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  1. Emperor7

    Anyone know how to locate this podcast?

    Good day. I was reading a thread about @Kak podcast. Where can I find it? It would be beneficial to some of us here :praise:
  2. shubham___3011

    You are networking in the wrong way!?

    Hey @MJ DeMarco @Andy Black and fellow fastlaners!! As a young entrepreneur, I'm eager to connect with experienced individuals who can provide guidance and mentorship. I recognize that I may not have much to offer in return at this stage of my journey, and I want to approach these potential...
  3. A

    I called the potential fastlane mentors phone number, now Im confused as shit...

    We had a surprise seminar in out school with a person, who I could only presume had become a part of the fastlane. He was talking about making his own multi-million business, meditating in the mountain of Nepal, the whole nine yards. From the start I knew that I should do everything in my power...
  4. MarcusAurelius

    Is there anyone who can mentor me? I have no idea how to start my entrepreneurial journey :)

    Hello to all, I am here after reading, indeed literally devouring, TMF, Unscripted and The Great Rat Race Escape. I read the first two in Italian and the third in English. So, probably, I’m here with a considerable delay compared to all of you. I introduce myself: I am a boy (it is nice to...
  5. oskarilmundo

    Looking for guidance

    Hi there, My name is Oskar. As you can see in my previous post I'm starting a new business by coming up with a new product in the pet genre, that I will bring out at the end of this year. The logo is done. The website is being built and so is the product development. Currently a bit stuck as I'm...
  6. imJaaYu

    Web Design/SMMA/Game Design "Mentorship"?

    I'm looking for a mentor since I am in a unique position I'll explain later. First off, I want to explain what you would get out of being my mentor: No 1-on-1 Hand Holding, you can spend as much (or little) time as you desire guiding me in the right direction, but not doing everything for me...
  7. Prince33

    Who here has become successful from anyone on these forums? (mentor)

    Basically just had my 2nd, and real FTE and I'm done playing games. So looking to make income online any kind of way. Just need to know I can trust said person. And most people here are. So has anyone here followed anyones course, group, tutorial or anything and been successful? I'll follow...
  8. MaxT

    Developer/author looking to scale

    Hi guys ! I'm a developer and author, I've already published more than 4 apps that have exceeded 100,000 downloads. Besides that I wrote a book, which sells 2 to 3 copies a day. Currently, everything runs automatically: the sales of applications and books. I would like to have a mentor...
  9. MaxT


    Hello everyone, I have read in a lot of books that having a mentor helps older people become who they are. What is your opinion on the subject? Is it really essential? For my part, I'm working on a solo, and I admit that the idea tempts me more and more. Even if it's just a remote email...
  10. Valle

    What to do when looking for a mentor...

    Hello! So I'm in the process of starting an e-com business withing flower delivery and I would love to get a mentor that can guide me through the process since this would be my first real business. I know some people in my area who would fit perfectly and I would like to ask them. The thing is...
  11. bearsgrateful

    I'm looking for a mentor

    20+ years as an entrepreneur and my time as a "street entrepreneur" isn't calculated in these years. I can't actually count how many times that I actually started a company, some fantastic wins and sadly some huge failures. For many of the years I pointed at circumstances and always looked at...
  12. KeysOnWestCoast


    I’ve been looking for a business mentor for internet startups and haven’t found any good ones. I was wondering how other Fastlaners have found their mentors.
  13. D

    Yes, it's the presentation of an Italian ...

    Hello everybody. My name is Lorenzo, Lorenzo The Italian for friends. After reading his books I decided to introduce myself because I want to thank M. J. DeMarco for what he has created and shared. Thanks. If you want to pass through Italy, I will give you some good Spaghetti al Ragù Now...
  14. K

    Finding Mentors/ Getting Started from Scratch [21 year old Electrical Engg College Student]

    Not a Long Time Ago I got my hands on the Millionaire Fastlane, ever since then I want to start my own hustle and not do a 9-5 like my peers. I'll be graduating in 2021. I am scared for my future honestly and want to generate an income stream immediately, I don't care if it doesn't make me...
  15. Bigbucks

    Progress Thread

    Hello everyone I have been a member of this forum since reading MJ's first book TMF about a year and half ago which was given to me by my mentor at the moment. At the time I was working a phone sales job, cold calling my best month was 10k in commission knowing what I was capable of, I was...
  16. alord

    [Process] Bootstrapping A Marketplace Of Business Experts/Mentors

    {I'm moving this from the Insiders because I think it's more valuable for all the members to share my learnings on the public board} I don't want to make it too much about me, here's my premise which you can skip if not interested. THE IDEA When at 14 I was lost, didn't know what to do next. I...
  17. DanInSyd

    Getting the most from a Mentor?

    Morning team. For some background, I am currently a middle manager for a large construction firm, in the contracts/legal space. I’m playing my trade, learning and absorbing everything I can and making the right connections so that some day soon I can set up my own consultancy business. This is...
  18. VPchris

    Thinking of getting/paying for a MENTOR in consulting. Your experience/thoughts?

    Hey everyone, Would like to start stress & anxiety coaching people as a sidehustle. Currently doing a 20-hour training in a branch of psychotherapy (very practical, ideal for coaching). But I lack the sales/communication/coaching skills and mindset. I've been following an awesome dating &...
  19. Overdrive

    Torn between two mentors with opposite viewpoints on startup process

    Hi! Not sure if the general folder is the right place for this thread and sorry if this is going to be a long post. But I really need some advice, guys. Some background first: So I’ve been sitting on a startup idea now for almost six months (basically since I’ve been a member on this board)...
  20. MNejc

    Who to listen to? How to find Mentor?

    Good day, guys, My name is Nejc, I'm 20 years old and I'm coming from Slovenia (a small country with 2mil people in Europe). Currently and since November 2018, I'm working as an electrician for Slovenian company in Germany, as the job is based on fieldwork. As an introvert, I'm surrounded by...