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lessons learned

  1. The One

    !!!????!!!! What would you SLAP yourself at 18 years of age? Hmmm? Or even younger????!!!!

    What would you tell yourself at 18? Any thing in your journey that lead to a tangent off course? The credit cards you would sign up to get those amazing points feature? (seriously, someone tell me about this) Any amazing programs you would watch? The best influencer of our (or your time) time...
  2. Lyzmin

    Ongoing progress thread - Happy to join the Fastlane Family

    Edit: May 2023, After 4 months on the forum I've turned my intro thread to a progress/ execution/ mindset thread. I want to share my steps taken and lessons learned here with the goal to provide value to other readers :) Have an idea, question or what else? You can hit me up via conversation...
  3. TenochMedina7662


    Hey guys! I will be doing weekly posts now to get myself more active with this valuable forum. I wanted to ask a question to all of the restauranteurs in this forum about their journey to an unscripted lifestyle. What were you're biggest obstacles and what is something that you would tell an...
  4. A

    My first business attempt failed

    Hi guys and gals Wasn't on the forum for quite some time. I've been working on a business with a good friend of mine and we just decided to "close shop" and move on. a bit of background: (long story short) the business required cooperation from a certain industry's people. neither me nor my...
  5. BizyDad

    The Road Not Travelled

    I went to the summit last year. Amongst many great speakers, @Kak's presentation inspired me in a few ways. One of his points was, I'm paraphrasing, you can set up a lucrative business, just off a phone calls. Ok, maybe that was just my takeaway. When I first got into business, in finance...
  6. ZahScr

    We May Have Been Closer Than We Realized: A Lesson in KE

    Skip to bottom for TLDR + Lesson bullets. I recently finished Unscripted, and it made me stop reflect again on my first swing at a business. I started it in 2015 with a good friend. We were in the service industry at the time. We had no idea how to start a business. We had never heard of MJ...
  7. Nicoknowsbest

    Diary of a digital entrepreneur

    The last 3 years of my entrepreneurial journey were quite a rollercoaster. I learned a ton of lessons that I'll share in this thread. Hopefully some of you will benefit from this. -- Lesson #1 Nobody has the f*cking answer. It took me almost 3 years to realize this. Back when I started out...
  8. KennyAronson

    What's the Most Important Lesson You Learned in 2018?

    Over the last year I took my first dive into the world of entrepreneurship... I had high hopes, but my first business attempt crashed and burned.. That's perfectly okay because it taught me many lessons. And I learned many more lessons over the year. Here's my biggest lesson: Build your...
  9. Alex17

    Side-project: WordPress plugins - lessons learned

    Hi everyone! It's the end of a year, so I thought it's a good time to write some short summary of 2017 for myself. Not sure if it will be beneficial for many people, as my results are not really impressive, but you never know. TLDR: A short overview of my side project (yes, I have a day job...
  10. Christopher777

    My Developing Story

    We learn a lot through stories. I love reading about other people's stories too. I figured that this is a great way to let people know what you're about. So here's my formal introduction to this forum. I came from a middle class family, my mom was a registered nurse but worked as a teacher and...
  11. Greg R

    An Open Letter to the Forum NEWBIES

    I want to tell you a short story. A story about a young man who was nearly banished from this very forum not that long ago... That young man was me, and I was nearly banished from this forum. Wow that was a short story! In all seriousness sometime ago, I read the TMF. I was REALLY excited and...
  12. windchaser

    TMF lessons I learned (the hard way) during my first venture

    Hi all, I recently finished reading TMF and joined the forum and I would like to share with all of you a little bit of my entrepreneurship journey and the lessons I learned from it, many of them are good examples of the ones explained in the book. First of all, let me explain a little bit...
  13. HayesTech

    Progress / Introduction - 19 - Action Taken

    My name is Brandon, I am 19 years old and from the midwest. Currently I am pursing my BBA, then MBA in college. I've been on an endless path of action faking for a while now (LLC's, Shopify/Wordpress sites, youtube channels created, endless reading, podcasts), but before that I have had some...