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  1. Lochlan

    I’m 15 what skills should I learn

    What skills do people think I should learn for a life of entrepreneurship, not just montisible skills but also just stuff that would help me in life for networking ect.. (not excluding montisble skills though)
  2. Lone_Ranger428

    Some Important questions, need answering (PLEASE HELP)

    1) What is the stepping stone to start a service providing online company (Specially Video Editing Service Providing) ? 2) How do you organize the work/bids in backend? 3) Are you in constant contact with clients? Do clients check these videos themselves or somebody from within the company does...
  3. Chrisrod2597

    Surrounding Yourself with Success: What Are Your Thoughts on Connecting with Influential People?

    Hello everyone, We all know that surrounding ourselves with people who are better, smarter, more experienced, or influential can have a huge impact on our personal and professional growth. But how do we go about finding and building relationships with these types of individuals? In your...
  4. Andreas Thiel

    Are Ramit Sethi's Courses Legit?

    I can write a bit about Ramit Sethi, specifically the Zero To Launch course. I do think he it firmly legit. Yes, he makes his money telling people how to get rich, but he covers topics that he is familiar with and doesn't preach one thing while doing something else. I liked the concepts from the...
  5. Lex DeVille

    Ash Ambirge,, Reviews

    Ash Ambirge - - Price: $300 - $999 Ash has a really interesting perspective on business and marketing that takes a branding-first approach. It works well for her, and she's shared some brilliant insights over the years. I've bought a bunch of her products and they were...
  6. Lex DeVille

    Mike Bundrant - (Reviews and Discussion)

    Mike Bundrant - - Price: $300 - $500 I enrolled in his NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner programs in 2015. I'd already studied NLP since around 2007, but it never fully clicked until I went through these programs. Afterward, I was able to leverage the NLP Communication...
  7. Lex DeVille

    Yechezkel Madanes - School of Enneagram (Reviews and Discussion)

    Yechezkel Madanes - School of Enneagram - Price: Around $1,000 I enrolled in their Enneagram Coach Certification program. The course could probably have been presented better, but the content was awesome. Madanes' take on the Enneagram was different from other perspectives I'd read about up...
  8. Lex DeVille

    Bastian Ernst - Relationship Funnels, Review and Discussion

    Bastian Ernst - Relationship Funnels - Price: Around $500. I think it's only around $100 now. I found Bastian through a Google search that targeted my exact search term with his unique funnel approach. It pulled me in and I bought same day. The course taught me how to use ActiveCampaign for...
  9. Lex DeVille Project 24, Reviews and Discussion

    GURUS - Project 24 - Price: $300 then $249/yr, but today it's $449 then $249/yr They teach a bunch of stuff mostly centered around turning blogs into businesses. I found their blog and YouTube training helpful at least for having the ability to quickly rank new sites on Google. They...
  10. Lex DeVille

    John Fealy, (Reviews and Discussion)

    John Fealy - - Price: Around $1,000 or $1,500 can't remember. Provides a full shed-building business system. Although I didn't follow through on this one, the training and support were excellent. The course is well-made. John offered private support. The instructions for...
  11. BaiAnrui

    Mike Winnet, Entrepreneur and AntiGuru YouTuber

    Mark Winnet has a very funny Youtube channel about çontreprenuers'. Don't know if i it is any help for this topic, but i will post it anyway ;)
  12. A

    The myth about "Self-Made" Billionaires

    Some time ago, I stumbled upon a video on youtube called "The Myth Of The "Self-Made" Billionaire". Watching it, I've found so many things wrong about the main ideea, the fact that all "self-made" billionaires are not self-made and that there are a multitude of reasons that determined their...
  13. MTF

    Stretching and My Experience With Ultimate Human Performance by Joe Hippensteel

    Over 3 weeks ago I started following an extensive stretching routine that I do daily. So far I've spent over 20 hours stretching, with the longest session taking almost two hours. Joe Hippenstel, the creator of the program, says that it may take up to 100 hours (or more) to reach all the...
  14. _Denis_S

    Sales = Magic Pill to Entrepreneurship?

    Hello Everyone I vividly remember the "wake-up-moment" I've had after my first time reading the Millionaire Fastlane while studying for my engineering degree. Being young, uneducated and maybe even really naive about my future, I thought that this paper called degree would be my ticket to a...
  15. lankyape

    Hello, allow me to introduce myself!

    Hey all, my name is Max and I'm a 19 year old little shit from Canada! During high school, I knew University wasn't going to be the route for me, so I started working in the trades. I started with bricklaying for a summer, and absolutely despised that, so I moved onto framing carpentry, which I...
  16. D

    I want to recruit people

    I'd like to form a group. Feedback, ideas, and looking for someone to walk the same path. (Fast Lane) Your age, wealth, and education are not important. Just talking about how to be rich. I'd like a space where we can have a lot of conversations like SNS. ( If there is a problem, I will delete...
  17. Cyberseraph

    Event 201: A Global Pandemic Exercise

    Hello fellow Fastlaners, Before I post this, I want to say, that I have no doubt that it is a very dangerous virus (for some people) and we need to stay safe. So, about the same time when I was staying in New York, there was an event there on October 18, 2019. It was called "Event 201: A...
  18. L

    The Worldwide C0VlD-19 Coronavirus Pandemic Discussion Thread...

    100 years ago 50M died in the 1918 Pandemic. It killed 3x the people WW1 did. We are about due for another one. Accelerating infections: They are treating an infected guy in Seattle using a robot...
  19. luniac

    Rise of Skywalker

    so... View: can JJ abrams resurrect star wars? wtf was that at the end.
  20. Roysc

    Dropship market full or not

    Hi there, Ofcourse there are still a lot of people promoting courses for dropshipping but the market seems so full that you should only focus on specific products only. Your opinions on this subject?

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