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INTRO Education? Done. Job? Done. Married? Done. House? Done. Kids? Done. … Chose color of coffin? WHAT?!

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Jul 29, 2018
Welcome to this introduction!

Since I don’t want to elaborate on the above-mentioned steps let me quickly summarize them before I’ll dive into my story.

I have always worked hard in whichever job I could grab since my parents (even if they wanted to) could not support me financially in any way. So, I moved out when I was not quite 18, scrubbed toilettes, packaged poultry-parts and literally worked my butt off as a waitress. All in order to finance my driver’s license, a full year abroad and University. During studying Process Engineering I worked in a few study related jobs and came out of it almost debt free (-4k). Now I’m employed by one of the worldwide biggest steel companies. I fell in love with my now husband during our studies, we moved in together, found a good home which we bought (mortgaged), got married, and right now I’m at maternity leave, raising our firstborn.

And this is usually the part where it says “they lived happily ever after” and the movie ends. We have achieved everything in life, right? Sunshine, sparkle and happy faces. All that’s left to do is to somehow make the next 40 or so years pass and choose the color of my coffin.

Then why am I at this forum?

Because I had a few moments in my life that made me exclaim “WHAT?!” (I’m no fan of the f* word, so I’ll leave that out ). Because I realized that although having a great degree I have no security in my job. Because I realized that I have zero financial knowledge. Because I realized that I am not in control of my own life. Because I want to change these things. Because maybe one day someone will be inspired and encouraged by this journey.

So, here’s my story.

My husband and I came across the “InvestmentPunk” a couple of years ago and were shocked that we knew nothing about finances. Until then we thought that we were on the “right track”, living happy lives. It took a while to accept the truth and understand that the things the Punk proclaimed about mediocrity and fundamental financial errors were true. So, we started to “fix” a few things. Our plan? Buy a house or apartment every year, let the tenant pay the mortgage. Once the first home is payed off we’ll have extra income. We found a suitable apartment, payed about 20% in cash and had rented it out two weeks later. We kept looking for another apartment, bought one, rented it out. Getting the 20% in cash became trickier since we were limited to our paychecks and couldn’t save that much money in only a few months’ time. But no worries, the snowball system where apartments will start to pay themselves off will kick in in … aaaah. There was a problem. The first flat would be paid off in 20 years. *LOL* Yeah, having degrees in Engineering doesn’t necessarily mean that you can do simple math. Meanwhile I also got pregnant which meant we wouldn’t have my full income plus more expenses for the next years. The “buy property every year system” would not work.

Then the “how to make money journey” began. Yes, I am dead honest here. In the beginning it was all about making money.

I read LOTS of books, watched dozens of online-courses and looked into MLM. Nothing really struck me, nothing seemed to be honest or was in line with my style or believes or offered a path that I would be able to follow. Then I read the Millionaire Fastlane. Boom Shakalaka. Entrepreneurship? Launching a company? Adding value? Me?!?

Alright. Here I am. Let the “how to add value journey” begin.

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