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  1. mamamargaux

    Financial Literacy for Teens

    I need some execution ideas on this course I created. I am from the Philippines. I am a teacher by profession but i have a business degree. I created a financial literacy course with the goal of teaching High school students how to handle to money. The country does not have a fixed financial...
  2. Ella R

    Extended Reality (XR) Business

    Hello, I have been searching the forum, but I haven't found much information about starting a business in immersive technologies, particularly Extended Reality (XR). I understand that this field is still evolving and encompasses Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Mixed Reality...
  3. M

    The Real Reason Why You Can't Come Up With A "Good Idea"

    Because you're looking for the perfect idea where the competition is just perfect for you and it doesn't require much to get started and get going. You want to get your first sale tomorrow and not later than that. Seriously. I am right, right? You cannot generate any ideas, when you're only...
  4. afana7ev

    Frameworks for generating and evaluating entrepreneurial ideas (and should it even exist)?

    Introduction What I have written may be too obvious to many. But after all, many are here to learn, including me. I just tried to structure my thoughts, I hope you understand my point of view and the framework I proposed. I will be glad to hear your thoughts on this and ways to search for ideas...
  5. C

    Looking for an idea for an iPhone app

    Hi everyone! I’m a junior programmer. I’m looking to get into iphone development and learn swift. But I really can’t think of an app idea that I can publish to the App Store. Doesn’t have to “take off” just something where you think I could get some downloads and put on my resume. Thanks!
  6. M

    Everything feels competitive and impossible?

    Hi guys! Short intro So back in 2016 (I'm 24 now btw), when e-commerce and dropshipping was exploding on YouTube, I decided to go with it at that time and made some really good dropshipping sites, earned a ton of profit and sold the sites again. All in all a total success. Afterwards I started...
  7. Stepan

    To distribute or to make it yourself

    Hi! So I've read enough of the threads for now and with a lot of help from @fastlane_dad @NeoDialectic , many other great contributors and especially @Andy Black that tells, that you better start doing it NOW :), I stopped action-faking and stared taking actions. I've found the product that I...
  8. TimoS.

    Difficult decision: Another "do I go to college" thread.

    Hi, I am currently 17 years old and have successfully finished school in 7 months. However, I am facing a big decision. Either I go to university or I try to build my own Fastlane Business. The last few weeks I have been searching daily for good business ideas but haven't found any good ones...
  9. MJ DeMarco

    Idea-Regret: That Great Idea You Had, But Never Followed Up On...

    Via the Unscripted Text Network... BEWARE OF IDEA REGRET I recently received an email from a reader who had a great idea for a simplistic game back in 2017. He never did anything about it. To his dismay, he just saw his game idea on the AppStore with millions of downloads. It left him quite...
  10. Johnny boy

    The great way of testing any idea!

    The success of a business is based on variables. IF you can buy an item for $0.50, spend $0.20 more and sell it for $2, you have a GREAT BUSINESS. IF you can only buy that item for $2, spend $0.50, and can only sell it for $2.30, you have a TERRIBLE BUSINESS. Better to just donate your money...
  11. NeoDialectic

    Want ideas? Stop being boring!

    Having trouble generating ideas? Don’t see any problems to solve? Most peoples problem is that they aren’t truly in the producer mindset yet. So that should definitely be the first thing to solve. However I've found that some people do suffer from a less talked about roadblock. You could simply...
  12. B

    Best business startup with $20,000

    Hello fastlaners, I am in need of ideas for a prefect and profitable business i can start up with $20,000. I thought of a going into tech and getting my own app but no better idea yet. I am scared of losing this money on unnecessary things. I have to act fast and start up a good business.
  13. MJ DeMarco

    Has your ME-BIAS backed you into a corner of doing nothing?

    This was a recent post in the Unscripted Text Network and definitely needs its own thread here. Has your ME-BIAS backed you into a corner of doing nothing? Has your ME-BIAS filtered out thousands of good, life-changing business ideas into no ideas? Has your ME-BIAS stopped you from grinding...
  14. J

    Health advice, GMOs?

    Hi,this is my first post here. I previously read MJ's books and now I'm reading the great rat race scape but I tried to apply the learned and now I have a problem with beliefs. In MJ's book, says you can break up beliefs searching for information and learning from scientists, leaders and...
  15. Asap_Luca

    Site/app where you can empty your wardrobe and clothes and sell/donate them

    Hello guys, I'm here again after some ideas that don’t work and don’t add value in society. Basically this thought blow up because where I live in my house I've a plenty of old clothes from me and my brother that occupy a lot of space. I think I'm not the only one, at least somebody could...
  16. NeoDialectic

    Idea Generation To Execution: Fastlane Millionaire's Step By Step Guide

    After posting my general advice post here , I realized that one of the most burning questions that people struggle with is "how do I come up with an idea that isn't already done?" and "how do I test whether I can successfully sell this product without a huge investment?". This is the first time...
  17. MitchC

    Post all of your ideas and random problems you’ll never execute on...

    I think we need a random off topic chat thread where we just dump all of our half fleshed out ideas that we will never do anything with and discuss them, things that are not worthy of an INE or their own thread. Why? Maybe someone from the forum will solve your problem for you. Maybe you’ll...
  18. R

    Too Many Ideas So I Built a Tool to assist

    I've been an entrepreneur for over 5 years now, and so far my path has been wrought with challenges, false starts, and failures. Regardless, I still love business and have as much motivation as ever to see an idea through start to finish. The problem I am struggling with is being overwhelmed...
  19. Edgar King

    Finding A (Fastlane) Need Is This E A S Y

    So you've read the Millionaire Fastlane, Unscripted, Great Rat Race, even stalked MJ in his backyard to uncover the secret needs formula, but where... is.... that.... KRABBY PATTY FORMULA...I mean...NEED?! You've deep dived through hundreds of forum threads about finding problems and needs in...
  20. S

    Most profitable businesses in your hometowns?

    Hi everyone My name is Sergio I actually live in France and I am searching for business ideas for generating money and adding value to the society, actually I am 19 years old, I am from Bolivia and I have started reading books as the millionaire fast lane long time ago so any recommendations...

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