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INTRO 23 at the start of something I never thought I'd do

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Apr 13, 2018
SORRY this is going to be long. Well I only get one introduction right?! Here goes...

Last week I was dropping off a library book, browsing the 'NEW' section for a new book to read... I finally landed on Unscripted by MJ DeMarco. Within the first chapter I was hooked. I'm almost done with the whole book, and I already bought Fastlane, I'm going to read and finish that one next. But I'm convinced. I had never given much thought to entrepreneurship before, I assumed that to create a successful business you would have to be some kind of genius with a brilliant idea and nerves of steel, I just wrote it off as something I wouldn't be good at. But now I find myself in a part-time 'in-between' job, wondering what I'm going to do when the families I nanny for don't need me anymore, what I'm going to do to earn enough money to support myself in future - I can't rely on my parents forever. While reading Unscripted, I feel comforted learning that through smart, hard work I can give the world something... I don't have to be some kind of tech genius to do it... and what I will receive in return will be invaluable - time, freedom, knowledge, satisfaction. And I won't be alone through my struggles.

I have felt lost and confused for so long, wondering what I'm going to do with my life. I felt stuck, mildly suicidal, etc. Now I know what I'm going to do. I'm going to be an entrepreneur, and I haven't felt suicidal since I realized that unscription is attainable for me. No matter what it takes, I'll do it. My journey starts now.

My first objective is to finish reading Unscripted and then Fastlane... from there I will delve into brainstorming and choosing what problem my first venture will solve, and from there I will dive in to do whatever it takes to make my dreams happen.

Why do I want to be unscripted? I want to be financially independent, but that's a no-brainer right? I want to make my dad proud and have him not worry about me as much. I want to be able to take care of my parents when they grow older. I want to create something that impacts people. I want to live an inspired life, eventually have the time and energy to learn things like other languages, piano, dance, drawing, aikido, weight-lifting. Go back into roller derby and choir. Maybe I'll buy a house in Maui when I'm unscripted - if my boyfriend and I stay together, I know he wants to eventually move back to an island and I have a cousin in Maui (also I like the island a lot). When I'm rolling in money, I'll find some way to help those who are working to cure Alzheimer's because the saddest thing I've ever watched was my grandmother's mental health deteriorate at the end of her life. She went from a spunky woman full of life and love to looking at me with teary eyes from her bed in a nursing home telling me she didn't have any friends.

I watched my Dad get laid off from his job of 13 years at Netflix. "You're just not the right fit anymore," they told him. I heard him say after that he regretted not taking the promotion he was offered years ago. At the time he was content in his current position, he thought becoming a manager would be too risky and that managing just wasn't right for his personality and skill set. His job was comfortable and secure. Then when he was laid off he became depressed, but he endured as he always has and found a new job. He is stressed out from working long hours, paying off a large mortgage, saving for retirement. and he's getting older. I admire and respect him for sacrificing so much to keep our family's situation secure and his dreams of comfortable retirement in reach. But I also see the toll that sacrifice has taken on him. It's very sad. I want to make him proud of what I accomplish in my career and life. I haven't experienced a soul-sucking job yet... and I may never have to. I want to be able to give back to my parents as they grow old and pass on, and I want them to die happily knowing their daughter lived well.

I could write more but I think I'll just leave it there for now. Never dreamed I'd be an entrepreneur, but here I am now. Thank you MJ for sharing your wisdom with the world. I'm so glad your book somehow ended up in my hands. Here's to the journey ahead!

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MJ DeMarco

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Jul 23, 2007
Fountain Hills, AZ
Welcome @RedwoodSoul!

While reading Unscripted, I feel comforted learning that through smart, hard work I can give the world something... I don't have to be some kind of tech genius to do it... and what I will receive in return will be invaluable - time, freedom, knowledge, satisfaction. And I won't be alone through my struggles.
Yes, solve the problems and it works.

I'm nobody special.

I had a strong meaning and purpose that propelled me through the rough times.

Remember, this is something you LIVE, not TRY.

Your first attempts will probably fail. (Think learning baseball and swinging a bat)

Here's a little something I wrote about my first attempts:

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