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  1. Castillo

    Changing my egotistical mindset

    Hey guys. So one thing I've noticed about myself is that I have a very strong fixed mindset and not a growth mindset at all. ( In reference to those who have read Carl Dweck's "Mindset") I have grown up for many things to come very easily to me. Sciences, math, technology, music etc. Because...
  2. KeepGoin

    Mindset, feels like I'm still action faking?

    Over the past two weeks I've done some things to try to stop being a slowlane parasite. This includes spending about an hour a night reading, an hour working on my website for the service business I am starting, exercising every single day and cooking/no longer eating fast food. I have a...
  3. T

    How do you effectively set goals?

    I've been thinking lately, maybe the goals I'm setting for myself are too vague and not specific enough. All successful people set goals, and people who set goals tend to be more successful. For whatever reason, when you feed your mind a specific vision and goal things begin to align (or so...
  4. Kabylfx

    How did you discipline yourself?

    I think we are all aware that motivation never lasts long and that killer work ethics only come through self-discipline. I've been working towards achieving that mindset for the past month and was wondering how some of you guys might have done it.
  5. Mr. Gray

    Is your life done when you get gray hair?

    Is your life done when your hair is gray? Today I was overhearing an older lady in her mid 60's say to a girl that just graduated high school "Enjoy every moment, because it goes by fast. Once you get gray hair like me your life is done." I kept thinking in my head "Does this woman really...
  6. Spicymemer45

    NEED HELP! (Discovering a need/want)

    Hey all! As you can read I am having a little trouble determining how to find a want/need to be filled in the modern market. I'm open to any and all ideas! This is how my thought process for finding them is as of now Listening to complaints on the internet, google keywording things Whatever...
  7. Spicymemer45

    The Fastlane MINDSET (What I understand thus far)

    Good day all! Hope you're all feeling MIGHTY fine this New Year! THIS IS WHAT I UNDERSTAND THUS FAR ABOUT TRUE MINDSET OF "THE FAST LANE"! - IT'S NOT ABOUT THE MONEY (It's about the people and their wants/needs and if you can provide the answer to them - CHASING THE CAT (Money) WILL MAKE IT...
  8. Nicoknowsbest

    Progress Over Profit

    You are freelancing to build your funds. You've been thinking about spinning it off into a service business, small agency or similar. You've gone from hardly having any clients to more than you can handle at the moment. You even have potential clients contact you instead of you contacting...
  9. Mike Partee

    (Unlike Any Other) "The Nine Laws" by Ivan Throne

    For years, I had been addicted to information. Reading & reading and improving myself incrementally, but as a result, Not Improving Exponentially. The Bookshelf is Clear, Aside From Two Books: The Millionaire Fastlane & The Nine Laws. Essentially, a book for mastering business and a book for...

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