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  1. Travel Base

    EXECUTION Thinking big, starting small

    Hello all! You can see my general introduction here TL;DR Was supposed to move country, COVID happened, I’m using the quarantine to focus on and build up my online biz to carry over to the new country when I’ll finally be able to move. So, let’s get a bit more practical. I thought this...
  2. Travel Base

    INTRO Improvising and Adapting

    Hello, all! I’m a longtime lurker and reader. It has taken a worldwide pandemic to push me out of the woodwork, lol. Anyway, 30 something European gal with creative tendencies and entrepreneurial mindset. Not much of a talker, but I hope to be able to give something back to anybody who reads...
  3. C

    Audiobook idea

    This idea is completely from scratch so bear with me. Feel free to call me out if it’s completely stupid/ has been done hundreds of times before in different ways. One of my friends is a professional voice over artist. He works freelance and has done some pretty big adverts. Recently he told me...
  4. Cyberdeth

    EXECUTION I wrote and published an ebook - part 2

    After publishing my initial book on amazon, I got a ton of great feedback from the members here and one of the comments were that I should write what people want first. So my second project is starting out pretty good so far. My process so far is: Find out what the niche is that I want to...
  5. VicFountain

    Should I sell my eBook on Amazon or on my Blog?

    Hi everyone. I've seen many people sell their eBooks on their own blog, and it seems to be the most profitable way. However, it clearly depends on how much traffic the blog receives overall. And here's my problem. I recently finished writing an eBook, but I'm unsure whether I should sell it on...
  6. VentureVoyager

    In darkness. I lost my direction and clarity and I need your advice.

    Hi. I’ve been going through a very hard and dark period in my life. I am very confused, and I need some perspective. Here’s my intro thread: INTRO - Hello! from a location-independent self-publisher. My journey so far Since then, I was able to get to $11k in sales in the beginning of 2018 and...
  7. D

    EXECUTION Building an Artist's empire

    Here I am, ready to rumble. First, a quick overview of who I am. - Italian, but lived and traveled in various countries. - Bilingual Ita/Eng with some knowledge of other European languages. - Writer, mostly fiction. - Digital artist, book cover designer. - Early thirties. - Currently living in...
  8. D

    INTRO Artist and Entrepreneur reporting for duty

    Hello all! As the title says, I am an artist (mainly writer, but also digital visual artist) and entrepreneur from Italy. I've read both TMF and Unscripted during the past couple of years, but to be honest I just lurked around the forums from time to time - until now, that is. Why the change...
  9. NicholasCato

    Is a graphic novel / self-publishing fastlane?

    I’ve been struggling with this since i started internalizing the concepts presented in MDF. Simply put, I’m an artist and I’ve been “working” on a graphic novel for the last year and a half. Most of that time was spent fantasizing about how awesome it’s going to be instead of putting it out...
  10. ChickenHawk

    Money-Chasing Burns Bestselling Author...*Poof!* His pen name is gone.

    Imagine yourself a bestselling author on Amazon, raking in fame and fortune as a top romance novelist. Now, imagine your brand is gone in an instant, and why? Because you dedicated your energy to cheating, money-chasing, and skirting the rules rather than building a long-term brand. Just this...
  11. Leo Hartas

    INTRO I'm doing it!

    Hello Everyone, Nearly finished Unscripted. ok, I haven't read Fastlane yet, but it's next! I'm a middle-aged freelance illustrator from the UK and have lived a half-way unscripted life doing what I love. The only thing is that despite many attempts I've never managed to escape my clients...
  12. G

    EXECUTION This is not an Overnight Success

    Hello all, I think it's about time I start a progress thread of my own. Hopefully it will help somebody :) I've been on the forum for roughly a month and I would like to preface all this by saying that this place is filled with great info, major value and is generally a haven of like-minded...
  13. N

    Expanding from Children's to YA Fiction

    Hello Everybody, I've posted on the Fastlane Forum before about my novel-writing/self-publishing business. I've been aiming to do it the smart way, taking courses offered by people who have already succeeded, getting advice from podcasters (Joanna Penn, Mark Dawson, Chandler Bolt, and others)...
  14. doncruz

    EXECUTION Here I come

    So, its about two weeks since I was fired from an eleven years job. I feel blessed, I think God has given me a push and a chance to show what Im really made of. Am I afraid? Yes I am. But I fear not been able to do what Im supposed to do. Which is pursue my dreams: I want to be free to write...
  15. Bryan Cohen

    INTRO Author Influencer in Search of a Productocracy

    Hey folks! My name is Bryan and I've been fortunate enough to be unemployable for the last decade or so. I started with freelance writing around 2007. That led to a blog for writers in 2008, which turned into my first book in August 2010. Then things really took an interesting turn. Upon...
  16. A

    PUBLISHING Here is My Step By Step Method To Make Money On Amazon Kindle!

    Intro In this post, I’m going to show you step by step how I quit my job in Finance to publish eBooks with Amazon KDP full-time. Getting started with self-publishing was probably the best decision I’ve made in my entire life because I make a lot more than I was making and I now enjoy a monthly...

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