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  1. jetstoltz

    Buying a business vs starting from scratch

    I am currently reading a book called "Buy than Build" by Walker Deibel and wanted to hear your thoughts on this. He says in the book that you can buy an existing company for very little down, and you will have a lot higher chance of success than starting a business from scratch. According to...
  2. smn03

    When Your Family Destroys Your Dreams

    My position: (you can skip this if you want to) my dad owns a company, makes more than 200.000/year but in my opinion hasn't archived financial freedom. still gets up everyday do drive to work and work long hours in order to keep the business going. my mom isn't working at all. spending time...
  3. smn03

    Following "unscripted" with university?

    So first of all, i just want to get some opinions on this, to make my own later on In unscripted it says you shouldn't be "too cool" to do regular shitty jobs for business experiences and to fund your business. but what's with university? is going to uni also something to consider because of...
  4. J


    Hopefully this will help other aspiring entrepreneurs as much as it will myself. This should be a good brainstorming session and hopefully we can work off each other. Let's extract some ideas As we all know one of the hardest things when it comes to becoming successful is coming up with an idea...
  5. J

    Let's come up with some ideas! Entrepreneur Startup Discussion

    Hopefully this will help other aspiring entrepreneurs as much as it will myself. This should be a good brainstorming session and hopefully we can work off each other. Let's extract some ideas As we all know one of the hardest things when it comes to becoming successful is coming up with an idea...
  6. A

    Millionaire Fastlane

    Hello everyone, I've read the book "Millionaire fastlane" and that was a very effective one :) I'm a student, a business owner (Chicago downtown) and I'm learning new things everyday and also trying to generate passive income and get wealthy (haven't touched the mark of generating passive...
  7. AviatorS

    A wantrepreneur story

    I'm sharing a story I experienced that I feel we've all witnessed in our observations of other entrepreneurs. People that have goals but looking for the easy way to riches, get rich quick schemes, pretty much sidewalk think. We've seen it in others, I'd argue that most of us here began in this...
  8. Martin Z

    Is entrepreneurship something you're born with?

    What do y'all think about this? I think it's a little bit of both. You got two sides of the spectrum. Guys like Gary V who say that entrepreneurship is something that cannot be taught, he uses the LeBron James example often. Everybody can go out there and play basketball, but not everybody...
  9. S

    Looking for Founder and Small Business Stories

    Hey there, My name is Mike, and I'm the founder of Small Business Mentor. Our mission is to help anyone start, manage, and scale their business. In 2022 we focus on building content that inspires others to start their own business. This will include "founder stories" highlighting you and your...
  10. LifeisSuffering

    Largest Ressources of ENTREPRENEURIAL video

    Share here the best video about entrepreneur and business in your view i will start by posting 10 video that i find quit important and insightful View: View: View...
  11. K

    Dutch Millionaire Fastlane

    Hello, Together with a group of young Dutch entrepreneurs we would like to organize in person fun activities like racing on tracks, traveling etc. This is mainly for young highly motivated entrepreneurs. Personally I gained a crazy amount of value from the book Millionaire Fastlane, but having...
  12. P

    How to Get My Business to the Next Level? (+ my intro!)

    Hi MJ and Everyone, I hope this note finds everyone well. I've been wanting to publish my story for a while now. I know it's long but I hope you get some inspiration out of it...much like I did reading MJ's books. So here it is in part: My name is Steven. I worked at a desk job, specifically a...
  13. Om4rdev

    Read the millionaire fastlane My journey begins, after my failures at 19 years old

    Hello, I open this thread because I want to start commenting my way. At the end of July 2020 I decided to leave the university in my country (one of the most prestigious, which had only entered at 17, quite young for how difficult it is), I did not know anything about this path, only a term of...
  14. iamivanstoev

    What is the new Internet?

    Hi everybody, as mentioned in my Introduction post I distribute the book The Millionaire Fastlane in Bulgaria. I am collecting feedback from people who are reading it and this is what a client told me three weeks after she bought the book "The book is great but the author was lucky to catch the...
  15. SjCurless

    Burgeoning on philosophical?

    Hi, I'm new here. Loved both the books, could not put them down, took almost half a books worth of notes. Thanks for taking the time to read this and accept my young self into the forum. I really appreciate the guidance. May I be so bold as to receive your opinion? Would you agree the book...
  16. O

    Current YouTuber working for something bigger

    Hello everyone, I’ll be going by OUZUI on this forum. Nice to meet you all, I’m excited about what this forum might have to offer, and what I might be able to bring to it. I’ve heard about this forum and the millionaire fast lane since around 2017 through a cousin, now I finally am joining it...
  17. Captain Hoodie

    Life is a journey

    Hey everyone. This is my intro post. I am grateful to be here with all of you. I am also grateful for everything I have in life. I have been creeping this forum for quite some time. I was introduced to this community through one of @Fox post a few years back on reddit or facebook (I can't...
  18. C

    Just a young entrepreneur who is looking for people who are as ambitious and hungry for success as he is to talk to and get to know

    Hello there, my name is Connor and I want to be a very very very wealthy businessman, innovator, and philanthropist. I am learning how to code and love it quite a lot. When I get really good at it, I'm gonna start creating mobile apps to help and bring value to people and am going to create a...
  19. KKOPPI

    Family has no trust in my journey. What should I tell them?

    I'm a musician. I've always been told my talent is incredible and that I could most surely become a famous singer. The fact that people told me this has disturbed my mind gravely for a long while. In my early 20s I ended up in a crisis and the pressure of the things people used to tell me when...
  20. msujoy

    How To Build An Online Presence From Nothing?

    By 2023, there will be 300 million online shoppers in the US alone. That makes 91% of the total population of the country. And, that’s why you need an online presence for your business. But, how to build an online presence for your business? There are so many online platforms and getting...

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