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RANT This is for anyone who feels lost or doubtful in their journey

Discussion in 'General Mindset, Motivation, Beliefs' started by Kepler, May 16, 2018.

  1. Kepler

    Kepler New Contributor Summit Attendee

    Likes Received:
    Mar 4, 2015
    Rep Bank:
    Hi ya'll

    I know i'm not killing it out there like some of you are, but today I realized something that really got my A$$ in motion and really pulled me out of my rut.

    This is to the little things, that when stacked on top of each-other build great things.

    So I have been doing facebook ads, google ads, and just all around frantic searching for a product or service to market and sell. I had been to dead end after dead end, and I was getting exhausted!

    The feelings of fear, anxiety, depression, and all around HOW THE F**K AM I GOING TO GET MY DREAM were growing day by day. So I took a day off, went back to my roots, had a few with some old mates of mine, and had a life-changing conversation with my friend. I was sitting in his garage on his couch telling him my growing worries and concerns, and I gave him this analogy about Zelda the video game:

    Me: You know what John the best way I can describe whats going on with me right now is this. You know how in Zelda you know where you so desperately need to end up, but when you pull out the map its just black in between where you are and where you need to get? Well it's exactly like that, I know in general what my journey is going to be like (killing monsters, doing dungeons, getting better gear and more health. All to prepare for the final boss.). However I feel lost as all hell on what to do.

    John: You know what Kepler, you are missing the bigger picture here. Zelda is a perfect example, just like in Zelda you may know exactly where you want to go but if you aren't cheating half the time you are lost. You spend hours wandering around exploring new places, finding new items, getting stronger, and some times even backtracking over old places to see if you missed something or if your new abilities can take you deeper into the places you have already been. Sure the rewards in the higher difficulty areas are better, but the challenges are harder too. Just like Zelda you have to dig deep, look in your bag see what you have, look over the places you have been and apply it all to make the next step towards getting stronger and better to go father.

    This really resonated with me because I had been in a sense "Exploring lands" that I wasn't equipped yet for. I pondered my life and where i've been along with what i've done, and I slept on it. I woke up the next day went about my day, went to a local shop I frequent and on the way there inspiration struck! I was going to look for a "Quest". So I went in talked to the owner and said hey buddy, I know you have to eat, how can I help you eat more? What items do you have in here you wish you could get for cheaper? We chit chatted, he gave me a list of items and a price, I said ok ill work on this for you and left. I got on the phone started calling manufacturers and suppliers looking for the pricing and quality needed. They said I needed a business license to place orders, so I registered my paperwork with the state and went out looking for more cash to put in the business.

    I went from feeling rather down, to on top of my $H1T. lesson being If I had not stepped back from the painting, looked in my bag at my supplies, and gone out looking in a place i've already been (I used to manufacture and supply this niche with a different product in the past), I would never have moved forward and would have been stuck in the same rut.

    So to all of you in doubt, feeling lost, depressed, anxious. Dig deep and go eat!!! Look at what you know and try and approach it from a new angle. Don't have an angle? go talk to someone who is already servicing the area you know (maybe its a hobby shop you frequent), and ask them for a "Quest". You will begin moving again and start gaining resources and more tools to put in your bag to get you to that final boss fight!

    Hope this helps.

    Sincerely yours,

    Kepler E. E. Wolsey

    My Motto: Just Eat Fam!!!

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