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  • Hey! Saw your post on an IG thread, do you know if there's a Fastlane IG group going on? If not, I'd be interested in making one
    There is none that I can think of. Typically we use the forums to act as our "group" so to speak. Once you figure out your system to gain followers, there typically isn't much to chat about.
    Oh so there's no Skype group for ppl on IG to talk about strategies?
    Would be interested in this too. PN me if there is no such thing, so we can start a new group.
    Hey Mikkel,
    how are you ? I already got a company IG page with 14 k follower, now I want to buy another acc in my niche to support my main acc. Do you have any tips how to buy a IG wihtout getting scamed ? (Changing money and user infos)
    Thanks in advance :)
    Hey Mikkel, read your posts in an Instagram Thread. I am working for 2 years now with Followliker and Massplanner. Maybe we could create some value by texting on skype m8? :)
    Most defiantly, send me a PM with your Skype info and I'll add you
    I am new to this forum, think I can not send PMs. Would be good if you send me yours :)
    Working on setting up a Mastermind group for Instagram users looking to monetize their accounts.
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    Hey how are you man! I realized when I saw your post with your youtube video screenshot that I used your FollowLiker video to build my settings. I was wondering if you currently have the Mastermind group for IG users going. I would definitely like to be apart of the conversation. I'm 24 and ambitious just like you man. Looking forward to hearing from you. -Onochie
    I do not have a mastermind group, however, I do have a facebook group that I can suggest to you. Send me a PM and I'll link the group to you.
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