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  1. AlessandroC

    Cook what you have: can you help?

    Do you find it tough to maintain a balanced diet with your hectic schedule? How do you manage meal times amidst back-to-back meetings, travel, and long work hours? Do takeouts and quick food fixes dominate your diet, or have you discovered a smarter, more efficient way to nourish yourself...
  2. G

    Safe passive income

    Hello guys, I'm a trader and already save 20k, I'm looking for a business to have a consistent income. In trading the things are not linear and I'm gonna have some red months but I'm looking for an idea to have that permanent income to stay more relax. I've been thinking on starting with vending...
  3. LeonMS

    Scaling other businesses or starting my own ?

    Hello, I'm quite new here and i need some advice. I do have a big skillset and knowledge of optimizing processes and scaling small businesses. I practiced these skills at the company which I am currently employed in and a small local business in my area for free. In the past few months...
  4. MJ DeMarco

    Sweaty startup ideas, locally based.

    Can you suggest 5-10 sweaty business ideas in different niches that I can start with less than $5,000 in my local community? Please answer assuming I do not have much experience with business. Note: Just testing to see if the forum's AI API was back in business.
  5. ProcessPro

    1731 business ideas to choose from (neatly categorized into 23 sections)

    Hey everyone...thought I'd share this list of 1731 business ideas in case it helps someone looking for their next fastlane idea. Click on File > Make a Copy to save a copy on your own Google Drive (or download as a spreadsheet, etc). I built this list by looking at the 23 major categories on...
  6. Andy Black

    Stop With The Ideas

    One of my biggest red flags is the word "idea". Especially when it's an "idea for an app". Especially when you say you "can't reach an audience to test it". Especially when it'll take a minimum of 6 months to "go live". Having ideas suggests you're in your head theorising, rather than out...
  7. L

    Is this useful?

    Hey everyone! My name is Larry, and I'm dipping my toes into the SaaS industry. I have an idea for a business management software that includes EVERYTHING, e.g. HR, payroll, file storage, messaging, CRM, etc. The idea is to make an efficient program for businesses to increase their workflow...
  8. msd23

    I would be grateful for some advice on the direction of my business

    Hey guys, I'm looking for some help with choosing the right focus for my business, as I'm feeling a bit lost right now. I wanted to talk about it with someone, and I think this forum is a great place to do that. First, a bit about me. I'm quite familiar with the Fastlane model but what I...
  9. O

    Identifying Chrome Extensions Opportunities For New Software Entrepreneurs

    (if this isn't allowed, let me know. The website is free and doesn't ask anything of the users) Hello all. I've built a web scraper that goes through the Chrome Extension store and returns information regarding Chrome Extensions. Analyzed, this data can be revelatory for people who are...
  10. P

    Rate this idea : "P2P app to sell your food leftovers"

    Hello everyone, after I finished reading the book "The millionnaire fastlane" and the "Great rat race espace", I went to search for ideas of business which could help people to answer their needs. After sometimes, I found this idea : "P2P app to sell your food leftovers" Let's imagine you are...
  11. J

    Practicing CENTS #3 - Appliance Repair Course.

    Hello Again. Today I come with my #3 installment of CENTs practice. Let's go. As I realized that It was hard for electronic repair services to scale and that I'll be basically building a job, I considered another approach: an electronic repair course. I know I'll have to be more specific If...
  12. J

    Practicing CENTS - My first business Idea.

    Hello there. I'm an electronics engineering student who doesn't want to spend the rest of his life working like a mule to get only Saturday and Sunday. And since I'm currently working on ideas for my thesis, I figured out I could practice my productocracy-seeking muscles too by making some...
  13. M

    Opportunities in Chrome Extension Development

    I know this is from a few years ago. What exactly does it mean? Do I have to use square or PayPal to get paid? I am going the Chrome extensions route to achieve fastlane...
  14. Dr. Goldenage

    The beginning.

    I would appreciate it if you guys could answer these 3 questions in this little post. Introduction: Let me introduce myself first. I am 19 years old guy discovering new and new things in life. I live in a non-european country where even saying words such as: "young entrepreneur" will cause...
  15. L

    Is it a waste of time to learn code if I don't know EXACTLY what I want to do with it?

    I'm still kind of in the idea phase, still developing a better mindset with seeing opportunities to create value and solve problems and stuff. Spend a lot of time exercising that 'muscle'. I've learned a bit of React JS and now Python in the meantime, and have a handful of ideas I have...
  16. E

    How do I escape? (Ideas, suggestions, and advice needed)

    I feel stuck. I work 2 jobs right now. I work at night and I work part time at Chick-Fil-A. I am also trying to get a degree in Cybersecurity. So, I am very swamped. I do work hard enough though that I have a two nights a week plus Sunday evening to work on personal stuff. right now I use that...
  17. charlemagne

    My Story / Accountability

    Hey All, My name is Benji. Here's my story, A month or so ago I finished MJ's book The Millionaire Fastlane. It was lovely. Since finishing the book, I have been inundated by senses of both realization/enthusiasm, and confusion/hopelessness. Starting with the former group of adjectives...
  18. MJ DeMarco

    Opportunity is everywhere. You just aren't looking hard enough...

    For those of you guys trying to hustle up some cash in local services, NextDoor is a great venue (at least here in the USA). I found this post there, screenshotted below. Check out the demand. Basically, this guy rented an aerating machine from HomeDepot, lined up projects all day, and will...
  19. Costa

    Go Fastlane with ChatGPT: Full Guide + Free Prompts (Zero Excuses to Succeed)

    You probably have heard this "If you wanna become millionaire, find problems, and create solutions to those problems" But we need to be realistic here, this is "Easier said than done", if was easy to do, everyone would be reading this on their own private jet flying to Dubai. So, is this a...
  20. BizyDad

    So Many Ideas, How To Choose? A Simple Guide To Getting Unstuck

    Over in @Antifragile 's thread about scaling up in business, @mikecarlooch and I had an exchange. You can read it yourself starting here. Basically, he was saying he has a bunch of ideas and doesn't know where to start. I've had this chat with several people lately, and thought I could expand...