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  1. luniac

    What is this type of upwork project typically called.

    I’m looking to freelance on upwork but wasn’t sure for awhile how to apply my skill set. I have 10 years experience in the Unity3D engine as an amateur hobbyist, I’ve published a few casual app games and even made a short cartoon in it. However I’m not comfortable with doing complex programming...
  2. MexicanCreator48

    Made my first prototype of a new business idea, feedback appreciated!

    I have been prototyping a business idea that I had for a week and after doing some research, I concluded that this idea could help students find tutors according to the subjects they don't understand well. There is a strong market right now amongst students who want to find a tutor for the...
  3. Aidan04

    The Prototype Is done, Now What?

    I've finished the prototype for my product and it works beautifully. I'm going to see if this product has viability by selling the 3d-printed versions on Amazon. Here's my current issue though, what do I do after? How do I go from the 3D-printed proto version to a fully injection...
  4. T

    Prototype Injection Molding

    Hey Guys, I've been working on a fitness wearable for the last few years and am at the stage where I'm ready to start polishing the final product. I have my PCB, Code, Phone App, and marketing materials ready -- however the final shell for the device is 3D printed and very "prototype-esc"...
  5. Johnny boy

    Building and prototyping products for a few hundred bucks

    With my primary business running smoothly, I've got some free time and had an idea for another business that I want to start. I am building a product and to build it and purchase the tools and machinery necessary, I would need to go spend thousands of dollars. I do not want to throw thousands of...
  6. T

    How do you find funding for your idea?

    Hello world! This is my first post. I've been on this forum for awhile perusing the threads while working diligently on a new product I'm developing. I'm currently in the late stage prototyping phase (Have a fully functional prototype and I'm ready to show it off!), but I don't know where to go...
  7. O

    Soft Proof and Prototype

    Hi fastlaners. I have a product in mind, it doesn't fill a "need" but I think it warrants a pretty good "want". I am looking into getting a prototype made but before spending all that money I need some soft proof that there actually will be demand for it. However, I can see that as soon as I...
  8. S

    [Fake Door Testing] Does anyone want to test your new product in S.Korea? if so, I can help you for free

    Hi there, I'm a founder of a start-up in S.Korea. I've been developing market research algorithm and I want to do a small experiment, which I call price testing! I assume most of you have heard of the fake door testing. If you haven't and want to know how it goes, check this out (not promoting...
  9. Implacabilis

    Idea to fully working prototype? Specialised Design Companies vs Manufacturers Directly???

    Hey folks! Like every entrepreneur on the planet, I have a design concept I would like to prototype or potentially put into full production. The concept is a design variation of a specialised sports bag offering a better user experience and more functionality. I knew this was going to be an...
  10. PizzaOnTheRoof

    Create Prototype Myself Or Outsource?

    I've been sitting on a new product idea for the past couple days and would love to get a prototype done for cheap to gauge the interest of my target market. Don't want to divulge too much info on the outside, but the product will consist of heavy-duty nylon fabric, straps, a rubber lining, and...
  11. A

    How was your experience with prototyping?

    Hello! Currently I have a validated idea (like many of you) and I want to jump into the prototyping stage. I've beed doing some research and I've read that many send their idea/sketch/3D model to manufacturers of Alibaba, however, I've contacted some myself and found it really expensive and...
  12. Dreamify

    Feedback on a tool that's designed to bring in more prospects

    Hi guys, I'm reaching out to ask you for feedback on a prototype. I co-run a digital agency, and we've just designed a tool that we hope will bring us more prospects. Thus feedback on our concept would be deeply appreciated, but bare in mind that this is only a rough prototype, hence the...
  13. RASA911216

    I love my job...and that's a problem. I want to FIRE!

    Hi everyone! It's great to finally be able to interact with the community. I'm a 27 years old Mechatronics Engineer in Mexico, currently working as a high school teacher and researcher. I've always loved school and wanted to be a teacher, but had my eyes opened by my sister who commented it was...
  14. S

    Shall I make the prototype myself? / Some good, trusted companies in the U.K?

    So, I think I've thought of an invention after following the advise in Un-scripted - (when you notice a problem / predicament / something that doesn't exist yet, then ACT!) The invention(product) is fairly simple in design (with range options) and I imagine easy to manufacture and produce -...
  15. J

    We have a business idea, what would be the best way to test if idea will work?

    Hi guys! My teammate and I have a startup idea related to IoT, which will be targeted to B2B. We know that we have to execute and test the idea with business straight away, to avoid waste of the time (we know that nowadays everything is about the speed of execution). Unfortunately, we are...
  16. Marley T

    Tracking my Progression

    Firstly this is something I've never done before and very new to me but figured it might help myself or someone else. I'm going to write a few of my short goals down. Its important to know I am currently in conversation with a investment company about my app concept so I already have that...
  17. Johnny Bravo

    How to Source Contractors

    I am looking for contractors to develop a prototype for ultimate production. This is a small electronic device with an accompanying smart phone app and probably computer app as well. The problem is, I don't know the first thing about electrical engineering. How does one go about selecting a...
  18. thecocopod

    Looking for Protoype/Manufacturing

    I have my first invention ready for prototype. CAD is ready. Money is ready. So many plastic manufacturers out there. Any suggestions on where to find a company to make a series of prototypes with me to get ready for production? Thanks!
  19. JamesDB

    (Question) Who has experience with selling prototypes?

    How would you approach top tier technology companies with fully functioning prototypes that could help them do xy better/faster/cheaper by a factor of 3+ ? We have been working on a part of a product but then pivoted along the way, now we have a piece of (predictive A.I. etc.) technology left...
  20. PiotrP

    New product

    Hello guys. Month ago I got my prototype ready and set up e-commerce site , to check if my idea would work (idea came up to my mind like 3 months ago). I have been doing everything on my own (product assembly, brand design, copy, website and online marketing). Right now I am struggling with...