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Moving into the FASTLANE fast.


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Sep 24, 2017
@MJ DeMarco thank you for creating, sharing and not being another BS book salesman.
I'm Micky from The UK and thankful to be here, I'm also looking forward to integrating and contributing to the community.
So as the intro thread advises I will give an overview of my entrepreneurial history but first I want to tell you what's happening right now.

Started reading TMF 21/9/17 and before I was 2/3 through it sealed the fate on my current slowlane business a local real estate agents. I agreed a deal with a competitor to absorb my portfolio and a separate deal with joint owners of the building to sell my share in the property. I sign the legals to finalise that deal tomorrow and free up both time and capital. I also decided to walk away from a partnership in digital marketing which although showed great promise looks flawed from a CENTS point of view.

I'm 35 years old now and behind where I would like to be in life. TMF incited me to take rapid action and I'm now evaluating several opportunities against the CENTS framework. I have a chunk of money behind me which I'm looking to invest into property and replace my salary. More importantly it will give me the time to pursue a fast lane business with some gold gumballs in the mix. As you may have guessed I'm currently reading UNSCRIPTED .

My past
My first venture was about 8 years old, I'd buy the latest SNES games and rent them to the other kids at school - success, money and the latest video games.

In college I set up a website to sell car audio and modifications - never got off the ground/FAIL.

I was employed in direct sales at one point and left to start a leaflet distribution company with previous employer as a customer. - FAIL

I started a direct sales driveway business - FAIL.

I had been employed in retail sales throughout my ventures, college and Uni-(dropped out) and always earned good money. I was asked by a friend I worked with to help set up a retail franchise in mobile phones. Success but not mine.

Started my own mobile phone franchise in sleepy town. - FAIL.
Started another franchise with a better brand/franchisor in busy city centre. -Success.
Sold that when I saw the market consolidate.

Set up an estate agents because I was passionate about property and Wanted the inside track on the industry. Residual income was another draw to the industry and I've always wanted a portfolio of properties as shelter will always be in need. - FAIL - currently exiting.

Parallel to the estate agents I got involved with my best friend who wanted to start a digital marketing business as he has serious skills and the business looked great before reading TMF. However as advised working with friends is hard and last week I decided it's best I walk away. The skills and contacts I acquired during this venture are better leveraged against a new fastlane business.

In between that and various jobs not mentioned I have managed to acquire a couple of rentals and build a house which really helped me jump up the property ladder.

I look forward to learning from you guys and helping out when I can.

Ps I've never really done forums so not sure how to add / tag etc.
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MJ DeMarco

I followed the science; all I found was money.
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Jul 23, 2007
I wouldn't worry about your failures, they're just a piece of your puzzle. Keep grinding and you'll get there.

Welcome to the forum and thanks for the introduction.

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