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INTRO Can't put a price on the value of this community - Excited to be here

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Bradley R

"If everyone else is doing it, its probably wrong"
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Jan 28, 2019
Scottsdale, AZ
Hi Everyone,

Been on the forum for over a month but a little late in getting into my intro.

I'm Bradley and am from CT but currently living in Phoenix, AZ with my girlfriend as of January.

My background was in the fitness industry - B.S. Strength and Conditioning and then did group fitness instruction and personal training for 5 years after graduation (up until last September)

During that time, also tried my hand at low-barrier-to-entry, "pseudo-entrepreneurial" endeavors such as real estate and network marketing.

Read TMF in 2017 and obviously it was eye-opening. Had realized previously to reading it I could never be happy working a 9-5, but it helped clarify a whole bunch of things.

Around that same time I had come across Tai Lopez's Social Media Marketing Course (as did millions of other 20-something-wannabe-entrepreneurs) and while not perfect, saw it as one of my more viable options to start a business and fulfill an obvious need for small business owners.

Disclaimer: I fully realize it's not a CENTS based business, but having zero capital, some debt, and little-to-no previous business experience, options were somewhat limited

Fast forward a bit: First year+ has been a major learning curve, still stuck in more of a "freelancer" mode than "business owner" but have more momentum and clarity than ever before. Had some major limiting beliefs and scarcity-based thought patterns from scraping by for so long, but in a much better place than I was for a while starting out.

Biggest challenge business-wise has been learning how to create duplicatable systems and processes (would love input in this area). I can't say I plan on online marketing being my "legacy", but more of a stepping point to a more CENTS-based venture.

Also about to launch a blog/brand on the side with a similar message to UnScripted (which resonated me on a bunch of levels even beyond TMF)

In my short time on the forum, I've found tons of value and the ability to surround yourself (even virtually) with like-minded entrepreneurs who force me to level up is impossible to put a price on.

The community here is unbelievable and I hope to become one of the members who provides even more value than I receive.


My hobbies include:

  • Reading, Blogging, Working Out, Hiking, Camping, playing Basketball or Frisbee, anything High Adrenaline

My Interests Include:
  • Marketing (obviously), Travel, Self-Development, Business/Entrepreneurship, Practical Psychology, Anything New/Foreign
What Gets Me Excited:

  • Helping people and businesses create breakthroughs, spending time with other driven people, trying new things, traveling to new places, finding new ways to do things, buying new books, eating sushi

Thanks for reading and excited to be a part of this community and level up with all of you!:fistbump:


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