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  1. ChryslerCreates

    sellings Windows in Germany

    Hello people, I got a supplier contact abroad for windows through a friend. The windows have a good quality and are cheap to buy. My idea: Construction companies or individuals who build a house themselves write and make an offer. The turnover of windows would be accordingly high, because...
  2. Rossoneri

    Breaking past my fears through flipping electronics

    Hey guys, this is my first progress thread. I'm an 18 year old who's been action faking after my previous failure. I am simply flipping iPhones and I made this thread for accountability. "But flipping iPhones sounds too easy and too saturated!" Let me explain. One day, I sold my old iPhone...
  3. ChrisGav

    Made my first 100k per month at 23 years old, now what?

    HELP. This is nuts guys. I am making more money than I know what to do with and I need some big time help from you experienced guys. I don't even say any of this to brag. I say all of this because everything is moving so quickly, and I have never experienced anything like it. This is LITERALLY a...
  4. S

    Scaling Affiliate Marketing To Exit And Make Bank

    Hey fellas. My very first post here. I read TMF a while ago and just started listening to it on Audible again this week to get out of a funk. I had a question that relates to the affiliate marketing business model. In the book, MJ says that affiliate marketing isn't a good move because of...

    Offerup Selling & Flipping Side Hustle Guide

    These are the rules you should follow if you do not want a nightmare experience on OfferUp or get Scammedmaxed/Rippedoffmaxed 1. Sell local pick up only.(Never ship anything at all no matter what. I will repeat once more Do not ever ship any items on OfferUp. If you just want to ship out items...
  6. AFMKelvin

    How to turn $1 into $70 in under 5 minutes

    Here's a quick story of how I made $70 from a $1 investment in 5 minutes. I've been on this forum for years and I've read almost every thread there is. I still haven't created my fastlane ticket but I do try to use the advice on this forum whenever possible. The person that help me turn $1...
  7. becks22

    The Etsy MEGA Thread... Best Practices, Use, Etc.

    Good Morning everyone, While perusing the forum, I've seen a few smaller threads that mention Etsy but not a specific Etsy thread. I didn't know how many of you are selling on Etsy or use it at all. I thought this might be a good place to post any tips for Etsy for sellers and any other...
  8. SuKiauruDangciu

    Local Flipping from from 400€ to ∞ [Personal progress thread ]

    Hey Fastlaners, Okey. So straight to the point what this is all about. This is my personal accountability thread. I always have some crazy business ideas (for some reason most of them turn out to be illegal) but more often then not I don't have the funds ( at least that's what I keep telling...
  9. F Wings

    Growing Strong!

    Growing Strong! Those are House Martel words for all the non Game of Thrones nerds. Olenna Tyrell: "Growing strong." Ha! The dullest words of any house. "Winter is coming!" Now that's memorable. "We do not sow." Strong. Strong. Those are houses you watch out for. Direwolves and krakens, fierce...
  10. L

    Sstruggling to flip

    My situation means the quick flip raise cash to fund the business/give a few rent cheques woukd be very helpful, however I'm in a remote area and cant drive so that narrows it down to things that can be mailed (suprising how many items are but are not sent or are immovable) I thought maybe...
  11. Geekour

    How can someone with no cash start a real estate empire?

    I apologize if this has been discussed before but I have been looking online/forum for ways to get into real estate with no cash. I don't care if it takes me years to get there but how the hell do I pave my path? Do I need to establish a business first to grow capital? I have read the forums...
  12. Sander

    So you want to flip used items and make cash? Cool!

    You want to start a company, but you don’t have any cash? Awesome! Today you will learn how to knock that problem to the ground. How? We’re going to sell used stuff for a profit. “But I don’t have any money to buy stuff that I can flip for a profit” Alright, let’s start here. How to get...
  13. Spicymemer45

    Facebook Flipping (How To Financially Curb Stomp)

    @RHL Had a great forum on flipping to which I followed up and here's what I've learned thus far that I want to share with anyone else trying to flip. USE FACEBOOK Use the maximum amount of pictures on all of your listings (E-bay) Search your product and find the top seller, then use his copy...
  14. Major

    Where are all the Mobile Home Park Investors?

    Hey guys, been a little while since I have been active on this forum. This a great site. Have learned alot from many members on this forum. Just finished closing on my third mobile home park purchase and am loving it. Have 6 more in the pipeline coming up. This journey started five years ago...
  15. gabeb1920

    $20,170 Flip Challange

    Thought Id share this video I just watched. Not fastlane but very much hustle and could lead to some easy side income for those just starting out like me! :) Hope it's useful
  16. F

    Flipping cars, appliances, and other assets.

    Hi Everyone, I have never bought or sold anything for a profit, and I definitely do not want to go about doing so before doing a lot of research and asking around for advice. I found a used, low-mileage (19,000 miles), 2012 BMW 335i with a Dealer Trade in Value (per Kelley Blue Book) of...