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  1. A

    My Business Progress Report: Failures, Successes & Accountability

    I was ''lurking'' the forum once again and decided to start a progress report to provide insights into different failures and successes along the way. My ''business'' is a website or two actually, but I'm focusing on my second site as of now. I started my website journey on the 13th of January...
  2. Saad Khan


    Link to the first progress thread: A little info about me: At the time of writing, I'm a lazy teenager who turned 18 this month. The last year was full of learning experiences and gave me a reality check. I...
  3. JuniorSpeck

    PROGRESS THREAD %&$#?@! Baboons

    [I'm selling products that I don't own ... in other words, I'm ripping people off ]
  4. M

    [Progress Thread] Journey From Failure to "Overnight" Success 4 Years in the Making - A 17 Year Old's Process

    Greetings fellow Fastlaners, my name is Garv and I am a 17 year old from Canada currently starting my 6th (or 7th, I can't really remember) "business venture." I like to think that I am a person that never gives up, because I've had more failures (I see them as learning opportunities) than the...
  5. Toddo

    Moving from rural Hawaii to Southern California in pursuit of entrepreneurship

    Ive been living on a farm on rural big island for the past 5 years. It has become very apparent that it is very difficult to create something for society while not participating with it. I have noticed my interpersonal skills have regressed over the last few years. It feels like I'm back to the...
  6. Hassan

    Building a community on YouTube from scratch

    There’s less than half a year left (currently 167 days) until 2021 comes to a close and I’ve accomplished nothing. Sure, I’ve made some progress in my day job (content marketer), but apart from that? Nada. That’s the harsh truth. And the primary cause is a lack of focus on one thing and a...
  7. Not Most People

    Creating, Launching, And Growing A Podcast From Scratch In 2021

    My goal in this thread is to share my journey of creating a podcast and growing it from scratch. Hopefully, some of you can find value in it. My own selfish reasons for doing this is that I know constructive feedback, suggestions, and questions will help me improve. Starting from scratch I...
  8. KushShah9492

    Changing lanes

    Hello everyone. I’ve been off grid for quite sometime now, only to comeback even weaker. So, here I am, back to square one. This is going to be my progress thread(updating weekly on my progress) and I’m hoping I’d be a regular here. I have decided to scale my dad’s current business( which I’m...
  9. Not Most People

    Building/Scaling a chatbot agency from nothing in 2020

    Hi Everyone, Right off the bat I apologize for the length. I tried to be thorough with this one. I also meant to get this execution thread going at the beginning of 2020, but didn't quite get around to it. No excuses - that’s on me. Quick Background: I spent my first 5 post-college years...
  10. GrayCode

    PROGRESS THREAD: Building 2 fastlane web properties. Chronicled month by month.

    After a long journey to this point thus far, I'm in the process of building 2 web properties both with fastlane potential if I execute correctly. I'll outline my brief goals for each. I'll be back to this thread to answer any questions as well as update the progress month after month. Web...
  11. Shirkahn

    Buying my Porsche

    So I have been postponing my Porsche purchase for a couple of years now and I thought it would make a great birthday present for myself next year. Was talking to my wife about it last night and she has no problem with but acknowledges that I always postpone. So she suggested I start a separate...
  12. Mass

    The Digital Marketing Dream

    Morning Everyone, I thought I would start this thread for a number of reasons; 1. Outline and talk about any issues I experience hopefully shedding light for anyone else who follows this path 2. As a bit of a brain dump that I can come back to when I go off piste 3. Accountability 4. I'm...
  13. Husky

    $30,000+ in first year as affiliate. Now looking to SCALE.

    $30,000 in a year isn’t sexy. It’s not quit-your-job money. But as a side hustle that is mostly (I shudder to use this word) “passive”, I think that’s a pretty respectable amount and shows promise that I can actually do this. And by “do this”, I mean “make a whole lot more”. Actually, 30k is...
  14. B

    Starting Web Design Company(Progress Thread)

    Hello everyone, I read TMF a few years back but I never really acted on what I learned from it. A couple of years ago I read Fox's thread about starting a web design company and I started to learn html but I stopped shortly after starting. A couple of weeks ago I read Sean's post about starting...
  15. Jon Anthony

    [Progress Thread] The Blogger's Lifestyle Journey

    What's up, guys. I just joined the Fastlane Insiders and figured I would make a really in-depth progress thread, not only to keep myself accountable, but to help everyone here as well. If you don't know my story, take a look at the post I previously made, entitled: "Everything I Learned...
  16. Surf16

    Progress thread for a New Product in the traveling niche

    I see a lot of progress post that are inspiring and filled with great information. Thought I would share where I am at with my New Product adventure. My business partner and I have come up with a new product that we think is viable and will add value to many business men and women. The...
  17. SputnicK

    Learning C (Game Programming) Progress Thread

    Introduction: Hello Fastlane Forum! I am a 19 year who is pursuing a CS degree in college with a particularly interest in game development. As I am a terrible procrastinator, and have read that accountability systems increase the odds of success by 95%, I thought I would start this progress...
  18. Kreativez

    2019: The year of ME

    Is this just another productivity thread that lasts 3 posts and stops dead in its tracks (I've been guilty of that)? If that's what you're looking for, this ain't it. Let me just give you a slight run down of my life before I continue on because I don't want to deviate from the actual meaning...
  19. dawp

    Starting a cleaning business

    Thanks to @IceCreamKid I started a cleaning business. I have created a website (i am a webdev so it was easy, just took a lot of time). Then i learned some adwords stuff (read few-hours-udemy-course). And it was up and running. I have improved my website several times (copy, images, features...
  20. S

    Teaching People How to Memorize Books Online (Progress Thread)

    Hey what's up everyone! I am finally ready to kill it, and now that I have a break for Thanksgiving and college applications are winding down, I am going to put in some grind into my new business idea that I think can help a TON of people. I am starting a course that will teach people how to...

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