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  1. Asap_Luca

    Site/app where you can empty your wardrobe and clothes and sell/donate them

    Hello guys, I'm here again after some ideas that don’t work and don’t add value in society. Basically this thought blow up because where I live in my house I've a plenty of old clothes from me and my brother that occupy a lot of space. I think I'm not the only one, at least somebody could...
  2. NeoDialectic

    Idea Generation To Execution: Fastlane Millionaire's Step By Step Guide

    After posting my general advice post here , I realized that one of the most burning questions that people struggle with is "how do I come up with an idea that isn't already done?" and "how do I test whether I can successfully sell this product without a huge investment?". This is the first time...
  3. R

    Too Many Ideas So I Built a Tool to assist

    I've been an entrepreneur for over 5 years now, and so far my path has been wrought with challenges, false starts, and failures. Regardless, I still love business and have as much motivation as ever to see an idea through start to finish. The problem I am struggling with is being overwhelmed...
  4. Edgar King

    Finding A (Fastlane) Need Is This E A S Y

    So you've read the Millionaire Fastlane, Unscripted, Great Rat Race, even stalked MJ in his backyard to uncover the secret needs formula, but where... is.... that.... KRABBY PATTY FORMULA...I mean...NEED?! You've deep dived through hundreds of forum threads about finding problems and needs in...
  5. S

    Most profitable businesses in your hometowns?

    Hi everyone My name is Sergio I actually live in France and I am searching for business ideas for generating money and adding value to the society, actually I am 19 years old, I am from Bolivia and I have started reading books as the millionaire fast lane long time ago so any recommendations...
  6. Ronozoro

    My Idea for a start up, would really love your thoughts on it , be it negative too

    I am thinking of starting up a business where i grow vegetables indoor vertically hydroponically and give out monthly subs of about 15$ in my city (its a big city, in asia ) that ll get them 400 grams of vegies every week delivered to their homes , it ll be fresh, chemical free and they ll know...
  7. avafab

    Your business ideas are failing, here is why.

    Hi folks, I want to share with you a concept that I recently bumped into. I think this is very valuable for the kind of people who are on this forum. Whether you are a wannabe entrepreneurs who is struggling to find an idea or a serial entrepreneurs who has failed a few times, this is for you...
  8. doster.zach

    Jeff Trotman's Knife Sharpening Business...

    View: Jeff Trotman in shambles! (Thread moved from "Random Chat, Thoughts, Posts, And/Or Rants Thread")
  9. Tim Kasymov

    What we gonna do now?

    I always knew that if you want to succeed you have to do what the majority of people don't do. And after I read the books that are discussed on thмагистратуру e site, I once again reinforced this belief even more. If you look around, you will see that almost everyone reads a self-help book...
  10. Joseph_

    Unique business ideas for you to steal (with the help of AI)

    Hi people! :praise: So I consider myself a big "idea guy", I love coming up with ones myself, hearing about others' and I even created a bot that generates IDEAS. Yes, app & actual business ideas. I wanted to share 20 product ideas (generated by IdeaBot) with you today, feel free to steal any...
  11. KushShah9492

    What skill would you recommend learning on a daily commute?

    I’m asking this just out of curiosity, if you were to commute daily for 4 hours(2 hours to work, return 2 hours from work to home), what skill would you recommend learning if she/he wants to start a side hustle? I just came across a bunch of people commuting daily for 3-4 hours, just downloading...
  12. S


    I am reading the great rat ease escape book and I am a little stuck. My moms a realtor and for her to retire in 10 years and live the freedom lifestyle she would need $1.5 million earring 5% interest to give her around 75k a year, 6,250/month. However, with her just being a realtor I’m not sure...
  13. aseem

    You can copy business ideas and still be original in execution

    Too many people get hung up waiting for the right idea to start a business I reckon. But especially if you're just starting out in business/Fastlane, having a great idea isn't nearly as important as executing right. Innovating by execution is probably going to give you more success than...
  14. stantechie

    Years of learning, now time to engage in actual process

    Good morning and hello everyone! I have been silently following along on this forum for some time, and have listened to all three of the books by MJ (Audible versions). I'm re-listening to Unscripted right now after finishing the new Rat Race book, and I'm inspired to actually get started in...
  15. A

    Spent too much time learning about completely different topics.

    Hello there! This is my first post in this forum, i'll try to keep it short. I guess some of you were in the same place as me - I started multiple businesses, halfhearted to be honest, because an apparently better opportunity came around. Some made profits, some didn't. After failing three...
  16. Robin Andrews

    What next?

    I'm in a bit of a "creative void" regarding my business at the moment, and am reflecting on how I got here and what to do next. About two years ago I made the decision to seriously attempt to create a successful business which could eventually support me with passive income. Prior to that, I...
  17. Filip de

    Hello everyone, tell me something.

    Hi, My name is Filip and i am new here (and i am not sure it is a right place to post this discussion). I am from Poland, and i'm a programmer. For a Long time i am lookign for business idea to develop but I always find a cooler idea and I forget about the previous one, which in consequence...
  18. jakobgreenfeld

    Three business opportunities in the aftermath of the GameStop craze

    Hey everyone! Thanks to Bitcoin, Robinhood, and the recent GameStop Madness, interest in finance topics is at an all-time high. A tried and tested strategy to profit from such a gold rush is to sell shovels instead of digging for gold yourself. And there are plenty of opportunities to sell...
  19. A

    Not happy at my current job (Electrician, NY)

    Not happy at my job as an Electrician and dont know where to go from here just trying to hear some ideas from you guys Been in this industry since 2015
  20. Seonwook Kim

    Please give me feedback advice to get the first customer.

    Hello! I'm a freelancer who is a major player in drum lessons and playing. There are 3 individual students and there are academies going to class. However, while reading the millionaire fastlane book I came to aim for business. So, I wanted to slowly collect the lessons one by one, so I wrote on...

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