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Marley T

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Mar 5, 2018
Firstly this is something I've never done before and very new to me but figured it might help myself or someone else.

I'm going to write a few of my short goals down. Its important to know I am currently in conversation with a investment company about my app concept so I already have that ticked off and some of my goals will be relevant to that some not so relevant but still needed for that main goal witch is getting my app developed.

1. Have a succesful Skype call with the app investors on Monday 12th

This is my third month I have been talking with an investment company, they specialise in concept ideas and seem to be more interested in the process of making the app compared to most other investors. So far i have learned they have a marketing team and a tech team. I have sent over two templates one bieng more about the marketing and why or who will want to use the app. The second template more about the tech side and what the basic functions are of the app and how each user will use it.

After sending these they seem interested and I have my second Skype call with the tech team on Monday 12th (my first was with the co founder) There isn't a huge amount of pressure on this call as its just to help the tech team get an idea of how the app would work and what the costs might be, so I'm confident it will be a sucessful call.

2. Talk to my college about possibly getting a prototype created

There is a app coding/developing course at my college. I read a thread about this and how colleges might consider taking on peoples concept apps for students to get some real experience in developing someones ideas much like a freelancer, but with no fee. This might be a long shot but I should and will ask.

3. Read More

I have read millionair fast lane, but still need to Read unscripted . if there are any recommendations you have please let me know.

4. Get an idea of the start up costs.

This is my first venture into making one of my concepts real, so I have little to no knowledge of the costs of making an app. I have heard it can be anything from 10K to 500K obviously depending on what your app is and how much work needs to be put into it. After talking to the investment company for long enough I will eventually find out from them but I want to get a gist of the price before that happens. My plan is to do some research on who or what company I can trust and get a quote from someone, (please let me know if there are better ways) like I said I'm pretty cluless about this right now.

5. Get a new Job

Currently I have a 0 hour contract job and I'm at the point now where I can't really say I'm working there, I'm on their books but for the last month they have given me no hours. As much as I like having free time to surf the web I still have too much time for things like playing assassins creed. and I'm not far off starting to spend My savings from my last job.

Irrelevant goals that still keep everything in Check

1. Gain Muscle/ Weight

I have been at the Gym body building for about 3 years now, even though not relevant to developing my app, I still recommend it to anyone and everyone (entrepreneur or not) I have always loved going so its never been a motivation issue for me but I definitely think its a great way to keep everything in line its a healthy routine to have as long as your eating well to. For anyone who's in stressful environments and has a lot on their mind its a good time to let some out by throwing some weigtht around and the feeling after (short and long term) is very rewarding.

2. Keeping Track at my Music Technology course at college, I am not the best at staying motivated to do things that I don't really believe in which meant I was terrible in school because I just decided for myself what would be useful to me in the future and paid attention when i wanted to, I still got six GCSEs and an A in Business studies. I probably should have done better in other subjects but like I said I struggled and still do struggle to believe in them. When it comes to college I lose track of my actual assignments and just practice and learn new skills on the DAW Logic.

Ideally I want to Update on my progress every Monday or every other Monday, I'm giving my self until thet end of April and then i will do a full analysis of how I did or did not complete each one. The idea is it will ingurage me to do things more efficiently than usual and if it also possibly helps someone else out that would be great too.

Thanks for reading, Any advice or tips on compleating any of these goals would be appreciated or if you think there's something I've missed that will help please let me know.
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