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New Contributor
Feb 25, 2008
Forest Hills, NY
Anyone here every try it out or become a member??

I know that being good at public speaking can have great effect on your personal success.

I also want to propose a new subsection....something like "skillsets" where one can post about public speaking skills, sales, marketing, accounting, finance, etc.

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Bronze Contributor
Aug 4, 2007
I haven't tried toastmasters, but I'm a Freemason and we do a lot of public-speaking related stuff.

For example, I'm the treaurer of the Lodge. I not only prepare financial reports and take care of the money, I get up and give a presentation to a room full of members about the finances. There's also ceremonial work in which we do a LOT of talking. When that happens, I can't just stand behind my desk and lecture, I walk down onto the floor of the lodge, no notes, and speak from there. The ceremonial stuff is pre-made (hundreds of years old) and needs to be memorised, so no "making it up on the spot" happens, which makes it both easy and hard at the same time.

It's awesome. The experience is invaluable, and there are a lot of influential / powerful people that you end up speaking in front of and chatting with afterwards. Good fun, too. :)

I wouldn't mind trying Toastmasters one day, though :) Nice thread, thanks! I also second your proposal about the skillsets.

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