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  1. AlfaStream

    The bane of your existence "Action Faking".

    Not another word. I want you to pull out your phone, get a pen and piece of paper, even notepad. Got something to write with? Ok awesome. Now the one question I want you to answer is this one thing, keep it simple, and straight forward. One sentence or less. I want you to close your eyes, take...
  2. ulyssezn

    Need a little bit of guidance

    Good morning Fastlane Forum, Before I begin I will just quickly introduce myself and my situation. I am 17 years old, I work at a clothing store and go to college. The only reason I go to college is because I don't have proof to tell my parents that I can leave college. However college is very...
  3. Bertram Thehilby

    I am 18 years old and have a business idea. Do you think it will work

    I am 18 years old and I would like to try to start my own small business. Mostly for experience. My idea is to sell a set with hairdressing products and access to tutorial videos on how to cut hair. The primary target group is of course women. Do you think my product idea will sell? be honest...
  4. Europe19

    Should I Study my Passion or should I Even Study?

    Im 16 from Germany and currently Deciding What to Study, as Financial safeguard and/ or for my Future Business, which i dont know What it will be. I will no matter What Go to a Big city from my Home village, because I want Freedom and my own Apartment. (My parents have no Apartment, They have a...
  5. Yissou

    I would like more explain about ....

    Hi, i read the second book "unscripted". Now i still would like fews explain about things that i may not really understood, anyone can explain me: 1) how does he want us to pay our bill? to hear him say that he lives in a world where he doesn't pay, what would have happened if he hadn't...
  6. Eric.k13

    Can't continue with this insanity, i'm gonna lose it soon if i don't change something.

    Hello everyone, my "The Millionaire Fastlane" read was already a while ago, i started reading "Unscripted" but layed it off for a while before i came to the commandments once again, i tried some business with easy entries, using A.I. to create e-books, clipart and print-on-demand alltogether...
  7. Bling

    Any advice for a kid who turned 18?

    I would really appreciate any person who’s 30 or older to give me advice. About what they regret not doing and what would you suggest me to do? (Sorry for my english grammar, I’m not a native English speaker.)
  8. Vasudev Soni

    Job or Entrepreneurial Dreams at 22 – (Your Advice Needed)

    I'm 22 and just graduated college and my job is about to get started in the month end in a tech giant company. I already have two businesses, an amazon Fba and the other one is a mobile app Business. I have also experienced several failures in the past 2-3 years and I learned a lot from them...
  9. Bobby123

    Where did it all went wrong?

    Hi. I am a 16-year-old entrepreneur. Recently I started an Instagram outreach business, it didn't get much attention, for 2 months I didn't get any results. I will admit, I quit it. I got lazy and I quit it. My question is, do I go back to Instagram outreaching or find something else. Edit: I...
  10. shneebz

    Just another tech bro

    Hi, I'm a corporate slave by day (Lead User Experience Researcher for a Fortune 100 company) and trying to do my own thing outside that. I'm here on the internet to find like-minded peeps and figure out if I can get some direction on what to do. Basically, I need help and I don't know how else...
  11. piano

    Can't take the stress or depression? This might help.

    Recently, I've seen many people on this forum deeply stressed out. To the point where some members throw a tantrum, ignore all advice and decide to take the easy way out by leaving the forum. In this post, I'm going to talk about ways in which you can relax yourself and prevent perhaps...
  12. confuser

    more thoughts about business plan, not sure how to go about doing it

    previous post for context IDEA - SCALING - QUESTION - repost of an idea i want thoughts on if anyone has the time Some rambly thoughts ahead lol I'm pretty confident in this being a viable thing to try out for real but I'm having trouble figuring out how to approach it. Seems that a lot of my...
  13. J

    Should I Create an IG Profile for personal brand purposes?

    Hello There. First, I'll make the question, then I'll give the context. What would be the first step for growing an IG to create a personal brand? This is one of my first posts in the forum, so pardon me If I wrote on the wrong topic. In 2020 I stopped using all social media except for...
  14. R

    How to save myself and my family from finicial problems

    Hi, I'm a young man 16 years old. i began realise that if i live like this the next 10 years i will fail life. my dad is working hard, i see him come from home, in pain. Makes me want to do something, i want to save my family from everything and also save myself and the generation, i don't want...
  15. szalek

    Starting at young age

    Hi there. I'm 16 yo. I've been on my self-development/improvement journey for a year. I had red fastlane now i'm reading unscripted. I have mastered skills such as: web design on cms, fb ads, video editing, php programming. I want to gain more experience because I don't know much yet. What can...
  16. ajakupi

    Stuck. Idk how to market?

    Like the title says, I feel stuck. I need help how to market my natural energy drink company for men. I know my target audience are men who work out, who take care of their health, fathers (I say fathers because of my planned future for the drink and that is to promote fatherhood and raising...
  17. Bling

    I have an amazing IDEA, but should I execute it?

    Main Question I have an amazing idea, also i have some friends who are interested in it. But the main problem is I don’t have enough skills nor do i have money to hire a programmer. The main question is this idea can be executed by other developers. “Should I learn skills and then do it? Or what...
  18. K


    Hello everyone. I'm new to the forum and I assume that threads like this have appeared here thousands of times, but that's what I'm here for, to benefit from shared experience. My name is Kacper, I'm 20 years old and I come from Poland. I came across MJ's work quite recently. I've read half of...
  19. anonyXOL

    Yes but what if you don't have the peace of mind needed for business?

    Hey! I'm new to this forum, I came here after reading the millionaire fastlane. Ok, I know the principles of wealth. I know how I'm supposed to attract money by providing value for a lot of people (scale) or providing greater value to a few people. I know the principles of business but there's...
  20. Jrjohnny

    I need help and feedback

    I have a few ideas and I need feedback, I want to start restaurants as entrepreneurship but when i google profit of restaurants owners, it says not very profitable, and I want to start 1 fancy restaurant and eventually branch to like 7. Are restaurants profitable??