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  1. L

    App Idea

    Hello everyone! I am new here and have an idea for an app. It came to me because of the need for it with the pandemic, but it's also super helpful to parents, or maybe someone with a disability, or really anyone that wants convenience. It would also help small businesses get more revenue as...
  2. s.vivek_619

    One big idea or small assets that generate passive income ?

    Hi Everyone A few months ago I started a part-time business that included partnerships with the different retailers but due to the Covid19 lockdown it got affected. I am thinking to create some websites/apps that can create some passive income. What should I focus on one big idea or smaller...
  3. thecocopod

    platforms for building mobile apps

    Looking to build a new lifestyle app. Has anyone used a platform for building an app? If so, what platform did you use and how did you like it. Is it worth starting with that or finding a coder to do it for you? Thanks for your wise words in advance.
  4. Marley T

    EXECUTION Tracking my Progression

    Firstly this is something I've never done before and very new to me but figured it might help myself or someone else. I'm going to write a few of my short goals down. Its important to know I am currently in conversation with a investment company about my app concept so I already have that...
  5. D

    WEB/DIGITAL Mobile App/ Website Development

    Hello, I'm inquiring here because I'm not really sure where to turn. I recently have created a rather massive business model that is 100% Fast lane inspired, zero over head, huge margins and countless customers. My biggest issue is I'm illiterate when it comes to web/app design and I'm not sure...
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