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EXECUTION The Story of how I started and where I'm going.

Discussion in 'Progress/Execution Threads' started by Jackson J, Jan 2, 2019.

  1. Jackson J

    Jackson J Contributor Read Millionaire Fastlane

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    May 9, 2018
    Tucson, Arizona
    Rep Bank:
    Had a friend do an interview on me, heres some insight on my start and small success.

    This week I had the pleasure of interviewing Jackson in Tucson, AZ. He is a serial entrepreneur based in Tucson AZ, venturing into multiple industries after his success in the cryptocurrency space.

    His drive for being an entrepreneur occurred in high school. He originally started out buying and selling accounts in various computer games he played. He made sure I would mention that he has since taken on the notion that video games are a total waste of time.

    It all started on a gaming forum called MPGH. This is a place where users can find hacks for their favorite video games and has since spawned a thriving marketplace. He enjoyed browsing the buying and selling sections to see what others were offering, and what they were making money off of. When he came across a thread of a guy selling Bitcoin for Paypal at a 20% markup he was baffled. He had already delved into the cryptocurrency space and found the cheapest method of purchasing it, which only cost him a 1% markup. He took on the same business model and did $30,000 in revenue that summer.

    “I conducted a low-entry small business and made well over minimum wage. I would play my favorite computer game while keeping the IM application, skype, open on a second monitor to conduct sales. I could not believe how little it took to create a better working environment that any of my peers. Once I realized that if I replaced the time spent playing the video game, with learning more, and growing more it made a huge impact my life.”

    He replaced listening to music in the car with audiobooks. Phone games with Reddit, an online community that hosts smaller communities tailored to almost any interest. As he learned, any good entrepreneur does not work in their business, but on it. He had expanded to other forums and wanted to remove himself from the sales portion of his Paypal to bitcoin business. He said because of the customer vetting required a cheap online worker would not suffice. He dreamed of an automated website for this thriving market. A year later Betarian.com was born. Betarian is an automated Paypal to ethereum to exchange. Ethereum is the 2nd largest cryptocurrency on the internet.

    “I did not want competition, during the time that I was learning to code and the time that I was slacking to learn to code someone else created the same site for Bitcoin. I decided to hop into a market with no competition, which is Paypal for Ethereum.”

    Since then his exchange continues to be the only automated Paypal to ethereum exchange on the market. He has taken on the notion that he should work on his business and not in it and has completely outsourced the support chat. With a boost in confidence, free time, and some growing capital Jackson decided to test his hand in other waters. He was happy to share his new ideas which include a iPhone dongle bracelet, supplement packs for symbiotic relationships with prescription drugs, and CBD Juul Pods. In the future Jackson says he hopes to get into genetic engineering and to work on forms of life extension. This is someone to keep an eye on in the upcoming years. Follow Jackson Jesionowski on Instagram @Jacksonforprophet or twitter @Jacksonjesi.

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