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Supreme Court hands victory to blind man who sued Domino’s over site accessibility


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May 28, 2017

Update your websites.

And if someone is looking for a fastlane opportunity, create software that converts non-ADA-compliant websites to compliant ones quickly & seemlessly.

@Fox might be worth mentioning in your web group.

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Jun 28, 2018
Holbeach Hurn
There's a need right there for anybody on the forum who knows how to code. Tagging @LittleWolfie - is this something that would fit you?
The hardest part is selling it. Accessibility guidelines have been available for decades W3c, however nobody wants that when they can have pretty pictures. Hint never use flash or video when possible.(always include transcripts)

Secondly any site that can be processed enough by software can be read by a screen reader, it is just another kind of bot.

Would need Amazon turk or similar to be availble here. However if you build a website in the correct MVC manner, you can just expose a RESTful API from a headless site. Then you have the normal site hook on top

No one wants to pay for that,because it costs a lot more and requires a lot more experience than just throwing something up that looks good to the buyer.

The insurance against being sued is probably cheaper


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Jun 28, 2018
Holbeach Hurn
The hardest part is selling it.
I could see this being a consultancy or similar.

The only other way I could see of doing this is Google for the blind. Then your looking at higher costs. Lower transactions (fewer customers, less wealthy)

I could see a consultancy, if the economics works. I just am unable to see how.

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