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  1. alexXx9

    Exploring Drop Streaming: A New Approach to Building an Online Music Business (Looking for Opinions)

    Hello Guys, I am new here, and I want to build a good online business. I started in 2022 with Self-Publishing non-fiction books, bought a course, applied all the concepts, invested heavily, and consumed every kind of content. I published more than 25 non-fiction books (30k words each one). I...
  2. J.B.

    Start a new life in music

    Hello, First of all, I would like to thank MJ. I read The Millionaire Fastlane! It is very interesting! I am French so please forgive me if I make some mistakes in English :somber: Here is my request. I am a 32 year-old man. I work as an employee with a long-term contract. I am fed up with...
  3. Subsonic

    I wrote a Song about Fl entrepreneurship (with help from our favorite AI)

    So I hope this doesn't count as self promo. Well it's just a audio files so I don't gain anything from promoting it. Some time ago I posted in general chat about a song chatgtp wrote. It was a power metal song about fastlane entrepreneurship. It was bad and soulless but it was funny. Later...
  4. C

    Is making lofi beats a good CENT?

    First time posting here so excuse me for asking nooby questions. Im some chapters away from finishing The Millionaire Fastlane but im already trying to look for ideas that work. Anyone know anything about lofi beats? Can you make a good amount of money with it? It's something I always listen to...
  5. Lex DeVille

    100+ Music Business Ideas

    Just some ideas for ways to make money with music (or turn it into a full-blown business) without becoming a celebrity. Feel free to add your own ideas if you have more. Direct Performance Ideas - Play/sing for weddings - Play for churches - Play/sing for funerals - Play/sing for private...
  6. xShepherdx

    Music For Motivation: What's On Your Playlist?

    Music runs deep in my family, so I tend to listen to a lot of it - especially while I'm working or exercising. And any day that I'm feeling less than 100%, I'll turn on my private "GET MOTIVATED" playlist and put it on repeat until my mindset has changed. This playlist contains a bunch of...
  7. Gleb Feder

    Do you know examples of product placement in music?

    I mean product placement in songs, not in music videos. I will be happy if you can share some cases.
  8. Royce2

    Q. How to better market your music?

    Has anyone been involved with promoting and/or creating music and then getting on platforms like Spotify? I am friends with a seriously talented singer and we need all the suggestions we can get. Our goal: To market this music to the masses and make money without giving away equity or signing...
  9. 10Fold

    Unscripted Beats

    Hello, I'm curious whether any of you have songs in your collection that are "Unscripted/Fastlane approved". To give an example, "Live My Life" by Kim Dotcom is a good one. Kim Dotcom started Megaupload and got raided later on because of it. Huge scandal. He lives in New Zealand like me...
  10. D

    Looking for Accountability Buddy

    The title says it all. I'm making electronic music and finding my mind wondering too much and I give up. It's not good enough. It would be really cool to connect with someone and hold each other accountable. Thanks :)
  11. YouCanDoThis

    My first CENTS Analysis (Video Course) - Feedback welcome!

    Hey all, Just finished both TMF and Unscripted, and I don't intend to spin my wheels in the world of theories very long. Today I did a CENTS analysis of a business idea I've had for a while now. I know, the only way to verify if this is a solid idea is to test it against the market-mind, but I...
  12. Fr33zerPop

    Need help picking red pill or blue pill. Am I adding any value compared to the competition? (demo)

    Being an amateur musician and an animator, I wanted to get into the space of creating beat visualizers and lyric videos for musicians by creating my own designs. This ground is already being well covered by some slick automated sites. I'm looking for free ideas on finding my niche/value add...
  13. KKOPPI

    Family has no trust in my journey. What should I tell them?

    I'm a musician. I've always been told my talent is incredible and that I could most surely become a famous singer. The fact that people told me this has disturbed my mind gravely for a long while. In my early 20s I ended up in a crisis and the pressure of the things people used to tell me when...
  14. KKOPPI

    My New Song

    While I spend most of my quarantine time reading, studying, working and approaching potential clients... I also continue to pursue my creative side. Been taking my musical abilities more seriously lately. Check out my take on this tune. Recorded all the music inside my car as there's too many...
  15. E

    Music as Positive Reinforcement - Society Always Wants New Things by Akira The Don

    This isn't a book (obviously) but I thought this would be a good thread to post this in. I have been a fan of Akira The Don for some time now, if you haven't heard of him he makes music that falls under a genre called Meaningwave, which creates music from motivating sound clips. He has done...
  16. KKOPPI

    I'd like to introduce myself with a little song.

    Hello fellow aspiring fastlaners. I'm a videographer from The Netherlands and absolutely stunned by what MJ is making possible. My hobby is music therefore here's a song for you. Cheers!
  17. G

    Patience or the NOW?

    So currently I'm still working on solutions to my buisness I'm going to create BUT, I'm curious towards others feedback so I at least know I'm on the right track. Currently I work a 8am-5pm job but the time consumed for the job from waking up to going home is 7am-6pm M-F. Besides weekends ,I...
  18. Seth G.

    Fastlane Fury Collaborative Playlist

    Hey Fastlaners, I've created a collaborative Spotify playlist titled "Fastlane Fury". Fastlane Fury, a playlist by Seth Martin on Spotify Anyone on this forum is welcome to add whatever songs they'd like to it. Just don't delete other people's songs if you don't like them. Hit the skip...
  19. G

    If you're a musician, you're definitely an entrepreneur!

    I've come to a realization that musicians are also great and amazing entrepreneurs! Little did I know I'm completely capable of being one. Not only that, but I've always been one. I've just realized and awoken to the fact that I CAN become financially free and do what I love. Not be limited to...
  20. TonyStark

    Another Band Gig

    I thought it'd be fun to document some of my band's success on here. Maybe come up with new ways to market ourselves, get new customers, play at different venues, etc. A little backstory: We're 7-8 guys from Austin playing Cumbia in a band called "Xtenzo" (not my decision, lol), anyways...