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Looking for a mentor


New Contributor
Dec 19, 2018

My name is Chris. Currently I am at University in the UK studying Law. I hate law. After reading 'The Millionaire Fastlane ' I can no longer attend lectures, take notes and go home and study. I look around the lecture hall at all my fellow students just thinking they are all fighting over jobs that I don't even want, and they probably won't want them either when the time comes.

With that said, I started my own company that focuses on employment, specifically student employment. There is a nothing on the market even similar to my business model and so, I intend to take advantage. That is set to launch in the next few months.

Upon deciding I am going to become an entrepreneur, I bought books, lots of books. Ranging from tax to day to day business life. I'm trying to learn as much as I can on my own, but a mentor is something I had not even considered until I realised, business is hard, and people will take advantage of you if you're unequipped to deal with them. I want a mentor who knows what it takes, and will tell me how it really is and most of all be a real-life role model to me. I gather it's a long shot on this forum, but I guess a long shot is still a shot right?

Anyway, I have 3 other business ideas I'm excited to start in 2019, anybody interested and wanting a little adventure, give me a message.

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Oct 22, 2010
Woodstock, GA
You have stated what you want.

Now, what do you offer? What value do you provide?


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Nov 30, 2018
Omg I just finished reading this section in Unscripted and then read this post and ZCP had already asked it. But I will post the awesome quote from MJ’s book to help explain the thought process.

“So how can you polarize the money scam and attract value-vouchers? First, understand how value-vouchers move. To HONORABLY attract value-vouchers, money bridges must be constructed with these four building blocks: Value (product/ service creation) Perceived value communicated to another party (marketing and messaging) A mutual agreement, an equilibrium with that party (closing) Actual value delivered (execution) Notice that word “honorably”? I hope so, because UNSCRIPTED entrepreneurs aren’t just focused on perceived value; we’re focused on delivering actual value. Yes, there is a difference, and we’ll get into that next. For now, possessing and executing on these four items is what attracts value-vouchers as well as a good night’s sleep. Expecting money while spitting on value creation is like expecting jobs while spitting on business owners. Without value, you’re sailing without a mast. So, back to my forum and its registration process. I recently ran an SQL query on the registration question, “Why are you joining?” Guess how many registrants mention “value”? Solving problems? Helping others? About fourteen of every thousand—and that’s with many users who are students of my first book. Coincidentally, that’s about 1 percent. The other 99 percent? They mention money or some other selfish motive. Getting rich. Fast cars and fast living. Freedom, travel, and other classic dreampreneur shit. Indeed, let the money scam be your axe in the money hunt and you won't get rich, but you will die trying.”
-Unscripted , MJ DeMarco (ya know.. guy who made the forum and helps everybody, lol)

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