a...
  20. S

    my fte (f*ck this event)

    Hi everyone, I just joined the Fastlane forum and wanted to introduce myself. The straight facts are that I need a change. I'm very unhappy with the path I am on. I am 20 years old, currently in the first year of my business degree, and just recently got a new job as an insurance broker. Sweet...