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process path

  1. J

    Q&A How I am scaling my digital marketing agency

    This post is a continuation of my introduction post. I've received a lot of questions and a few emails asking me to detail the process of quitting my 9-5 and scaling my digital marketing agency to six figures. I want to be fully transparent and say that I am figuring this out as I go. What works...
  2. DCG

    Actually going to do something

    Hi and after going on this forum, I want to actually want to do something with my self. Right now I'm broke, I'm so broke that I have 20 dollars in my bank account. After watching this video from Demarco ( View: ) I would...
  3. DMNinja

    Fell into a pitfall of my own choices...

    Hello everyone. I've f*cked up and I don't know how to technically rebound from this. Long story short, I intermittently post in my progress thread, but a lot has happened since my last post. But let me start from the beginning to clear things out: Some time ago, I was having dinner with...
  4. Trait

    Thoughts on Tim Ferriss's method of attaining freedom?

    For those who don't know, his method is all about leveraging the value of Dollar against a weaker currency. Ex - Living in Bangladesh (third world Country) and earning in Dollars where around 200k USD will set you up for life. While this lifestyle is not for everyone due to social and language...
  5. Prince33

    Fastlane routes: Stability vs Risk?

    Basically, after several failed ideas. Leaning and failing. I have realized that the hardest part in going fastlane isn't following a formula, prospecting, getting leads etc. It's the startup process. And not the startup process in the business/fastlane method. But the startup to the startup...
  6. yomtov

    Brand Creation, my story

    Hi Fastlaners... I haven't been on the forum for a while. I spend all my time on the creation of my brand for the last 5 months...a crazy journey. First, I don't know if I can give his name, but I ve been helped by a member of this forum who coached me the first 3 months and he helped me so much...
  7. Niptuck MD

    Highly recommended channel

    For those of you that are avid readers, this youtube channel is really incredible as the creator goes over mindmaps and concepts through a myriad of books that are on the fastlane library bookshelf. joseph rodrigues notes - YouTube Some of my favorite ones are Opportunity View...
  8. Niptuck MD

    What Questions regarding new product development or manufacturing do you all have?

    This is a new thread I am shedding light and expertise on for you all to benefit from. I hope some of the principles can be applied to your innovations, thoughts, ideas etc. Within the realms of commercialization, design, planning, control and organization are all simultaneously embedded as part...
  9. WHY

    Looking forward to being a part of the family

    Hello everyone. My name is Will. Been obsessed with the idea of "business" ever since I was a child, and through that I eventually found mentors who guided me down the real path towards the TMF. I devoured the book quick, picked up Unscripted right when it released, and have been a long time...
  10. Kepler

    This is for anyone who feels lost or doubtful in their journey

    Hi ya'll I know i'm not killing it out there like some of you are, but today I realized something that really got my A$$ in motion and really pulled me out of my rut. This is to the little things, that when stacked on top of each-other build great things. So I have been doing facebook ads...
  11. Cat Lady

    Burned down my slowlane political career for entrepreneurship 17 months ago

    Hi! I'm Cat Lady, a 30 year old entrepreneur in the Pacific Northwest. In November 2016 (remember that election?), I left a career in non-profit and political fundraising to try to ramp up a speaking/teaching side hustle I'd had for a few years. I didn't just "leave" a career, I abandoned my...
  12. Niptuck MD

    Progress of creating a comprehensive portfolio

    This is a long overdue progress thread; I dont want to procrastinate further; I read fastlane and unscripted and then something about being an audio-visual person got me to Listening to the audio versions of it; i processed things differently (which was weird but thats just me) and delved deeper...
  13. dgr

    A Millionaire in Process from Spain

    Oops! I forgot to introduce myself. But it's never late! Since I was 3, every time my mom asked me “what do you want to be when you grow up?” my answer was the same. Astronaut? Soccer player? Fireman? Nop. “I will be a Millionaire!” Well... 30 years has passed. Still not a millionaire. Maybe...
  14. pbellot

    Producerism vs. Consumerism

    With all the free time I have now(because of losing my job), I've been "hitting the books" hard! I'm very close to completing my Udemy course on web development. I thank the good lord that I had a 401k to keep me afloat during this time. It's given me an opportunity to develop new skills. But...
  15. NoahK

    CENTS Evaluation/Kinetic Execution

    I'm feeling pretty good after finishing UNSCRIPTED a while ago. Instead of wasting time playing a mobile game, I thought I'd take an idea through a CENTS Evaluation as part of the first step of Kinetic Execution described in UNSCRIPTED. (If you haven't yet, go read it.) This would be my first...

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