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  1. thecocopod

    platforms for building mobile apps

    Looking to build a new lifestyle app. Has anyone used a platform for building an app? If so, what platform did you use and how did you like it. Is it worth starting with that or finding a coder to do it for you? Thanks for your wise words in advance.
  2. Marley T

    EXECUTION Tracking my Progression

    Firstly this is something I've never done before and very new to me but figured it might help myself or someone else. I'm going to write a few of my short goals down. Its important to know I am currently in conversation with a investment company about my app concept so I already have that...
  3. D

    WEB/DIGITAL Mobile App/ Website Development

    Hello, I'm inquiring here because I'm not really sure where to turn. I recently have created a rather massive business model that is 100% Fast lane inspired, zero over head, huge margins and countless customers. My biggest issue is I'm illiterate when it comes to web/app design and I'm not sure...

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