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  1. jooelnilssonn

    How do I get from just my idea to a built company?

    Im 17 years old. Just dropped out of highschool. Just landed my first job as a warehouseworker, starting next week. Im living with my girlfriends family, and need to get an apartment very soon. So I'm yet a no one with no skills or anything. All I've got is a pretty good intellect and huge...
  2. Noctivagant

    Passive Income Ideas For a 18yr Old College Student?

    Good morning, afternoon, and evening to y'all. After some guidance, I realized that I'm at a point in my life where building marketable skills are critical. In order for me to enter the Fastlane, I first have to utilize the slow lane to construct a strong foundation. For those wondering, I'm a...
  3. Andres1004

    I need advice

    Hi everyone at the forum, my name is Andres Rodriguez and since a few days I am here at the forum. I am writing this message because I need an advice. I have 17 years old, and as I explain in my presentation to the forum I am seeking to become an entrepreneur, but even though I am completely...
  4. T

    SEO Backlink Juice forever strengthened with every domain you add?

    I guess this question is applicable to this section since it's a quasi non-real scenario. Say there is 3 websites (A, B, C) A is domain you came up with yourself (name, branding that's combination of 2 words you use on the regular), Domain B is supplemental expired domain that was registered in...
  5. David Borodin

    JavaScript is a PAIN in the

    Hello Everyone, I going to try to explain as short and simple as possible. So, recently I was programming a javascript for my website, but something went wrong... The javascript does not show up on the website. I watched countless of videos of this problem, but nothing solves it. I also tried...
  6. Xpo

    Why can't I succeed already? Is something's wrong with me?

    Hey guys this one's gonna be a bit long but I would appreciate it a lot if you guys read it all because I feel like you guys could actually help me with your past experience. I feel like every thing that I try to do fails. I'm currently 17 y/o and last year I tried opening a business/niche of...
  7. MOW

    Need some advice

    Got a problem that I could use some advice on. A friend of mine runs a YouTube channel, but someone is using his copyrighted videos and bringing them to court has gotten him nowhere except broke. He wants to throw in the towel and let this person win even though it will keep him from making a...
  8. Jemmalee

    Lessons & Life since joining this forum 1.5 years ago.

    I’ve not been lurking, in fact I’ve barely made time to visit over the past 6 months. I think I underestimated how difficult the fast lane actually was. My last post ( I made £610 on Etsy in a new brand) I was so tired of the consistency of daily abuse, lies, lack of respect etc, that I closed...
  9. Xpo

    How's my sales approach / strategy?

    Hey there fellow entrepreneurs! I've started designing & selling websites 1 year ago without a lot of success to say the least :happy: Anyways, I've figured my problem was my sales approach and strategy- I've tried selling websites on IG and tried promoting it there, it did not work very well...
  10. C

    Opening a service based business

    Hi guys My girlfriend has been an eyelash technician (beautician) for 4 years and has been self employed working from a space at home for just over a year now We’ve managed to grow her client base massively through word of mouth, Facebook ads and overall providing a really good service. She’s...
  11. bearsgrateful

    I'm looking for a mentor

    20+ years as an entrepreneur and my time as a "street entrepreneur" isn't calculated in these years. I can't actually count how many times that I actually started a company, some fantastic wins and sadly some huge failures. For many of the years I pointed at circumstances and always looked at...
  12. rymf

    Need help/Don't know where to start

    Hi, I'm 16 and really want to start a business, but I don't know where to start. I am also overwhelmed by the law aspects of starting a business. I feel that my country (Poland) is not very "entrepreneur-friendly" and it's hard to start a business there. I resell shoes and clothes, but I do it...
  13. rawbee

    Become or Be an entrepreneur?

    Hi everyone, I just finished reading UNSCRIPTED and needless to say, I was literally excited! After the first euphoria and excitement, I started thinking about what should be the moves to start my road to success. I'm 40 years old and I've had a VAT number for more than 10 years. So I have...
  14. B

    Can someone please advice me on what to do?

    Good day. Ever since i read Unscripted, i've been struggling so hard to really find my path and plan my future. I spend hours everyday making use of different methods i learnt from Mj's book or his youtube videos, but i don't seem to be satisfied or confident in the results (God, i'm so...
  15. MaxT

    Hello there

    Hello everyone, I'm new here, I'm basically French, but since it's an English forum I'll make the effort :). I am 24 years old and I have created my business where I sell android and ios applications. Are there people like me here? thank you
  16. bluehorse

    I need your help to get out of the emergency.

    Hi. I am from Argentina. I tell you my story briefly: Right now I have a lousy job, a bad work environment, very bad work hours and, above all, low pay. To give you an idea, I am only making $ 200 per month. Some time ago I read MJ deMarco's book (that's why I'm here). From that moment I began...
  17. mell0w

    I am fully motivated but have no idea

    Hey, i have read the MFL and half of Unscripted. My problem is that i got some programming skills but have no idea what i can do. I think i can be usefull for people or create smth usefull and offer them value, but i just dont know exactly wich problem/need i could fill. I always think "okay...
  18. B

    Does it take time to develop a 18 hour work ethic?

    I'm a 19-year-old from Bangladesh (third world country) and studying in 2nd Year of A levels (12th Grade). Currently, along with my hard studies, I'm creating content for my Youtube Channel in which I'm focusing on Quality over quantity like @Valier and learning Java to build up my...
  19. Jemmalee


    I’ve downloaded FastLane on audible and have listened to 3 chapters. I’m a little bit ‘mind blown’ at the moment. So... not following passions. Something I thought I should be doing and why i was getting it wrong... Talking business, solving a problem. Creating a directory of “Find a ......”...
  20. Sandy Dives

    Got this far, now what?

    Hello and thank you for accepting me! First of all, as the other students of the fastlane, I would like to express my thanks to Mj for creating the Fastlane and helping me shed some light on my life. I'm writing this because I've come to the point in life where I told myself I would go...

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