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The trouble with Iphone apps...

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Jan 31, 2018
I stared wondering about this after reading SinisterLex‘s thread about having college students build your app.

There’s a whole debate in that thread about whether you’re abandoning control too much if you „give your idea away“ like that.

My question is different and more fundamental though:
Do IPhones apps themselves satisfy the commandment of control? Isn’t the fact that you’re hitched to the Appstore a hitchhiking strategy, like e.g. selling on Amazon? Or would you see it rather as a distribution system?

Curious about your thoughts on that!

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Bon Appetit

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Jan 19, 2018
Paris, France
I think mobile app business fail the commandement of control because yes you depend on App Store or Google Play. However, those plateform are pretty stable and if you respect theirs conditions there is no reason for them to ban you or anything.

Even if you fail the commandement of control, you easily validate the commandement of time, scale and entry with an app, and you have to work on the commandement of need.

You can respect 4 commandements out of 5, which is a correct score to commit yourself in this business.

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