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EXECUTION 6 Months — Mom’s Basement to Thailand

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Apr 13, 2018

This is my progress thread as I develop my process and grow my web design business. This won’t be Fastlane to start, but it will provide me with the time and extra capital to invest into developing more passive streams of income. As well as hiring people to take on the less fun, more tedious parts of the work to free up my time to take on more clients and bigger projects.

A little background about me:

I have a lot of experience with web design and used to work in a marketing role. My web design/development skill base is strong which means I am not starting from absolute scratch. Developing my process will involve developing a strong sales system and improving my sales skills. I aim to slowly ramp up my price as each “win” leads to new confidence and new potential leads.

I am currently working on a few free portfolio websites for a couple of business owners. These will act as my social proof and demonstration of skill so that I can justify my price (initially not that high).


I have two short term goals for this 6 month block, which are as follows:

1. Save $7650 by September 21st 2018

This is the amount of money I have calculated that I will need to safely move to Thailand for 12 months. The reasons for going are that I am currently living at home and this needs to change ASAP. Rent is so expensive in the UK and cost of living so cheap in Thailand that it will actually work out much more affordable for me to live over there initially.

There are also many laptop entrepreneurs who travel there, so I should get to meet others who also share the Fastlane mindset.

This amount covers flights, visa, health-insurance etc as well as 4 months living costs to cover any dry business months.

The reason that I’m going in September is that Nov-Jan is the busy season and it will be harder to find affordable accommodation. This gives me a precise deadline to aim for.

I’m going to start measuring from May 1st, this gives me 21 weeks to generate the $7650

I have money from my previous job to allow myself to cover my current expenses whilst I generate this income. This means I can save 100% of what I make in the next 6 months.

2. Generate $1900+ per month going forward

I need $800 per month to live in reasonable comfort and not stress about my living situation whilst I’m out there.

$1000+ a month will be re-invested into my business and help me to take on an extra programmer/illustrator when required so I can take on larger jobs.

$100 extra will just be put in aside as an “overflow pot” as you never know when you’ll lose something/your phone gets stolen etc.

This is a baseline amount, and the $1000+ re-investment will allow me to quickly ramp up my monthly earnings.

3. *Bonus Goal*

Post a photo of myself stood in front of the White Temple in Chiang Rai holding a copy of Millionaire Fastlane . This one’s just for fun and to show that process is the way to get to where you want to go. I’ll take a quick video along with it saying hi to the thread, as Photoshop is too damn good these days.


I plan to post an update every two weeks. This is frequent enough that I can’t kid myself (For example slack off for six weeks, close $3000 and then make out I’ve been grinding the whole time). But not too often that it’s tedious to read.

Feel free to share any feedback and advice you may have. Or just tell me I’m delusional. I don’t mind harsh critique.

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