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  1. Adam256

    Opinions on Dan Koe?

    I am currently in the middle of reading the Art of Focus by Dan Koe, and have seen some of his content before, but I was curious to see if anyone else heard about him before?
  2. shubham___3011

    You are networking in the wrong way!?

    Hey @MJ DeMarco @Andy Black and fellow fastlaners!! As a young entrepreneur, I'm eager to connect with experienced individuals who can provide guidance and mentorship. I recognize that I may not have much to offer in return at this stage of my journey, and I want to approach these potential...
  3. Zygmunt

    What do you think about Hamza?

    I found out about MJ and his books through Hamza, he got me onto self improvement, and I always appreciated his honesty and that he wasn't a sellout like most gurus, but now he's been shilling his affiliate marketing program for his online school. I'm not really against his private community...
  4. Lyzmin

    What YouTube channels do you recommend?

    With the many posts about ‘guru’s’ on YouTube which provide no value I thought it will be valuable to the community to provide a list with channel recommendations you DO want to follow. I asked some longtime members for feedback, thanks so far for all the responses! More suggestions are welcome...
  5. Mahan

    Internet Gurus

    Hi, recently the Internet has been bombarded with so many gurus trying to sell your courses and books either on how to start an online business, side hustle, and so many other topics. I feel like many of these gurus are just fake millionaires trying to look rich, like that bald kickboxer guy...
  6. MitchC

    Join Me Doing Sam Parrs 14 day "Copy That" Challenge

    So if you've been on these forums a while you may remember the 30 day Gary Halbert challenge that was a thing here for a while An insane 30 day challenge that really would probably take a lifetime to complete Anyway Sam Parr has something similar but it's only 14 days And I imagine the copy...
  7. K1 Lambo

    Is Andrew Tate Legit Or Not?

    Morning fellow fastlaners, some of you may not be familiar with him, especially you older folks but you young guns (15-25) will be very familiar with him from IG, TikTok and YouTube. He's the most searched man on Google at the moment. Guy is obviously a very polarizing figure. You either love...
  8. A

    Self-Help is a CULT!

    before I picked up MJ's TMF, I was DONE with self-help books. I think we all know why, everything that MJ's speaks of, everything you notice if you actually think about it. from the regurgitated useless advice to the unrealistic unreasoable promises... I got TMF just because so many people...
  9. Martin Boeddeker

    There Are 3 Types Of Entrepreneurs (according to Seth Godin) Don't get confused because this will cause you to fail.

    I just came around this podcast by Tim Ferriss and Seth Godin and I wanted to share it with you because many people get confused with this and fail because they mess up these concepts when they want to take their business online. There’s a difference between freelancers and entrepreneurs...
  10. Wiezel

    Gary Vaynerchuck

    There are many so called 'guru' people online. Buy this course for $999 and you'll be millionaire end of the year! You'll know who I'm talking about (Sam Ovens, Tai Lopez etc.). About 1.5 year ago I came across Gary Vaynerchuck. Since then my mindset and thoughts have completely shifted. His...
  11. PizzaOnTheRoof

    Social Media Worship/You Don't Need It

    I was inspired to write this post because of the video above^ Perhaps Alex Becker has finally gotten some sense and will quit putting out bullsh*t content and get back to the REAL business advice because he is successful whether you believe it or not. Anyway, on with the RANT! I'm so sick of...
  12. TreyAllDay

    How deep does this "FAKE GURU" market actually go?

    Hey All, Just a bit of a rant/curious what peoples opinions are. How do you all gauge business courses, business gurus/personalities online, advice, etc? Who do you like, and what do you like about them? Or do you avoid the whole online business guru/advice/courses market all together? I know...
  13. J

    90 Days To Get Passive Income, Hot Girls, And a Loyal Powerful Team

    Everything they tell about the way how to achieve this easily and with tricks... ...seems to be a lie. I guess everyone read a headline like this before. These Headlines are common for the most gurus products. And the biggest markets are: Money Fitness and Body Dating Personality...
  14. Mike Carr

    My Unfortunate early success as a Value Faker

    "Keep your friends close and your enemy's toaster." - Ricky Last January my brother gave me a copy of Rich Dad Poor Dad and it changed how I saw the world in many good and bad ways. My views on money were thankfully changed and I began seeking the adrenaline rush that is entrepreneurship...
  15. 96wells

    Some Thoughts On Entrepreneurship: Gurus Using Huge and Fast Gains To Draw You In

    Many people who buy into guru courses may not realize the amount of hard work involved to start a successful business. That’s because huge/fast gains sell. People love to follow the latest trends like cryptocurrencies (1). They don’t realize the most seasoned investors like Buffet all...
  16. MJ DeMarco

    Does your "get rich" internet guru only make $28K/yr?

    NOTE: This thread is NOT referencing anyone here at the forum, but the idea of it evolved from the plethora of internet gurus who now use this strategy as their "PROOF" of success. $28,500 a year. Not a big income right? In Arizona, that's someone who makes $13.70 an hour working 40 hours a...
  17. Lex DeVille

    Lex DeVille's: Guru Cults Exposed: The Tactics "Experts" Use To Pull You In & Suck You Dry

    You're browsing Facebook when you see a post with a title like this: The Biggest Mistake That Held Me Back From Hitting My First $1,000,000... When I first started my business.......... It looks like a blog post. But you see a "read more" icon. So you click it and down pops a story. No...
  18. ApeRunner

    Blueprint to turn you PASSION into a Business !!

    Follow the exact STEP BY STEP guide with #1 millennial guru Brian Rose. Is your passion Music? How about Fashion, Workouts or World Travel? The world wants to pay to see YOU enjoy life. Isn't that fair? Steve Jobs said it: "Do what you love". If you already love it, it's gonna be EASY...
  19. Scot

    See how deep the rabbit hole goes -Clicking ads on Fastlane Forum

    So I noticed a couple days ago, the ads at the bottom of the page (I spend 98% of my time here on mobile) that showed other posts on the forum were mixed in with affiliate links. No judgement, MJ's gotta make his money. As long as I don't get the ads in the middle of my page a la insiders Sub, I...
  20. Vitom

    Sam Ovens, Legit?

    Just another Tai? These 'success stories' seem to be popping up more and more on the internet. People who have "overnight success" and now everyone wants to buy in on his recipe or secret. Its really frustrating to see people following and believing what they say. Its like the new MLM. Selling...