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  1. Chilolo

    I need help with my YouTube channel what on earth should I do?

    Hi.I need help. I spent the entirety of a Month editing a video (MAY 3rd to JUNE 2nd). Somewhere along the way I decided to watch some Alex Hormozi. The video is now titled "Alex Hormozi’s content strategy (REVEALED)". The part that really hit home for me was. The following. Speak on "your"...
  2. B

    What when you find a big income idea every day, but can’t work it out...

    Hi everyone, I hope everyone is still healthy and also the family and friends are staying healthy in this weird time. Last couple of months I got a lot of inspirations all of a sudden because of reading a lot lately and seeing things now I didn’t see before. I started a lot of businesses, but...
  3. Jonathan S.Diaz

    Introduction & story: High-school Programmer, aspiring innovator

    "You should be focusing on school" they tell me "You are putting too many responsibilities on yourself too early", and that "The time for that is when you are older". It's hard to disagree with these statements when they are coming from your own mother, especially when she is working a cashier...
  4. Danny reds

    Office lease

    I would like some feedback from my friends on the forum. My Business is doing good and was able to move the business from out of my house to a office space that i'm now growing out of. The new office space i'm looking at is just a little over a fair price i think. What is usually negotiable...
  5. airwalk111

    How do I Start?

    Hello everyone, I am currently in my second year of college, and I'm here studying Information Science and Technology. It has always been a dream of mine since early high school to start my own business (which is why I am taking the business classes I am), but as I am taking these classes I have...
  6. EatMan

    I haven't had my FTE, what should I do?

    In the book Unscripted, MJ DeMarco talked about a "F*ck This Event" (FTE) in which clarity hits you like a truck, and you're motivated to change and take action regardless of fear or social norms. I've never had this type of event, and maybe because of this, I'm having a real difficult time...
  7. SvvyDO

    Getting Leads but no sales? Need advice!

    Hi there. Here's a little background about me: After getting fanatically into copywrting by reading a few of Gary Halbert's books, I quit my job (while getting fired from the other for... having the other job...), I ran full force into starting an info-product business. Long story short, a...
  8. J

    Los Angles Meet Up?

    I've hit a wall before even starting and I think I need people in my life who are successful to help me become a better version of myself. I realize that nobody is going to change me except for myself. That being said I think having people who are way more successful, in the same situation, and...
  9. Kepler

    This is for anyone who feels lost or doubtful in their journey

    Hi ya'll I know i'm not killing it out there like some of you are, but today I realized something that really got my A$$ in motion and really pulled me out of my rut. This is to the little things, that when stacked on top of each-other build great things. So I have been doing facebook ads...
  10. Kepler

    So here's my plan, can you pick it apart?

    Good Morning/Evening/Afternoon ya'll. I have been researching ways to find a target audience on Facebook ads to market to. Below is what I have come away with as my plan. Please pick it apart, I want to know its pitfalls so I can come away with a more solid plan of action. Thanks for your time...
  11. zzzebra

    Collected 500+ emails, received 100K+ views... Now what?

    Hi! I recently wrote an article that resounded really well with a certain niche group. I received over 100K+ views over 3 weeks, and a lot of people reached out to thank me for the articles and also to ask further questions. My article ended up as one of the most popular Medium posts and was...
  12. Paul David

    Time for most important business decision of my life.

    Hi I won't start a long story as to why i'm in this situation (part of it is documented in some of my other threads) so I'm going to cut to the chase regarding a decision i need to make this week. My business model is the sale of physical products online via Ebay, Amazon etc. For last 13 years...
  13. B

    Nmah A.

    I am broke, living from pay check to check. I have researched many ways to get out of this rat race and found out the best way is to create value to the masses. I stumbled on MJ Demarco audio book - Unscripted ...during my quest for a better life and was hooked by the content. Here I am, what's...
  14. Spicymemer45

    Facebook Flipping (How To Financially Curb Stomp)

    @RHL Had a great forum on flipping to which I followed up and here's what I've learned thus far that I want to share with anyone else trying to flip. USE FACEBOOK Use the maximum amount of pictures on all of your listings (E-bay) Search your product and find the top seller, then use his copy...