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INTRO How should I use my 100k?

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Nov 16, 2020
Just kidding :happy:! With the conversion it's only about 75k usd.

Hi everyone, I found this forum exactly 1 month ago from a search on r/entrepreneur for other small business forums (thank you reddit guy MyronGainzyzz if you're here). Honestly I haven't read any of @MJ DeMarco books as I learned about the "fastlane" through experiences in my own life and connected them with all of the amazing posts on here. I am really happy to finally meet people who have an open mind to a different way of living and I hope I can help others on their journey as I go through mine.

Now about the 75k, as that's why everyone clicked, before I go into how I want to use it, I want to share how you too can make this in a regular "slowlane" job. Just do these four things:

1 - Make a goal for the amount you want, 2 - Make money, 2 - Don't spend that money, 4 - Save up till you reach your goal.​

That's exactly what I did and over 5 years saved up 75k. I didn't go out for food, I didn't have netflix or other expenses. My only expenses were rent, car, and groceries. I used all of my time to work. Sometimes two jobs! Sometimes three!! Every job I worked, I always got promoted, I always got tipped from customers (ever tipped a Walmart associate and comeback to give him a present? How about tip $100 after getting pissed off with a business on a $10,000 purchase?), and I always got what I wanted from my jobs (this was money and knowledge)!

I'd like to share my secret of succeeding in life from the sidewalk. It's only five steps...

1 - Always do your best, 2 - Go above and beyond, 3 - Be Curious, 4 - Help others without their asking (Be Kind), 5 - Be proactive​

That's it! Do this and you can live a nice successful life in a corporate job or whatever. From my countless jobs I can definitely say hardly anyone tries to do more than what they were hired for and so just do at least one of these and you'll get way ahead. Do all five and you'll see opportunities open left and right. There is a cap however as nepotism, favoritism, and racial biases exist, and unfortunately I came across these caps so many times (hence why I kept changing jobs). This is the sad reality of the sidewalk and once I figured it out, I realized that there had to be more ways to live life, but what were they?!

The first thing I knew I needed to do was expand my mind. To be honest I actually saved up about 115k usd over those years and decided to invest it in myself through travel. So off I went to places I wanted to go as a child. It was scary taking the first step into these unknown worlds with just myself and my backpack, but off I went. It was the best decision I could have made and I met tons of people of all walks of life and people that lived their life in such unique ways. On my travels, I met a serial entrepreneur lady. She told me her story and I mentioned mine and she asked me why I never considered doing my own business. Turns out I was afraid of failure. It's really thanks to her that I was able to realize what my roadblock was and move past it.

I ended up coming home from my travels earlier than expected (due to covid) with a fresh mind on how I would achieve the life I wanted. I got home and started reading and studying everything from businesses to financial management which is how I have ended up here. I have already started my own business and plan to start a few more in conjunction (all have scalable potential).

I know at the end of the day 75k usd is not that much to a lot of fastlaners, but for me it was and is a huge accomplishment that shows me that I can achieve anything I want. If I can do it so can you! Note that although this forum is about fastlaning, there isn't anything wrong with a regular job and you can still get ahead and live life. Not everything is about money, but life is everything. So please appreciate and enjoy life while you can. I hope my slowlane advice can help people in similar situations reading through the forum. It is not much but its all I can offer right now.

Okay so how do I use my 100k? Well this is where I could use your help. I only need 15k for my business, another 10k for my online ventures, 5k for my other business, and $210 for the lotto! So if you were me, how would you use the rest? Invest in the stock market? Save? Guidance would be appreciated.

Thanks a bunch for reading.

TL/DR: 100k is actually 75k made from slowlane living (with tips on how you can do this too), my journey to escape the sidewalk, and my current plan to reach fastlane!

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Read Millionaire Fastlane
Dec 5, 2013
Bucharest, Romania
Welcome and great job on your accomplishments so far! :D

Well first you want to ask yourself that.

I only need 15k for my business, another 10k for my online ventures, 5k for my other business, and $210 for the lotto!

Why only that much? How do you know? What about after?

You will need money to expand and scale. You will need money for security in case things go south. And you will need money for new opportunities you come across along the way.

So being somewhat liquid is valuable, even in economical downturns like the current quarantine situation.

With that being said, you probably should invest your excess according to your risk appetite.

And, very importantly, don't forget about investing in yourself still...

When I first started on the Fastlane journey I basically put 10% of my earnings in my lifestyle and 90% of it in my education. Books, courses and experience that shaped how I think about things and molded my skills and insight into something that creates more value.

