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Hi from Green Mountains

Discussion in 'Forum Introductions (Who are you!?)' started by fastword, Jan 9, 2008.

  1. fastword

    fastword PARKED

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    Jan 2, 2008
    Rep Bank:
    Hey Guys,

    I don't know if any one knows where but that's Vermont!

    I wanted to introduce to you about me so here's goes but wait a minute, I guess nothing about me. Just Kidding

    I didn't grow up in Vermont but was from Maine most of my life. I assume, I would be the only deaf guy in this community but who knows who could not be telling. I've always wanted to own business because I knew it would be too hard for me even in the deaf community to find great jobs when we always get sucked up from the interview or any other reasons.

    One day, my friend asked me to come see the meeting and see what was the fuss about making lots of money. I was so curious to see what it was then learned about Quixtar. I wasn't crazy of network marketing and never will be. During the meeting, they talked little bit about Rich Dad and Poor Dad was when I got interested. I read almost all Rich Dad series and learned great deal of knowledge that helped me think of possible of what I can do instead of getting sucked on or be controlled by boss.

    I'm really glad, I found this forum from RD and learn from people who are successful in this field that I want to be in. I can't wait to start and tell you my success story sometime soon. I want to be deaf mentor and teach others in the deaf community after I get my feet really wet.

    Travis :tiphat:
  2. Yankees338

    Yankees338 Bronze Contributor

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    Jul 24, 2007
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    Welcome! Great to have you here.

    ...and I applaud you for not submitting to the victim mentality, especially when it could've been so easy for to given your "disability" (at least according to the gov't).

    Wish you the best of luck and welcome!
  3. MJ DeMarco

    MJ DeMarco Raving Lunatic Staff Member Read Millionaire Fastlane I've Read UNSCRIPTED FASTLANE INSIDER Speedway Pass LEGENDARY CONTRIBUTOR Summit Attendee

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    Jul 23, 2007
    Phoenix, AZ
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    Admin Post
    Travis, welcome and thanks for joining. I commend you for the great attitude in light of the circumstances you've been dealt.

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