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  1. smark

    HOT TOPIC The Luxury Strategy

    Since most of you guys here focus on consumer goods and "traditional"/mass marketing methods, I thought it would be a good idea to provide you with a macro-level view of the so-called "Luxury Strategy." This is the most successful marketing & management strategy used in the luxury sector (cars...
  2. Lisandro

    Recommend me some books to learn how to make a web site

    Hi guys I would like to read a book to learn how to make a website HTML and css I will be doing some courses that I have seen on this forum too The thing is I like to read so do you now of a good book to start ? I know almost nothing about HTML and CSS
  3. Victor Cezar

    Now you can get money with everything, even with a empty book.

    Hello Guys! I just wrote yesterday a topic about opportunities. At night I went to a party at my friend's house. Was nothing too hard, we just smoke shisha, order pizza and played some video games while our children were playing in another room. I was waiting for my turn because I just had...
  4. shelton

    BOOK Unscripted

    Well guys I’ve read unscripted and I’m happy. I can now tread carefully on a path of entrepreneurship. I did not finish reading what color is your parachute. But I took the Myers Briggs test and it told me that I’m an INTP personality type. I doubt it’s accuracy since I’m not very observant at...
  5. O

    Finished The Fastlane after listening to the audio tape

    I initially listened to the Fastlane on audio tape while driving but decided to buy the book to read since I pay attention to words on the written page more than through listening. Reading the book was a real pleasure, for MJ is a great writer. Obviously the content is of great value but it was...
  6. Galaxy16

    HOT TOPIC How to tell my slowlane parents about fastlane without making them sad about their wasted life?

    Hello, Fastlaners. To administrators: I was unsure about the forum part to select for this post. If the forum category "Scripted dogma" fits better for the following post, please move it over there. My father is 67 years old and lived off the slowlane. He yet seems like a content person. That...
  7. Saiful

    BOOK Top 2 Life Altering Books That Can Immediately Change Your Circumstances

    Make a Choice today can change the course of your life forever. ~MJ DeMarco 1. The One Thing by Gary Keller The One Thing explains the success habit to overcome the six lies that block our success, beat the seven thieves that steal time, and leverage the laws of purpose, priority, and...
  8. Process

    BOOK A Book About a Guy Who Figured It Out Without Books, the Internet, Etc.

    So you like short, sweet, books about raw uncut entrepreneurship...? Well, this book is about Cyrus McCormick, the guy who made the mechanical reaper usable. This was a pretty big deal. It cut out the problem of having to cut your wheat by hand with a scythe. It was useful to every single wheat...
  9. AlessioLC

    The Entrepreneur, The Manager & The Technician

    The Entrepreneur, the Manager & the Technician, from the book 'The E-MYTH REVISITED', recommended for every small business owner. "Build a business, not a job" "The Entrepreneur The entrepreneurial personality turns the most trivial condition into an exceptional opportunity. The Entrepreneur...
  10. StevieB

    This is why we LOVE MJ

    When I first got into the mess of "being my own boss" it was a convoluted F*ckery of 'what the hell is going on'. On Facebook, I constantly get ad's of "guru's" parroting their new book. Want to get rich, read this! Want to have passive income "I will tell you how to do it"! Now my skepticism...
  11. Laughingman21

    Books that Changed Your Life

    You’re no doubt on this forum because @MJ ‘s books had an impact on you, but what other books have you read that completely changed your outlook on life and/or business? For me, one book stands head and shoulders above the others for changing how I saw the world: Mindset by Prof Carol Dweck...
  12. Greg R

    BOOK You're Reading The Wrong Books!

    Many people have said in this forum, the number of books that you read does not directly correlate with income or success... Just as there are successful people who read books, there are plenty of successful people who have never picked up a single self-help or business book. Maybe if I read...
  13. PetePreneur

    BOOK What are your top 3 entrepreneurship books?

    Mine would be: Zero to One - Peter Thiel Purple Cow - Seth Godin Thank You Economy - Gary Vaynerchuk ADD YOURS TOO!!!
  14. Olimac21

    INTRO Camilo, multicultural guy, business student, avid reader

    Hi everyone I am a chilean guy currently studying in UK and have had the opportunity to live in several countries (7 up to date) and have some experiences on working in marketing, consulting,hr having a broad perspective on business in general. Apart from that I am avid learner/reader,really...
  15. Gigi Rodgers

    BOOK The Perennial Seller by Ryan Holiday

    Has anyone else started, or finished, reading The Perennial Seller by Ryan Holiday? It's flippin' brilliant, and it's restructuring my mindset of how I approach my projects. The premise of the book is to not just create good work, but to create "classics". Touching on timeless stories, or...
  16. R

    Unscripted: Will there be a GERMAN translation soon?

    Hey guys, I'm so excited to buy Unscripted. Did anyone know if there will be a German translation?? Thanks in forward!
  17. Scot

    Profit First (by Michalowicz) - Does it work?

    The book Profit First by Mike Michalowicz was recommended through two podcasts I listen to, EOFire and Soloprenuer Hour. I decided to grab the audio book and check it out. Not only was it pretty funny to listen to, it was a really interesting take on business accounting. The basic premise of...
  18. Vigilante

    PUBLISHING Vigilante's Book "Vigilant Kids" Step by Step

    This first post is a placeholder as I intend to chronicle for you the steps from conception to launch of the kids book I wrote called "Vigilant Kids." This thread will be about process, not content. I'd be remiss if I didn't give three shoutouts from the very beginning : To @MJ DeMarco for...
  19. Vigilante

    MARKETPLACE Vigilante Soft Launch of New Kids Book "Vigilant Kids"

    I thought I would turn to my friends and fellow forum members with a fun announcement and a request for assistance. Over the past year, I have written a kids book called Vigilant Kids. It's an edgy/aggressive book, aimed at teaching young kids some essential survival skills to bring them home...
  20. J

    So new book comes out tomorrow right?

    I believe the release date was March 23rd. Still happening?

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