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  1. I

    Fired From My Sales Job. Find New One or Freelance and Experiment to Engage the Market?

    Hello Everyone, I hope you are awesome today. Asking kindly about your opinions/guidance here. I was recently fired from my freight brokerage job. Currently sitting in the office savouring the last week and a hlaf of time I have left here. Found out they wont keep me for the next month. I was...
  2. KJFast

    I’m getting a job!

    Hey guys, my personal financial situation is dire and realised that as long as I still have free time (which I will) and I won’t hate the job (which I likely won’t) then getting a job is really worth it. Has so much more plus sides to it at the moment 1) Obviously money, my financial situation...
  3. A

    Thinking of going to college

    Hi, fastlaners, I discovered this entrepreneurship stuff like 2 years ago, got interested in dropshipping, digital marketing, and business. The truth is I have never really made a lot of money, I was working in construction previously, and just started shifting into the digital world. I just...
  4. Vasudev Soni

    Job or Entrepreneurial Dreams at 22 – (Your Advice Needed)

    I'm 22 and just graduated college and my job is about to get started in the month end in a tech giant company. I already have two businesses, an amazon Fba and the other one is a mobile app Business. I have also experienced several failures in the past 2-3 years and I learned a lot from them...
  5. S

    How did MJ pay rent while building his business?

    I get that you’re supposed to value your time over money, but realistically, how did he pay rent while building his business? I definitely feel like I missed something in the book. It’s the “quit your job” part that gets me, I will literally die if I do that.
  6. Joker_P5R

    Sometimes, and somewhere, getting a job is REALLY BETTER than build any kind of business…

    Hello to all, The thread title is purposely provocative. I would like to write a post, maybe long and a little heavy, but that I would, selfishly, become a brainstorming corner on a topic that often divides. I read the story of @Axe ; beautiful and I want to congratulate him most sincerely...
  7. Axe

    CHANGE MY MIND - Getting A Job Is Better Than "Fastlane"

    When I was 18, I enrolled in college. A few months later, I dropped out, considering it a waste of time and wanting to focus on my yet-unprofitable business ideas. My parents had none of it. They showed me tough love and kicked me out of the house. I was forced to find a place to live and a job...
  8. TimoS.

    Which job should I choose?

    Hello my name is Timo, I am 17 years old and in 5 months i have finished my Abitur (german equivalent to High School diplom) For the past year I was focused entirely on my self development and changed many aspects of my life for the better. I started going to the gym, studying more, reading non...
  9. mirumiru

    The first job - Today I will search for my first job... advices?, ideas?, experiences?

    Hello to everyone. In this new post I want to make an actualization about how things are going for me, and also, start a small discussion about "the first job". First of all, my goal is the Fastlane, right? So, searching a job may sound a little bit strange... but, naturally, it is not. The...
  10. X

    18 y/o - Full-Time Job or Start A Business?

    Hello fellow entrepreneurs. I'm having a dilemma right now whether I should go for a full-time job that was offered to me or try and start a business. It will be very appreciated if you guys read the whole post before giving me your opinion, thanks. Let me elaborate, a few days ago I went to a...
  11. Bhavneesh

    Life changing choice

    Hi guys i am from india and currently pursuing engineering I had two choices while joing the college 1) a college with good entrepreneurship environment with civil major(low job opportunities). 2) a college with not so good entrepreneurship environment but with good major I choose option 1. I...
  12. MJ DeMarco

    MJ's 4 Conditions: The Definitive Guide on WHEN to Quit Your Job...

    As I wrote in The Great Rat Race Escape... A lot of people here ask when to quit their job. I also get a lot of people (sadly) that read my book and they write me, saying their first "action" is to quit their job. They do this haphazardly without any business skills, no business idea, and no...
  13. Cole227

    Full Time with Promotion, or Stay Part Time?

    I am 19 and working part time at my digital marketing job. (24 hrs/week) at 13 dollars per hour. The ecommerce manager / marketer above me has found a new job. I am the most fit candidate for the job. It would be salary of 40k a year and full time. I live at home and have saved enough money to...
  14. nabinabiyev

    How to start a business,if you are just 19 and you dont have any connections?

    Hi everyone,I am really glad,that you are reading this thread.I want to take just 5 minutes from you to hear your advice/opinion on what should I do if I want to start my own business,but I dont have money,good connections and people,who share my vision.Thanks to Millionaire Fastlane and...
  15. ycee

    Intense job at a startup. What kind of side business can I build?

    Hey guys, I'm fresh outta college. 21. Studied engineering. I interned at a startup for the last 4 months, they are now offering me a full time job since I've graduated. This startup is in the B2B fintech space, I get to work with the CEO and investors first hand, got to learn a lot of shit in...
  16. Drive2Riches

    My 23yo kid now enjoys passive income (before I get to)

    Last week my son received his first royalty check for one song that he produced in 2019. He has a talent in the music industry, writing songs and producing music for himself and for various artists in LA. I asked him if he'd read TMF and he said that he did, back when I sent it to him two...
  17. allen0879

    Jobs aren't bad.

    A lot of people seem to think jobs are anti-fastlane. If it's your end goal, then that's probably true. If it's one step in a larger entrepreneurial journey, it may be the best choice. This is an example of something I ran into from another thread. I thought it would be an interesting...
  18. F

    What kind of work should I have while I start a business?

    I am finishing college, and since some time ago I've decided to take tentrepreneurship quite seriously, I've preparing myself for it, taking courses, etc. and I will launch soon take a product to the market, however, despite all, the chances that it will fail are very high, and I am fine...
  19. SDE

    One More Tale About a Crushed Hope

    This video popped in my feed today. Though it's almost a year old, I still felt like posting it here. His ''hope'' to retire was beaten to death by the SCRIPT like that of millions before him. It was painful for me to watch because of his smile. He's smiling in the video but most people will...
  20. PizzaOnTheRoof

    Merging Into The Middle Lane: Best Industry For Sales Jobs?

    Thinking about diving into a sales job to gain sales skills. It’s not fastlane but it’s a step in the right direction compared to my job right now. What industries would you choose/avoid when it comes to sales? Any advice on how to make the most of the job? What should you look for when...