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Nov 16, 2019
Before I introduce myself I want to say that I was really happy when I found this forum with people who obviously are value- and ressourceoriented and really like to thrive TOGETHER with other Fastlaners in this forum. I was looking for this kind of people in my life but only found a few. So getting to be part of this Community really makes me smile!

And having said that, I want to greet you all and say HELLO.

I would like to take the chance to introduce myself a little as I think its nice to get to know the person behind the "nickname" a little bit more.

My name is Benedict. I would like to share my story with you.

This year I'll turn 32 (holy moly!) I started a local coaching business 2 years ago, live in an appartment with my girlfriend (we are going for 7 years now 0.o) and I really like going out for a hike, climb, skitouring and surfing.

How did I get here?

My Long story 'short':

Around 10-12 years ago my brother gave me a book (as a joke) which I read over and over again. (I have to dissappoint you: It wasnt fastlane or unscripted) The book showed me that I could really decide WHO I want to be, WHAT I want to do with my life. So I started a long journey of personal, 'spiritual', emotional, characterwise and intellegtual development.

I read books by Eckhart Tolle, Steven Covey, Napoleon Hill, David Deida, Robert Dilts, and many, many more. I was following "mentors" and around 9-10 years ago I decided that I would want to become a coach and support people to enjoy life in their terms the way I discvored this possibility for myself. (I guess that a typical "becoming a Coach" Story nowadays. For me, it was my own path, a unique one - especially compared to my peer group and scoialization).

So I studied social work, had a 50% job afterwards for 2 years, took a 3 year training in NLP and got licenced a NLP-MasterCoach. In between I joined an so called "Online Business Course" which was about creating a Blog, creaing Content and getting leads via Freebees/Optins and selling up ebooks/courses via email marketing. Thats when I got in touch with OB and started my first website about intimate relationships (the topic was of big importance for me back then). I also had my first experiences with video creation.

One day after I got the mastercoach licence I used the knowledge of this project and created a second website, optimized for SEO, got ranked for my city keywords quickly. Since then I recieve my clients through the website. I had many cliens since and really like the work because I learn while other people benefit (most of the time, hopefully :D).

I found that many people came to me because they were unsatisfied with their job situation, looked for more and a more purposeful work.

So one year ago I decided to create another site adressing just this issue and creating an online course around it. It took me the whole year 2019 to do this (apart of my coaching business stuff). And I launched the course via a list of email leads a friend of mine has. It sold only 3 times (for a few hundred bugs each).

That made me think... and thats one of the biggest learnings I had in the last 10 years:

TIME IS LIMITED. You can only do so many things in your life, in a decade, in a year.

  • I've invested 1 year into this new project + course. It didn't perform as I thought it would (though I was still happy about those few sales).
  • I also invested many years into becoming a coach and building that local business. It does perform well - though I am not happy the way it is right now.
When I was 22 I thought the world is open. But, if your also in your 30+, you will quickly see and understand that just "going for it" has a big price tag on it as time runs day by day. And one day you wake up with 10years less on your counter.

Out of those lessons I realized that I need a (better) strategy.

Thats where I am at the moment. I took some weeks "off" (of "creating and producing") and think about the strategy for the next half a year, year and even next 5 to 10 years. I want to make best use of my time.

My Ideas how to move one:
I got some ideas in my head (thoug I am not sure if thats the right spot to post it in the forum) and I would really appreciate all of your advice, thoughts and experiences about them:

All the ideas are around the topic "Business coaching > not beeing happy in the job > finding or creating a more fulfilling job" (I hope its ok to write that with the forum rules? If not, please pm me and I will remove it)
  • Go for SEO and Create Content around my topic (Videos, Blog Articles)
  • Find and attract affiliates who promote my course and improve the course content and marketing
  • Go for high ticket coaching using ads to create leads and convert via phone calls
  • Open for recommendations

My goal is to have a strategy (and a "product" (coaching, course, whatever)) of which I am really sure it serves a demand in the market where I find enough people to pay enough money to get help solving it - Proof of Concept/ Validation

Because: I want to make the best use of my time. I would like to look back a year from now and say "Thats a well invested year of your life."

As I would really like to hear your thoughts on this and take advice. I would also invest money (liquid, no credit) into building the business (faster) - so if you have thoughts on that, please share them with me. (I will also look up the forum about that.)


If you made it here: THANK YOU for taking your time. I really appreciate it (since you now know, how I think about time as a limited ressource). Thanks for reading.

That was a longer-than-thought-post about myself and my situation.

And to end it I like to use a phrase that I really like (I am not native english speaker - as you hopefully didnt notice by my spelling ^^). It's the following:



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Feb 8, 2019
Florida, USA
Welcome to the forum Benedict. Quick question...have you read either of MJ's books? If so, I recommend you find the corresponding thread, I read TMF or Unscripted, and drop a note. You'll get a chevron added to your icon so we all know you've read the book and understand our language.

If you haven't read either of them, I strongly recommend you do that as your first step. They are very helpful and will be of value with your internal struggle.

You'll also find a ton of valuable knowledge shared in the threads, especially the GOLD and NOTABLE ones.

Looking forward to sharing in your future success.


Read Millionaire Fastlane
Nov 16, 2019
Thanks for your reply. After your recommendation I got TMF on audible. I am around 7 hours into it.

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