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Feb 15, 2019
Greenville, South Carolina
Hello everyone,

I'm a 20 year-old aspiring entrepreneur. Long-story short, I read the millionaire fastlane and realized how it was everything I had been saying for years. I always wondered how people spent their whole lives working for a paycheck and thought there had to be a way around it. I am currently in college majoring in communications but had a little too much "fun" and wound myself up in some trouble. Moved back home and currently on the constant look-out for a new idea to aspire. It seems I struggle mostly with coming up with ideas and/or implementing them. I'm essentially curious how people spot the right needs, come up with a solution, and then implement them. Although broke, I am sure there are ways around this and should not be used as an excuse. I often find myself in the trap of thinking I'm going to just magically stumble upon one idea that I'm going to think "this is it!"

How do you guys come up with ideas and take action upon them? Does the secret idea just magically come to you or how did you go about finding it? I appreciate all feedback and am glad to have found myself on this forum.
Thank you,

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May 3, 2014
Marbella, Spain
Hi Chris and welcome.

20 is a great age to be striking out for the Fastlane. Congratulations.

Regarding your question many people find this the most frustrating part of the exercise while some of us have so many ideas we don't know which one to concentrate on (shiny object syndrome). Both can drive you crazy.

Ideas are everywhere but your brain won't see them until you 'unlock that feature'. Just like buying a certain car or a certain new clothing brand you are usually blissfully unaware of their existence, until you get interested. Then you see them everywhere. All of a sudden your brain adds it to a long list of interests and stops ignoring it (your brain ignores a lot that is feels is irrelevant).

So the more time you spend looking and thinking for needs and ways to fill those needs the more opportunities you will see. A lot of the time it is not magic, it is more an Aha! moment.
  • You might make a connection out of a string of random things.
  • You might see something totally unconnected with a problem your brain has been puzzling over and make a leap in a new direction.
  • You might have been working on one project then, from a potential failure see a pivot point. That Aha! moment, that makes everything crystal clear for what feels like the first time.
The thing about ideas is no never know quite when they will turn up or where they will take you. There are loads of examples but here's just one of a major pivot point:

Did you know that YouTube started out as a dating site? Honestly, look it up.

Have a good read of some of the execution threads here and you will see that sometimes things go in many directions before they finally get a true bearing.

Look forward to your contribution to the forum.

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