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How to save money on shipping

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Grace Shu

New Contributor
Nov 6, 2019
Hi Everyone :
As a more than 10 years experience of shipping agent ,let me give you some tips of saving money on shipping.
1.Use slower shipping .
For small parcels , you can choose USPS , E-Pack . For Bulk shipping , you can choose sea freight .
2.Innovate your package.
Better book a custom size for your subscription boxes. There are usual sizes, but custom sizing can make big sense when it comes to shipping costs.
3.Find shipping agent
Shipping agent is professional , they can get better price for you .
4.Choose DDP or DDU service (Door to Door)
DDP offer the door to door service including duty , then you don't need worry anything
DDU offer door to door service not including duty , but all things are handled including customs clearance , you just need to pay the duty .

any question about shipping ,welcome to discuss with me ,thanks


New Contributor
Jul 24, 2020
Thanks for the tips, I'll share what I've learned as well. Generally, the cheapest way to ship large packages is overland. Contact your local 'freight forwarding' company and ask them about 'groupage' rates, these are prices where your package is 'grouped' with other consignments coming to or from the same part of the world.
You may find more that one company performs these services in your area, if so you should give them the postcodes of the pick-up place and destination, the dimensions and weight of the package and ask each of them to quote for the job. This is not the quickest way to get your package, but it is the cheapest.


New Contributor
Oct 26, 2020
These methods don't always work, but overall still better than nothing. I have a small online business, and indeed when it comes to international shipping, the price of the product can double. I used to lose many customers because of this until I discovered Tiger Containers Brisbane, and started to do the shipping on my own. Admittedly, it takes a little longer but compared to the doubled price, I think this is a great improvement for my business. The newbies in online shopping will actually find your tips useful, so that's a good share.
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