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  • Hello Eskil! I am looking to hit the ground running with an idea I have in mind. I see you're also from Arizona and may offer business coaching? Would it be possible to arrange a call to discuss in more detail?
    Hey there! Wow, for some reason I never got notification of this message, and I haven't been much in here for a while. Are you still looking for some help? If so, please email me at Thanks!
    Hei Eskil! Morsomt å se at en nordmann er en av legendene her inne :) Jeg har et veldig kort spørsmål angående sourcing av et produkt i Kina. Jeg finner ikke en god samarbeidspartner på Alibaba, har du noen tips til noen andre plattformer som fungerer?
    Heisann! Beklager utrolig seint svar. Jeg har ikke vært på forumet så mye men oppdaget denne meldingen nå. Trenger du fortsatt hjelp til ting?
    (Could be worse) In other words, every minute of procrastination now is stealing from my future success.
    Now it feels like I'm starting from scratch. Hopefully I'll get my entrepreneurial mojo back w/ support from you and the forum. There are no longer any excuses allowed b/c I have the foundation the absolute worst that can happen is that I fail miserably and am the laughing stock of the world.
    H Eskil, I'm back, finally. The move to Phoenix is complete for the most part. The foundation is laid: trusted car, mechanic, dentist, doctor, gym, dance studio, flexible cash source, house, starting to make friends and getting to know and love Phoenix. I can attest to the fact that it is easy to get distracted.

    Thank you for providing a lot of value with the Fastlane calculator! I greatly appreciate it.

    Regarding the calculator, how do you determine “Your Money system target”? (I know yours is your lifestyle goals X 80 = yours)

    Also, how do you figure out the industry multiplier, as well as “Profits after 24 months” and “At that point, your asset value”?
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    Hey Chen, I think someone already posted a new link to it that works. If that doesn't work, let me know and I should be able to dig up a new link or upload as a post attachment maybe.
    Hi Eskil,

    I'm reading Stephen Key's "One Simple Idea", and saw his comment about you! Pretty cool and inspiring! I'm on my journey of learning, and considering taking his course after I read this book. I'm self employed, so I can work make my own schedule around this course. I hope your camera stabilizer invention is getting good traction too!


    Hey Eskil, 1step suggested you may do Amazon coaching, so I just wanted to check if you do and if so, what do you charge for your time?


    Hi, Eskil, is the supp Matermind group full? I have ordered product for my corporation, and am waiting for label design now, thanks, and I appreciate your posts, Brad
    You still receiving errors when trying to post? Or is it just one particular post? Launching Points : 50 Careers That Don't Require A Four-Year College Degree (9781450731171): David Happe, Jeff Gerke: Books
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