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Starting a gym SMMA agency

A detailed account of a Fastlane process...


Aug 2, 2020
United Kingdom
Im 19 and in starting my first SMMA agency, the niche i have chosen is gyms, the reason i have chosen gym is because its a deep passion of mine and i have been consistently going for 2 years now 5 days a week. The reason i am writing this now is because i have recently reached boiling point of being broke, i still live my single mother and my sister, its not ideal living conditions for me as i constantly bump heads with them and i really want to move out.

I have been an action faker for about a year now - idea hoping from e-commerce, flipping items, and every online biz you can think of, i need something to come back to (this thread) and im going to document my process from start to finish. I have no experience with sales and my knowledge is low on how to run an agency, however i just need to get started.

I have a fear of cold calling and speaking on the phone but i am now prepared to push through and get my first client - outsourcing on certain topics if need be.

I have changed my mindset into creating value, i want gyms to have more clients so more and more people can kickstart their fitness journey.

I have yet to even create a website or anything along the lines, i start tomorrow. I am going to research everything i can that will help me grow.

I believe i can do this because - lets be real, anyone can start a SMMA agency and get their first client in 60 days if you have the hustle (something i havent recently had until my desire to move out and start my life)

Im going to start local, contacting gyms in a 100mile radius.

If anyone has experience in the SMMA field feel free to interact with this thread - ill take any help i can get.

Long term i want to get into real estate - thats where i will create generation wealth. But to get there i need capital, thats where my agency comes into play.

I dont know how often im going to update this thread, but ill try to post weekly advancements im making.

Thank you for reading, have a good day/night. :)
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Ali Abbasi

New Contributor
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May 24, 2021
Northern Virginia, USA
Welcome bro. It’s good that you’ve identified the niche you want to serve. Now all you have to do is bring results for them.

First thing to do at the gym you currently are a member of is to identify who the person in charge of hiring marketing is and request time for a chat.

Tell them you are interested in helping them with their social media marketing. This isn’t a sales pitch meeting it’s just having a friendly chat to see how their gym currently handles marketing.

The person you are talking to may not even have the authority to make a decision or have to power to authorize money to be spent on this type of thing.

Maybe they only work with an agency that is approved at the corporate level. Getting to them without any portfolio of work will not work.

If it’s a mom and pop gym you have a better shot at convincing them to let you help them but you might need to prove yourself first. Do work for them for free.

“I can post on FB and IG myself” “why would I pay you?”

You’d be better off specializing in a certain aspect of digital marketing like “I can run YouTube ads that only people in a 10 mile radius from the gym will see.”

The ads will need to be tested and possibly adjusted. You may be able to convince them you can do it and even convince them to pay you but if you are unable to actually send them new clients that pay for memberships they will inevitably cancel your services.

Remember the CENTS framework. E for entry. Since, as you confirm, ANYBODY and EVERYBODY can enter the market and do it then the market is already super duper saturated and will demand you bring more value then the next guy peddling the same exact services.

If you haven’t done so already read The Millionaire Fastlane and then read Unscripted and you will be in a much better position to move forward from. Best of luck!

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