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  1. GIlman

    How to Build a Saas or App Concept to Market

    You will get many many opinions on how to build an app, everything from learn to code all the way to learn nothing except how to manage other people. Many ways can get you where you want to go. I won't elaborate on the benefits of any of these. I will however, describe to you the process that...
  2. A B S A R

    Absar's Redemption: Journey to Self-Control & Discipline

    Hey Everyone, I’m here since January and have learned A LOT since then. But I still am a lil pus** who's addicted to social media, watches p*rn/j*rks off, Procrastinates, and wastes time. @farahead's progress thread inspired me to create a progress thread of my own for accountability and...
  3. FilleDillSkills

    17 yo´s way to the million

    Hey, I´m a 17 yo guy who is interested in self-development as well as entrepreneurship. For the last five years, I have been struggling to find a business model that fits me. But I don´t get it to work as I would want. I have started everything from a logo designing business to an SMMA...
  4. G

    14 year old starting learning skills or a yt channel

    I don't know if it is best for me to try and start a youtube channel now and post videos, or just try to learn a skill like coding. Before I got the youtube idea I had just gotten started trying to learn coding with an online course my parents payed for. Then I got the YT idea and wanted to try...
  5. Yortanlı/Türkiye

    how can i learn coding?

    I want to code a website just like MJ did and I want to learn coding in general. I have no foundation, where and how can I learn? which books should i read? what should I do?
  6. S

    Two hours everyday....what can be done?

    I recently entered the real estate business as a broker. Around 1.5 months have passed, mostly doing cold calls but also spreading the word in my network. No success so far, but I'm sticking to it. Experience people tell me it takes months to close your first deal. My office is just 10 minutes...
  7. DCG

    Should I Continue with Web Design or Learn how to make AI

    I've been looking into AI and chat GPT recently and It's crazy, I know that I can still make money with Web Design but I'm not sure if I can leverage that skill because of AI. I could maybe use AI to get more done, would have to figure it out though. I'm still committed to web design but I feel...
  8. V

    Building an app with zero coding experience join me on my journey!

    Hi, This will probably more be my diary which other people can see so that's pretty cool. I had an idea for an app not long ago and thought yeah it's good but I'll wait for a better one. I don't wanna wait no more. I want to execute now and hard. I'll be posting here I think twice a week...
  9. mikecarlooch

    Best Resources For Coding?

    Hey guys, what is the first step someone should take to learn coding? I know there's a bunch of languages and stuff, are there any good resources/books you guys recommend? Thanks
  10. MexicanCreator48

    Where can I sell code online?

    I heard that many people usually sell their codes as a side-hustle on different pages. I'm currently making apps (mobile and web) using Python and I want to know where can I sell the codes that I make online in order to start a bigger business which might require more capital than a side-hustle...
  11. A

    Web Development, need answers from people who DO

    Hi! I really didn't expect asking this in this forum but I was almost depressed by answers I got from developers and enthusiasts in "techy" forums ( more at the end for bored readers :hilarious:). A bit of background - I'm currently learning WebDev in order to launch an online business...
  12. C


    Hi All, I’ve nearly finished MJ’s book, ‘UnScripted’ and I’ve decided to just dive into the world of Coding. I’ve got ambitions, dreams, and a whole lot of WHY’s. I used to walk the Slowlane, scrounging every dime I could by not spending; today, I just went out my way and got myself a top of...
  13. runnaboi


    Gday! I have just finished the Fastlane book, and I am hooked. I am waiting on Unscripted now, but I have had a real shift in perspective on so many aspects of wealth. I have always been the "idea guy" and the "action guy" (Not process). Based on the Cents framework, I have revisited and...
  14. mell0w

    I am fully motivated but have no idea

    Hey, i have read the MFL and half of Unscripted. My problem is that i got some programming skills but have no idea what i can do. I think i can be usefull for people or create smth usefull and offer them value, but i just dont know exactly wich problem/need i could fill. I always think "okay...
  15. Robin Andrews

    Lead Gen for Python Coding Website

    My conversion rate is pants. I have a popup to subscribe to my blog, a widget with an offer to get the code for an application that will help people learn coding, and at the end of each blog post there is an offer to get the code for a fun game that also has educational value. I thought these...
  16. A

    Graduating soon, at a crossroads

    Hey all, I posted this in another subsection of the forum, but I thought this subsection might be a better home for the post. I just finished up The Millionaire Fastlane, and I don't think I've ever read a piece of literature that spoke to me more than this book. To give you a brief...
  17. JHZ

    Ecommerce solution to existing website?

    Hello everyone! I'm currently doing a web design project for a friend, I'm coding the site with a html template. My client would like to have a shopping section on the website, my question is: When using a html template, do you integrate a shopping section in the code, or do you use Shopify or...

    Is there an app for thefastlaneforum ?

    This is my first post here and to be honest, i've been lurking around different theads and so, i decided to post today. Was wondering if there was/is an app for thefastlane forum?
  19. S

    Coding bootcamp?

    Hey guys, My name is Sam, I'm 19 and live in Canada. I have always had an interest in coding, and recently have been taking some programming courses online and have been enjoying them. (React, NodeJS, MongoDB, etc.) I want to keep learning, and found some different coding bootcamps that seem...
  20. K

    Searching recommendations for Ruby On Rails course

    Hey there! - I have been looking around with search function but have not found it any answer, if there is, please post the link so i wont take any unnessercary time. I'm looking for a great course for Ruby on Rails and would LOVE your recommendations. I'm a total newbie, so i need to learn...

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