I believe this is the best possible investment. Find a quality mentor, a mastermind group, a consultant, an accountability partner, a coach... Use THEIR knowledge and skills to leverage your own growth and win time. Because money is easy to come by... Time is not.

Outside of yourself, though, business is probably the highest RoI you can have, especially now in times of great need, so focusing on that first is probably good. With the money you don't know how to further invest in your business, you probably want something simple that doesn't take too much of your attention away from your main investment.

In the current milieu the two big places to be are Gold and Crypto, since there has recently been a huge injection of cash that the market has yet to wake up to, there is additional instability and increasing distrust in government authorities which further erode fiat money's value and the stock market is evidently overvalued after months of lockdowns and under-employment/productivity (excluding the big winners, like Amazon).

Still, a diversified portfolio is the most reliable way of maintaining (and even appreciating if you know what you're doing) the value of your assets.

I recommend giving a look at Portfolio Charts to pick up the basics of investing and look at various forms of asset allocation.

Other options are buying new tangible illiquid assets... those new opportunities you come across. If you find some solid investment, like an undervalued piece of property, or an easy-to-run 3rd business you can buy and grow, if you deem the RoI on those is better than the expected returns of an investment portfolio (~4-7%) then you can totally pull the trigger.

And once you have a few solid assets going...

Money should no longer be a concern. Capital is extraordinarily cheap right now, with negative interest rates all over the place and the printers going brrrrr. So you can use your assets as collateral to leverage your position and get more and more.

That 4th business? You can buy/build it with other people's money and pocket the returns. You'll have a lot more options when your starting capital is $150k instead of $15k.

Now, to sum up and answer your question directly...

What I would do is take my money out of institutions ASAP and invest it in the market, starting with Business 1, then Business 2, then Gold and Crypto, then a stock mutual fund. I'd keep some % in cash/bonds for liquidity and stability so I can rebalance often and hop on opportunities quickly.

Since I'm very bullish on Crypto right now and have a relatively high risk appetite a lot more will go in there than other places in the short term, to take advantage of the current market conditions. I can't directly recommend this, though, since you'd have to have a decent understanding of the industry and finance/economics in general and I cannot assume that... but definitely look into Monero as it has, imo, the most promise long-term.

What you should do is continue what you're doing: gather as much information as you deem necessary, trust yourself, play your hand, make mistakes, learn, grow, and create incredible value.

Don't listen to other people blindly since they don't know you and your special conditions. What works for them works for them, but might not work for you. You're the only one who can judge that.

But do hear them out.

Hope this helps,


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Sep 4, 2020
Hi mate,
Really amazing story! Love your work ethic.

I can't say enough how much I agree with the answer from @Speed112. It's important to ask why you only need 15k for a business and yeah it's possible that you only need 15k. But is it the right business? You could buy a business for 50k probably already making money in the same niche and then transforming it into your business and being in the Fastlane pretty quick. However, it's difficult to give you advice without knowing much about your business and your investment ideas.

If you really don't need the remaining 30-50k or so just invest them. Would put too much time into that right now even professionals are struggling to predict which stocks are making money. I'd go with ETF which is mirroring a big Index like the S&P 500. And if you believe in crypto put 10k in Bitcoin maybe?
Or that's how I did it: 25% Index, 25% real estate, 20% Bitcoin, 5-10% other stocks

Wouldn't go with real estate in your case due to the fact that you need high liquidity.

Would you mind telling us a little more about your business ideas? Maybe we can help a little.



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Mar 3, 2020
1 - Always do your best, 2 - Go above and beyond, 3 - Be Curious, 4 - Help others without their asking (Be Kind), 5 - Be proactive

I think that if you apply these to entrepreneurship, you should do fine.


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Aug 28, 2011
Hi everyone, I found this forum exactly 1 month ago from a search on r/entrepreneur for other small business forums (thank you reddit guy MyronGainzyzz if you're here)

Holy shit. Myron hasn't been active in a while, I think his account is gone, and you found us from a 3 year old reddit post that he made?!

That's awesome.

Myron's a good guy. He's done very well for himself. He's real (despite the meme username), but he doesn't hang out here anymore.

If you want to know (and I don't want to reveal too much about who Myron actually is) but he started an agency here in Toronto and has moved onto other ventures with a multi-billion dollar ceiling. He did that from what he learned from The Millionaire Fastlane and through the connections he made on this very forum.

Glad you found us, and welcome.

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