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progress thread

  1. B-qiri

    [Progress Thread] Marketing Agency

    I'm not sure yet how consistent I'm going to keep this thread. I am doing this to give back for the valuable advice I got up until now, hopefully somebody can get value through my process. The plan: 1. Build Marketing Agency - Perfect Marketing-Skills - Get to know many industries and...
  2. uhhfeef

    [PROGRESS THREAD] Finding "product market fit"

    I was building an education tool for a specific niche, with a problem that I currently struggle with. I've always wanted to create a progress thread since I started working on this but never got around to it. Thanks @Andy Black for the advice on LinkedIn! : ) Progress so far: Built 3 MVP's...
  3. A B S A R

    Absar's Redemption: Journey to Self-Control & Discipline

    Hey Everyone, I’m here since January and have learned A LOT since then. But I still am a lil pus** who's addicted to social media, watches p*rn/j*rks off, Procrastinates, and wastes time. @farahead's progress thread inspired me to create a progress thread of my own for accountability and...
  4. Cojo

    Web Design and SaaS Journey

    I have decided to go into saas. My venture with freelancing hasn't been successful over the years so I want to do something else. I already have a saas product in my mind and would like to hear if any of you guys here would be interested in it. The saas product I want to build will help...
  5. DB1

    Scaling a Tutoring Biz ~ Progress Thread

    Hey all, About time for a progress thread as I make the plunge into business development, inspired by @ValueSystems thread. Current Situation: So I've been 1 on 1 private tutoring for almost a year and a half and am now booked out for my capacity. A couple of months ago I bought on two...
  6. ajakupi


    I Am initially frightened to start this progress thread but a few experienced and valued members suggested that I should try it. Initially, it scares me because I am committing to contributing to this endeavor and I have you as witnesses. But F*ck it, I want to try and contribute some value...
  7. A

    Gained an extreme confidence boost from execution

    I feel like I've finally earned the right to make a thread for myself. After I binge read "Unscripted", I found the Fastlane forum and it didn't take long for me to find @Fox's post for his web design course. I paid for the course and started binging on his content, and at the same time binge...
  8. Yula

    [PROGRESS THREAD] Yula's Fastlane Journey

    Hey everyone, After some time I have decided to make an execution/progress thread. I will try my hardest to update this thread at least once every two weeks. I'm also making this thread since I know if I don't keep true to my promise that I'll feel embarassed, which will motivate me to keep on...
  9. xShepherdx

    xShepherdx's Progress Thread: Building A Fastlane Business

    For a bit of backstory, check out my intro post here. Since starting my business 3 years ago, I've spent been struggling to make it profitable. For the curious, this business is a digital eCommerce business operating in a creative niche. But as of today, I am FINALLY happy to report that...
  10. hexelbyte

    [PROGRESS] A YouTube Channel Producing Evergreen Content

    Hello Everyone! I have decided to return to creating YouTube Videos again! Again? WDYM? Backstory: I used to run a Gaming Channel back in 2012. Youtube back then was a lot more lenient, and you could become a partner easily. I was a partner of Cursed - UnionForGamers. Eventually, I stopped in...
  11. CardinalFlame

    Progress Thread: My Coffee Chat with a Multimillionaire (psst, it was MJ)

    Hello Fastlane Forum! I am excited to finally start my own progress thread. I haven’t had an exit event and its far from over but I am going to share some background, a bit of my entrepreneurial journey, how my coffee chat with MJ (TMF) changed my life and my current position in the Process. I...
  12. Sole

    Cracking Digital Sales Before it's Too Late.

    Hi all, Yesterday I was browsing this forum and found @Lex DeVille 's gold thread (this one) and I think it's exactly what I need to do right now. I joined the forum today and will document everything in this thread to stay accountable. THE MISSION I need to figure out a way to sell digital...
  13. knz

    I Quit My Masters Degree in Medicine. Entered My Fastlane Journey.

    And so it started in June 2018. My journey as a fulltime entrepreneur officially began. But, the decision wasn't made just there and then. Let me shortly take you back to where it started and use this first post in this progress thread as an introduction. I have read many threads on this forum...
  14. hexelbyte

    [PROGRESS] Launched a Software - Time to Market It

    Preface: I started this software about 6 months ago. I posted my progress on a private discord group dedicated to sales/marketing. After careful consideration, I decided to document my continued journey in public to inspire others and receive feedback. Hello everyone! This thread is dedicated...
  15. Jeix

    Finally Entered the Fastlane - Hobby store & Ecommerce - Progress thread

    Hello fastlaners, I've been meaning to make this thread for a while. - A short summary of my life - I'm from Italy and I'm turning 29 this year 2023. I first read The Millionaire Fastlane 5 years ago when I was working in real estate and being paid under the table to ring doorbells for over 40...
  16. Andy Black

    Weekly Progress: What will you get done this week?

    I do this every week with clients, and a few friends. From the book "The ONE Thing": What ONE Thing can you do that will make everything else redundant or easier to do? If you don't know what your ONE Thing is, then figuring it out is your ONE Thing. Let's go... Week Commencing Monday...
  17. G

    Fastlaning a not-for-profit concept

    So, having been largely absent from the forum for some time, I've decided to actually open a progress thread that follows on from my previous posts in Ideas & Feedback (Fastlaning a concept with no income stream). I may not have been on the forum, but that's because I've been busy trying to...
  18. A

    My Business Progress Report: Failures, Successes & Accountability

    I was ''lurking'' the forum once again and decided to start a progress report to provide insights into different failures and successes along the way. My ''business'' is a website or two actually, but I'm focusing on my second site as of now. I started my website journey on the 13th of January...
  19. Saad Khan


    Link to the first progress thread: A little info about me: At the time of writing, I'm a lazy teenager who turned 18 this month. The last year was full of learning experiences and gave me a reality check. I...
  20. JuniorSpeck

    PROGRESS THREAD %&$#?@! Baboons

    [I'm selling products that I don't own ... in other words, I'm ripping people off ]