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F Wings

New Contributor
Oct 27, 2018
Growing Strong! Those are House Martel words for all the non Game of Thrones nerds.

Olenna Tyrell: "Growing strong." Ha! The dullest words of any house. "Winter is coming!" Now that's memorable. "We do not sow." Strong. Strong. Those are houses you watch out for. Direwolves and krakens, fierce beasts. But a golden rose growing strong... ha, that strikes fear in the heart.

I disagree with her. Those words are powerful. I believe it's the journey that matters. And journey is all about growth.

I'm 31 years old and I recently swapped from more or less sidewalk to slowlane. But not being full time slowlaner for long I realized: this will take way too long time! So I started on a massive research mission to find out if there actually was a way to "flip the script". First I came across a lot of slow lane advice but it only made me confused and desperate. Why is everyone recommending becoming wealthy and start living when you are old? I don't want to become a millionaire when I'm old and gray. Doesn't anyone realize that TIME is more valuable than money? On the other side I read books by people who were clearly directed to sidewalkers: "you want to own a mansion and drive a lambo? Here is what you must do. By the way I sell $20,000 personal mentoring if you're interested". THEN I read unscripted and it really resonated with me. This man was talking to my soul! We are on the same wavelength. I decided once and for all: my path is the entrepreneurship.

First let me tell you I'm not a success story. I don't have a million dollar business or unscripted lifestyle. Infact couple of months ago I had couple hundred on my bank account and even now It's not much more. But that's why I'm here. To learn. To grow. I have been in the video game "business" for over two years while at the same time grinding my nuts to the bone in a job. It hasn't been lucrative. I had my third game title on the works but after reading Unscripted and MFL I have decided to ditch the project and focus something more valuable. The problem seems to be that it violates 2/5 commandments: need and entry. Worst of all, and this was hard to face: I was doing it for selfish motives.

My plan is to first save enough so I can quit my 9/5. I plan to do this by hustling hard on the side. It's still unclear to me what is the best hustle but I have started flipping stuff. This forum has already opened my eyes to many possibilities. Thanks to posts like this I'm already feeling the trade winds pushing me forward:

NOTABLE! - So you want to flip used items and make cash? Cool!

GOLD! - How I earned money (hustle arbitrage) to start a real business.

I see flipping as a cousin to small loan lending. People need cash fast: I give it to them in exchange a bit more patience and of adding perceived value to their item. Fair deal for both.

After I have sufficient amount saved, I will be able to quit my 9/5 and transition into something that gives more value. And then....

Ultimately I hope be able impact others in scale and in magnitude.

Super excited to be here and thank you all (especially MJ DeMarco) for creating this forum! LETS GROW STRONG TOGETHER!!!

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