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  1. K

    INTRO Progress thread

    Looking for feedback...Hi all, I started my shopify store and I have been successful in driving traffic to the site by facebook , but no sales. I wanted to have some feedback on some changes that I need to do to get sales: KestrelFoods Help is appreciated and thanks in advance!!
  2. Kabylfx

    Need your feedback on my e-commerce website

    Hey fastlaners, I've been on this forum for a quite a while now and this is simply another attempt I made in order to start creating a small passive income for my future fastlane ventures. I'm currently looking for a job to start saving money but I would love to prove my parents wrong (they...
  3. ActionMonth

    Does anyone use SqaureSpace?

    If you haven't heard about SquareSpace, it's pretty much a site that offers you a website template and domain. The templates are pretty stylish and easy enough to manage and customize without knowledge on how to code. It's pretty amazing in my opinion and the style and design is very modern...
  4. biophase

    GOLD! Ask me anything about eCommerce (Ongoing)

    Alot has changed since my Ask me about Ecommerce AMA from 2012, so I thought I'd do an updated AMA as some of the answers in the previous thread are now outdated. The online marketplace has shifted greatly in the past couple years. Some examples of what has changed: Google Shopping is now at...
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