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  1. envykyro

    A guide to becoming "smart"

    Becoming smart is easy , and no im not about to tell you to eat blue berries because they are a “brain food”, drink black coffee , sleep more or exercise. “okay kyro , what kind of reading?” Non fiction books. Its the key to casually dropping interesting knowledge Find a problem / topic you...
  2. El1mination

    What do you think of Rich Dad Poor Dad?

    As people that have read Millionaires Fastlane, what do you all think of Rich Dad Poor Dad? Is it worth a read? Do you agree with what the author says?
  3. living_in_DZ

    Why this book?

    I think someone have to master English to read the book . who agree with me?
  4. Aidan04

    What are the best books/podcasts for developing hard skills?

    The title speaks for itself. As I was working on the website for my company, I had a sudden realization hit me. I don't know squat. Sure, yes, I have a general blueprint/plan for what I want to do, and a solid mindset thanks to books by MJ and other self-development authors, but I don't really...
  5. W

    Amazon KDP | I'm writing a non-fiction book in less than a month

    Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum, first, where is the post "present yourself" ? Okay so... I'm 17 now. I’m French so excuse me If I make some mistakes... I learn about investing since about 3 years. This year I decided to change much of my life : physical health (I started to workout...
  6. MJ DeMarco

    Great books that are NOT best-sellers. Share yours.

    None of my books have ever hit the New York Times best-seller list, and yet, I have sold more than most NYTs best sellers. Interesting don't ya say? That means, you were likely RECOMMENDED the book by a trusted friend, or a YouTube channel. Recently in the Unscripted Text Network, I asked...
  7. MaxT

    Promote a book with Amazon Ads

    Hello, I launched an Amazon Ads (ad) 5 days ago. The expenses are increasing little by little but I haven't recorded any sales yet, the book is good and is selling very well here in France so I don't think it comes from there... Attached you will find the various statistics in photo. I know that...
  8. J

    The Beginning of Korean Youth

    안녕! 나는 한국에서 태어나 살고 있는 19살 고등학생이야.나는 19살 이전에 게임중독자로 2년간 고등학교 생활을 했다.그러다 보니 내성적이 되어 사람들과의 의사소통 능력이 심각한 수준으로 떨어졌다.나락으로 성장하며 시간을 보낸 후, 새해가 밝는 2022년, 나는 나를 그토록 오래 붙잡는 게임을 그만두려고 했다.그렇게 해서 나는 책을 읽기 시작했다.18년 동안 나는 책을 직접 사서 읽은 적이 없다.그러다가 올해부터는 책을 사고 읽기 시작해서 지금 읽고 있는 책을 포함해 총 4권의 책을 읽었다.그 중 두 편이 우리가 읽고 있는...
  9. mikecarlooch

    Rip Apart My Book.

    Hi guys, so this book i put up for sale has gotten about 10 sales so far. It took me about 4-5 days to write it. Can you guys literally just tear apart everything I can do better (should I make it longer, how do I make this a better chance to become a productocracy, etc?) I think I have a unique...
  10. MaxT

    The subconscious and the change of life

    Hello my friends, I had the opportunity to read a book by Bob Proctor, on Success and the Subconscious. By invading his subconscious with positives, by doing visualization and others we could achieve our goals, become who we want to be etc. What do you think ? real revolution or just bullshit?
  11. MJ DeMarco

    Would you buy a book like this?

    As many know, I've been wanting to write a fiction novel for some time. My first foray into fiction writing was The Great Rat Race Escape which portrayed a struggling family seeking to escape the rat race through business. That book, however, is still classified as "non-fiction" despite the...
  12. S

    I need an advice for a project

    Hello, I recently created with a friend, a really powerful ai contextual search engine for books. Take a look here: The problem is that we don't know how to make it a business. We use affiliate links for the results but we din't manage to bring many people on the site...
  13. MaxT

    Your best strategies for promoting a book

    Hello, I published a book three years ago, it is rather appreciated by the public and sells itself even if I do not advertise it. I would like to generate more income each month, and therefore increase my sales. Currently, I have already tried to promote by responding to tweets related to the...
  14. 10Fold

    MJ, Would You Consider An Online Book Signing For Your New Novel?

    < Like this post if you think MJ should /> Hi MJ (if I am lucky enough), I am wondering whether you would consider an online book signing live. There's a streaming service that specializes in live book signings, and also youtube. Authors can talk and answer questions from viewers. Signed books...
  15. H

    Millionaire Fastlane book really motivated me

    Hello MJ, I don't know if you could read this but I want to thank you for the knowledge you had shared from your incredible book. I am just 26 right now and left corporate job as software engineer to pursue fastlane. Since college, I had been trading stocks and had been profitable. I had...
  16. K

    Marketing Methods for new start ups

    Hi guys, I have read both unscripted and millionaire fastlane. Are there any recommended books for marketing online website/app start ups from scratch? We don't have venture capital either. I have hired someone via freelancer to create a website and we are almost ready to launch! Any...
  17. J

    I'm starting by learning programming and reading entrepreneurial books. Am I on the right track?

    Hello there, this is my first post. I had never been interested in entrepreneurship until I read MJ's books a couple months before, so I'm a novice. I'm working a part time job and finishing a degree, so I'm taking this slowly. I'm currently learning Python (because I had an idea for a web...
  18. Fox

    This FREE book will teach you how to build a successful web design business

    2023 update: This book has had close to over 50,000 downloads from my Youtube channel and directly from Amazon. And the reviews have been pretty solid... . The book is my advice for a Web Designer / Freelancer on how to get more clients, understand what businesses want, and to get...
  19. BadxNerd

    Afraid to ask, But!

    Hey MJ when your new book will come. I am waiting. Please give me a favor and launch it soon. Publish it soon.
  20. CountMonteCristo

    The book that's changing my life (read if your life sucks)

    I want to recommend a book to my fellow wantrepreneurs which recently pulled me out of a very deep rut and is probably the most transformative book I've ever read. Eric Berne - What do you say after you say hello? Terrible title, terrific book. I read it in Hungarian and the translated title...