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  1. LPPC

    Question about a particular shipping method, ground from China

    Hello all, I'm importing this batch of products from China to Germany and as you already know, shipping is super expensive. My supplier is offering a shipping method that cost 6k USD instead of the 10k USD that my forwarder is asking for sea shipment. But the way of the shipping is peculiar and...
  2. A

    Shipping goods from China to EU

    Hey everyone, I am planning on importing food boxes made of sugarcane - making it biodegradable - from China, but the shipping costs are so high that it would take all my profits away, making it impossible to even operate with a 10% profit margin. I heard the shipping prices jump high during...
  3. Z

    Stuck on Alibaba shipping + importing

    Hey Y'all, I have an idea for a branded product that I'm looking to execute on. I got the idea after my mom had purchased the product and complained that it was expensive. I don't know if I can make it cheaper, but the point is that I think people will buy it anyways. I found the generic...
  4. eTox

    Import duties and fees on Chinese product sold to US customers from Canada

    Hi everyone, I have this simple but interesting question that I can't find an answers to. I think many of us here who are just starting out importing products and selling to US will be interested in this question as well. Given a fictional scenario: Product is custom made in china for each...
  5. Marzook

    Manufacturing Supply Chain and Quality Systems help during Covid19

    Hello Fastlaners, Hope everyone is making it and adapting doing what they need to do during this dog and pony circus called COvid. I wanted to get back to the FLF and help others during this time and if ANYONE here (not just insiders) needs any help feel free to message me or skype me. My...
  6. F

    Blank DTG Mug production supply issues

    I want to start producing my own Dye Sub Mugs. However the quote I am getting from a local supplier is too high and the shipping is a major issue and I need help in trying to figure out other options. My MOQ is between 1,000 to 2,160 blank mugs. 1. I know the US based suppliers are getting the...
  7. Grace Shu

    How to save money on shipping

    Hi Everyone : As a more than 10 years experience of shipping agent ,let me give you some tips of saving money on shipping. 1.Use slower shipping . For small parcels , you can choose USPS , E-Pack . For Bulk shipping , you can choose sea freight . 2.Innovate your package. Better book a custom...
  8. Walter Hay

    Walter Hay's Q & A - Importing and Sourcing

    Please Note: This thread is a closed thread but I will be adding questions and answers from time to time. You can expect to ultimately see a very long list. This is not an AMA thread. All questions should be posted on my AMA: GOLD! Sharing my lifetime experience in export/import. Product...
  9. Marzook

    Some news regarding amazon

    For all the sourcers out there, something to keep an eye on... Trump panel wants to give USPS right to hike prices for Amazon, others | Reuters
  10. Conrad

    Webshop dilemma - dropshipping, changed from fast to slow shipping

    Dear friends, After reading The Millionaire fastlane, I focused more on systems with added value (money systems). Thank you! I started different eBay/Etsy/other webshops but this one, this time, is actually the best ever in my terms. A monthly 500-700 USD for copy pasting a few customer...
  11. NateKruse

    Anyone use FitShipper for Cubic Rates to save on shipping?

    Other than just signing up for a membership, I have no affiliation with FitShipper. I am just passing this along to see if anyone has experience with this or is interested in it. It seems like a great deal. I was looking for ways to save money on shipping and found this video: View...
  12. ecommerce_lovin

    USPS Shipping issues (USPS customer support is terrible)

    Hey guys! I have been running an e-commerce company for the past year and have had a huge issue with USPS. Everything in my company runs smoothly, but for some reason, we are also losing packages or have packages severely delayed. Two weeks ago USPS completely lost one of our entire shipments...
  13. Marzook

    A primer in dealing with your supplier BEFORE and AFTER the Chinese New Year

    With the Chinese New Year (CNY) passing, a lot of you ecommerce sourcers may have been struggling with communication and or production of your goods to be sourced from overseas on time. Here is something to consider..... Westerners return from...
  14. Gigi Rodgers

    An alternative to Shipmonk?

    Hey yo! Has anyone here used an alternative fulfillment/shipping center other than Chipmunk. I find their prices to be fair, yet steep. Looking for an alternative that won't strip away any profits from the beginning. Thanks in advance!
  15. MitchM

    How can I make sure I don't get screwed over when my supplier handles shipping?

    So I am making my first order right now and I am trying to get shipping sorted out for the end of this month. The Shipment: 17kgs/ctn 30pcs/ctn 50ctns in total Size: 28x40x36cm My supplier in Shanghai has quoted me $2600 for air freight to an airport near me. At $3.05 per/kg this seems...
  16. pgtownsyou

    Those Of You Who Ship Physical Products...

    What do you do when you ship a product out, tracking info indicates that the shipment has been delivered, and the customer says they haven't received it? This has been happening to me more and more often lately and I'm not sure of the best way to handle it.
  17. Scot

    Best option for Ecommerce shipping

    So lately I've been planning out how to get my product into people's hands while I'm waiting on my copacker to do their thing. I have a glass bottle of salad dressing that weighs 1 lb 3 oz with packaging. I've never had to ship anything commercially and honestly, it's making my head spin. I...
  18. Gigi Rodgers

    Amazon bought Wholefoods. How to the Mom & Pop Shops Pivot?

    Hey everybody! Heard the news that Amazon bought out Whole Foods yesterday, and I just bought a LOT of grocery store-like items from a company called iHerb (one of the ONLY U.S. companies that ships to China - my current location - without exorbitant shipping and import fees). If you are a...
  19. Kabylfx

    Deal with massive shipping costs?

    Hello, I've partnered with a manufacturer that is currently based in the United Kingdom (I'm in Canada) to sell fashion-related items. I don't think I'll have any problems selling to people in the U.K and in Europe since shipping costs are very low. However, they charge a massive 40$ USD to...
  20. AnAverageJoe

    Sea vs Air from China

    Please excuse me if this question has already been answered. I have checked the forums and found a bit about it, but I'd like to ask a few more questions. I'm discussing shipping with my supplier at the moment. If I understand all of this correctly, air shipping is more expensive, but much...

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