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HOT TOPIC How I hacked my dopamine to train and reward desired work behaviors and halt procrastination

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New Contributor
May 21, 2020
Wow, I can relate so much in your posts.
What a blessing to find this piece of art today.

At the moment, I'm struggling hard, so I'm going to play your game.
Have the same problem at the moment. Clients are waiting for delivery and I'm procrastinating hard

Thank you for this great piece of writing.

(Definitely agree with the suggestion to put this into a book)

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New Contributor
Read Millionaire Fastlane
Jun 7, 2020
This is a really interesting approach. The part of the brain that makes us uniquely human is the prefrontal cortex. In ADHD (or any self-control issue really,) this area isn't working nearly to the extent it should be. So the solution? Train yourself the same way you would any organism without a highly developed prefrontal cortex. Use the limbic system instead.

This is brilliant.


Dope thread. If and when @MJ DeMarco ever gets the rep system back, I owe you some.
All mammals have a PFC - it's reptiles that don't. I think octopi must have an equivalent but that's another story.
For me, a big part of the ADD-style brain is that I don't quite decide what I'm going to do from one moment to next - I always give myself a little escape route. My solution is to set a productivity timer. This leaves me in no doubt about what I am intending to do and keeps me on track. The trick is to stop the activity when the timer tells me to.

Much as I have resisted the idea, there is a psychodynamic element to procrastination and lack of focus, especially around inner conflicts and lack of attunement from your caregivers when you're a little'un. Insight has almost no effect on behaviour though, so even if that is the case, it's important to find behavioural strategies that work. Tai Chi is great for ADDer.. but extremely hard for us to do

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